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28th September 2018

Corbyn's Socialist Dystopia

Jeremy Corbyn and his motley crew do not want to take Britain back to the 1970's, their ambitions are to take Britain back to the time of 1917 Russia and build a Marxist State in Britain; institute a single party state, centrally controlling everything through coercion and infiltration of every aspect of life: in particular, the Media, Education and the Labour Market - or should I say through control of information, propaganda, disinformation and brainwashing.

What sounds like action to allow the "workers" participation in the running of any company with more than 250 employees would be little more than disruption of working practices and deliberately engineered disputes as the workers start taking over the organisations under the control of local Labour Party apparatchiks.

Local controllers would ensure that all the workers sing the praises of the glorious leader Corbyn at the beginning and end of each shift  and undergo "re-training in the thoughts of leader Corbyn" should they ever show any dissent or fail to cant the Labour Party Mantra -  something that many in the party appear to do already.

Added to which would be a large scale increase in the Public Sector and an expansion of the NGO's and QUANGOS, which would be part of the promise to re-nationalise the utilities and the railways (already part-nationalised and still not working properly (ref: the signals!)) - resulting in a massive increase in the National Deficit and Debt - adding further to the taxpayer burden (public sector wages (Deficit) and interest on National Debt ) - all the wealthy will have already left the country by then.

The EU and Austerity

No-one would expect anything else other than for Corbyn to blame all of Britain's ills on the Conservative Party, but as a confirmed Europhobe - throughout his entire political career - he knows full well that the Conservative government is only implementing EU policy. The UK is not in the Euro, but it is signed up to the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) designed to bring the Member State economies into convergence with the Euro - in anticipation that the UK would join the Euro.

As a result the UK has to send to Brussels its Budget for scrutiny with the threat of fines for not bringing down the National Deficit and Debt in line with the Maastricht Treaty (1992) constraints (Deficit <3% GDP & Debt <60% GDP) - courtesy of John Major - and during that time the UK waived the German war debt of over £3.6 trillion (updated) - lucky Germans! see (EU's Austerity not the Tories)

We do know though why Corbyn is also not allowed to criticise the EU - that is courtesy of the Treaties that the UK has signed with the EEC(EU) as part of "a stealth pact" between the EEC and the Member States - that is contained in the previously secret Foreign and Commonwealth Office FCO:30/1048 (1971) advice to Ministers warning of the consequences of joining the EEC(EU) in 1972 viz:-

"After entry (into the EEC, 1972) there would be a major responsibility on HMG and on all political parties not to exacerbate public concern by attributing unpopular measures or unfavourable economic developments to the remote and unmanageable workings of the Community (EEC)."  Brackets added.

The reasons for the 2008 crash can easily be traced back to actions by the US Democrat administration (America's political Left) in repealing the Glass-Steagall Act (1932) designed to prevent another Wall Street crash - which allowed some banks to grow to levels where they were "too big to fail" - and the enactment of a law to allow cheap unsecured loans to Americans with little collateral - but an inquiry showed that 60% of sub-prime loans were not to those on low income. A proliferation of "sub-prime mortgages" though, led to banks protecting themselves from defaults by "hiding" that "contagion" - using "Collateralised Debt Obligations (CDO's)" - thereby incorporating "prime" debt with "sub-prime" debt and that "virus" spread within the Financial System.

Once it was realised that the Financial System was potentially "awash" with unsecured debt - the system collapsed, and John McDonnell was videoed dancing after he thought that the entire Capitalist system had collapsed (allegedly) - New Labour, did not protect the UK banks from such eventualities, in fact they went on a simultaneous spending spree and added unsustainable debt (PFI) onto the UK National Debt and their increased Public Sector inflated the Deficit - was this coordinated?

New Labour had to bail out the affected banks - but they did it at the UK taxpayers' expense and protected the shareholders - much of that unsecured debt is still inside the Euro banking system - sell Euros.

So Corbyn is happy to be in a situation which was initiated by the American political Left and made very much worse for the UK by New Labour - leaving their infamous "there is no money left" note in the Treasury.

In fairness that was made even worse by the Conservative / LibDems and Cameron / May with continued mass immigration costs - but, of course, since our politicians are not allowed to criticise the EEC(EU) - they blame the old and feeble or each other.

The UK population must be overcome with collective insanity to allow another Labour government anywhere near the British economy or any of the levers of power - and the best way to get rid of our financial problems is to get out of the EU - because our membership contributions are only part of what we actually pay into the EU:

For example we pay £2.4 billion in VAT, £1.7 billion for our economy being too successful,  £1 billion Greek Bailout, £900 million to treat EU tourists on the NHS, £300 million to businesses in Red Tape, £40 million lost to EU students loans not repaid, 250 million to Turkey and Albania to help them join the EU and £250 million towards helping with migrant costs in Europe, £150 million fine for not flying EU flag on projects partly funded by the EU with our money (2017-020 Hidden Costs of the EU:

Labour - Then and Now

A massive increase in the State is basically a reversion to what was previously established by the (1997-2010) Labour government which went under the label of "New"; but only "New" in the respect that it did not openly advocate state control and Nationalisation (Labour Party Clause IV) - but did exactly what Corbyn is offering otherwise - though, this time, with "bells" on as far as the need for greater and greater taxation to keep them in power (should such an unfortunate event ever come to pass)

New Labour also advocated mass surveillance and identity cards - after Blair agreed to the Amsterdam Treaty (1997) giving the EU full control over UK Immigration and Asylum - but kept border control procedures - which have little effect on the number of immigrants allowed into the UK - all part of the EU's "Four Freedoms". This was supplemented with new legislation to give migrants more rights than those of the indigenous population and introduce the idea of "Hate Crime" for even thinking anything that  "might" offend another person. This helped to introduce the old Soviet favourite of "snitching" on your fellow citizens for some perceived "wrongful" thinking.

There has been a continual rise of "Political Correctness" - thought manipulation through shaming (methods used by Cults to control their members); and, a new "Health and Safety" fanaticism - to prevent even the most innocuous activity taking place - particularly those which derive from old traditions - which enhance British community cohesion.  We should expect a major increase in other such Totalitarian legislation and state manipulation of the indigenous population - as mass uncontrolled immigration into the UK accelerates under any Labour Party in power.

The 10,000 new Police promised by Corbyn would not be on the street, unless they were protecting "Hate" preachers as they spew their bile about Britain and the British people, or Labour politicians - most likely they would be monitoring online activity for perceived thought crimes. We know what happens under Labour control - look at how crime has spiraled under a Labour Mayor (see Crime and Disorder) who seems to be more interested in photo-opportunities or appearing on James O'Brien at LBC.

Labour and the EU

The only difference between New Labour, old Labour and Corbyn's Labour Party  is  presentation, since the objective in all cases is the same, to bring down the Capitalist state and replace it with a Socialist government on route to building a Communist Totalitarian Police State - a big state sector with as much of the population engaged in government work as possible in order to keep them being re-elected in the meantime. see (The Labour Party and the EU - Home Page)

The suited men in the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) reinvented the Labour Party as New Labour and pretended to be really Conservative at heart - that pretence went out of the window with the election of scruffy Jeremy Corbyn with his "Lenin" hat and his overt Marxist obsession - but he wants to instigate the same Totalitarian Marxist State like all other Labour leaders.  in fact, John McDonnell was openly inciting insurrection (violent uprising) at the time of the Grenfell Tower fire, while Corbyn, was advocating the forced take-over of the property of the "wealthy" and, in the Marxist view, that is anybody who not on State benefits and living in a Council house.

Previously, during an Osborne Budget - McDonnell brought a copy of Chairman Mao's Little Red Book into Parliament and offered it to the Chancellor for use in his next Budget; so we know on what basis any future Labour Budgets would be based - and I am sure it will include a target for monthly tractor output and sacks of rice.

Now of course they look smart and wear suits and don't mention their real plans - especially at the Party Conference - we only get plans for a land of freely roaming "Unicorns" and "Milk and Honey", apparently, in the EU, and according to Barnier's lapdogs (Corbyn and Starmer) - in Britain - a promise thousands of Green jobs and social houses. Didn't Brown offer those and failed to deliver? Labour Mayor Khan meanwhile promised 14,000 new houses and so far 1,000 have been built, but apparently, they will all suddenly appear towards the end of his Mayoral Term - just in time for the new Mayoral elections.

For comparison, Margaret Thatcher built more social houses in one year (~17,000) than New Labour did in 13 years (~6,000) and Corbyn's promised new houses won't be for his traditional voters - they will be for new arrivals (as ever) who he hopes will. therefore vote for his new Communist Labour party.   

But the numbers don't matter - in fact it doesn't matter what is put into the Manifesto - hence Corbyn offering to off pay student debt and no fees - a court already ruled that Manifesto promises cannot be relied upon and there is no legal expectation that they should be binding - following a court case against New Labour, for not holding a Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - so they can say what they like.

I read recently an account of life in the Soviet economy and I include a small section, for reference:

  • "Officially, the business of the Soviet economy was planned by directives that cascaded from Moscow down through ministries and regional capitals to factories and offices. While providing for defence and investment, the directives were supposed to ensure that enough was left for the citizens to lead a decent life. But in the planned economy it was normal that supplies fell short of demands. The outward signs of this were continual shortages and queues."  Look familiar?  In the EU - directives are cascaded down from Brussels, through ministries, and enacted into UK domestic Law then on to the regional capitals to factories and offices. The EU has already "regionalised" the Member States - ours can be seen on the base layer of our Parliamentary Constituency boundaries, for more: see UK Regions - Loss of Sovereignty)

  • Shortages arose because managers were accountable to the state, not the buyer.The state incentivized them to produce the quota by volume first, and only then look after costs. In factories and offices, fraudulent exaggeration of performance was widespread. Goods intended for consumption were “siphoned” back into production, and cost overruns added to shortages, which were worsened when everyone became a hoarder in anticipation.

  • "To mitigate the shortfalls, everyone made use of privileged connections and traded under the counter—if they could. Sometimes black markets and favours greased the machine by shifting resources to better use, so that the economy ran more smoothly. But sometimes the same activities worked as sand, clogging the gears and diverting effort away from the state’s priorities."

  • "The distribution of money incomes in the Soviet economy was relatively equal, but money was not the key. Great inequalities arose from privileged access to goods and services. The people who waited in line to buy bread or sausage were the unprivileged."

  • "To get things without waiting in line, you had to be important—or to know someone who was important, for a privilege could sometimes be borrowed through personal networks. To borrow privilege, you needed something with which to repay later, and to be trusted to repay. Building trust took time and repeated interaction, so the most productive networks matured over many years. Not everyone could do this, so some people just had to wait in line, perhaps forever. " (see The Soviet Economy, 1917-1991: Its Life and Afterlife: Mark Harrison, May 2017 No: 1137 Warwick University, Economics)

The description of life inside a prison looks similar to normal life in the Soviet Union under Communism as described above. Does this remind anyone of the demise of Venezuela - Corbyn's favourite Totalitarian Marxist State, after Iran? These are the blueprints for Corbyn's Dystopian UK.

The above detail explains the demise of society through State Control in the USSR - Vote Labour and you too could live the same Soviet experience - or just wait a little longer and you too could live the Soviet experience in the EU; from which it was designed - unless we leave soon.

Of course, this can all be avoided and you can experience a life of luxury if you are related to the Party leader or other Labour "Politburo" members - Nepotism is not uncommon in the EU and it exists in today's Labour party - Corbyn's son was given a lucrative job working for MacDonnell - how nice.

If you vote Labour or support Remain and/or the Merkel-May Implementation Agreement then it could be too late to escape from Corbyn's "Socialist" Dystopia.