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The graph on the left shows the UK government spending (based upon official figures) on the Health Service, Welfare, Education and Protection between 1992 and 2016. The money spent on Healthcare was reduced between 2012 and 2014 but then rose, approximately parallel with the spending by the earlier New Labour government (1997-2010). For Welfare, Education and Protection (which encompasses  Police, Fire, Prisons, Courts, Public Order and Safety etc.) - they peaked at slightly different dates and then declined, before leveling off, or declining at a reduced rate. In each case the spending post 2010 remains roughly at the 2009 level, apart from the total Protection spending - these charted trends may explain why the national debt is not being reduced at a faster rate - despite the austerity programme over the past seven years - the spending is just holding steady; so the debt is still rising, but at a lower rate. The deficit (day to day running costs) has been the main target for reduction (cuts).

1st March, 2018

Corbyn's Speech - Rebuttal

We would like to take issue with some aspects of Corbyn's Labour Party speech (26th Feb 2018) outlining their cynical and self serving capitulation of the UK to the EU - a speech which illustrates the complete lack of respect and total contempt that they hold for the British people.

We begin with the false claim that all of the problems that the UK currently faces are the fault of the UK government since 2010 - to be specific - quoting from his speech:-

"This is an economy that has already been damaged by eight years of Conservative austerity, where wages are still lower today than they were a decade ago, where productivity lags dangerously behind the other major economies, where the government has failed to invest and modernise, where more people are living in poverty. And where closing the deficit, that was due to be eradicated by 2015, then 2016, then 2017, then 2020 has now had to be put back to 2025 ."

​"...Yet the NHS has been subjected to the longest financial squeeze in its history. This is a government that’s failed our NHS, pre-Brexit and during Brexit. And it certainly can’t be trusted with the NHS post-Brexit either. "

The truth can easily be demonstrated to be entirely opposite to Corbyn's assertion. Prior to the 1997 when Labour last came to power the country's finances were in a healthy state because of a Conservative government, but the Labour party ended its term in office as a bankrupt government in 2010 - leaving Britain with a massive debt burden - not because of the financial crash, but because of fiscal incompetence, reckless spending and to add to the NHS woes it was encumbered with PFI contracts - that is what the Labour party bequeathed to the UK. (See "UK Spending Cuts" on this site for more) 

UK Spending Cuts


It is understandable that the UK population should feel aggrieved at the extent and duration of austerity, and regrettable that we have to sort out our finances, following the massive spending during the disastrous reigns of Blair and Brown (1997-2010); but neither "Corbynomics," nor McDonnell's Marxist attempts to bring down the Capitalist system are going to help the "workers". The best anyone can hope for with a new, Old Labour (Communist) government would be that we would all become equal - equally poor (the Proletariat that is), whereas the new elite "Bourgeoise" (the Comrades, Trade Unionists, failed Leftist Politicians and Peers) would live in the lap of luxury - (e.g. Viktor Pshonka - Ukraine tyrant - by Maxim Tucker in Kiev; for Mailonline Published: 08:20, 26 February 2016 | Updated: 11:17, 2 March 2016)

The reason that the NHS problems have risen and continue to rise is down to the EU's Free-Movement policies resulting in unsustainable population increases - which Corbyn plans to continue to increase exponentially - until the entire edifice comes tumbling down (the McDonnell Revolution) or it is privatised under EU Liberalisation policies. These are the real reason for austerity, low wages, food banks, homelessness, poverty, low pensions and loss of worker's rights - they are not Conservative party austerity cuts they are EU austerity cuts - it is the same in Germany - which has 860,000 homeless  (See "Poor Germans" and also "EU's Austerity, not the Tories" on this site)

The next part of Corbyn's speech that needs addressing is 

"Labour is looking for a Brexit that puts the working people first. Leaving the EU, whenever that exit date comes, risks delivering a shock to the UK economy unless the right plans and protections are in place to allow the kind of investment and economic transformation programme that the country needs and that Labour is committed to." 

The Labour party has only ever had one interest in working people - they see them as useful idiots to stir up class division and bring them into power - the workers were totally abandoned by Labour during 1997 - 2010 - which led to them voting for "Brexit" - as the Labour party flirted with Big business and Celebrity - exactly what Corbyn (CBI) and McDonnell (Davos) are doing now - courting Big business - if they get into power they will once again sideline the workers in favour of lobbying businesses and the EU - Don't get fooled again.

The next part relates to EU environmental protection 

"The European Food Safety Authority plays a vital role in monitoring the substances used in manufacturing or growing our food using the latest scientific evidence to assess whether substances are likely to have harmful effects on human or animal health. While the European Chemicals Agency carries out the vital task of evaluating and authorising chemicals as safe for use."

For some insight into the EU's regulations and how they would keep us all safe (not) read the article on the "Diesel Scandal - EU Meddling" on this site - we are not safe in the hands of EU regulators and it is also clear that any strong leader can rise within the EU and dictate the actions of the entire bloc - as when Merkel illegally opened the outer borders of the entire EU to allow mass migration across the sovereign borders of the Member States - without any consultation causing havoc for the populations of Europe - is she in jail? Did you elect Merkel?

What about Climate change? Corbyn also talks about the car manufacturing supply chains and how the Mini from Oxford and components cross some 2,000 miles as they are assembled in various parts of the EU - crossing the Channel 4 times before the car is finally assembled back in the UK - what madness and inefficiency - the EU clearly could not care less about pollution, CO2 emissions and waste - the net result of these is rising cost of cars in the UK - which were engineered to last only until their warranties ran out.

Next the 'Phoney" transition period

​​"During the transition period, Labour would seek to remain in a customs union with the EU and within the single market. That means we would abide by the existing rules of both."

*That is so the government, businesses and workers only have to make one adjustment, from the current situation to the final terms." 

"Labour spelled out the need for a stable transition period last summer. Both the TUC and CBI agree. We thought the government had accepted that case but they now seem to be in disarray on the issue again."
(Of course they agree they want cheap labour, subsidised by UK taxpayers - for bigger profits)

This is one of the biggest cons of all - A transition period during which the existing rules are maintained - what kind of transition is that?

From the Collins dictionary:  A Transition Period is defined as "​the period of time duringwhichsomething changes from one stateor stage to another"but "clever clogs" Corbyn's (PLP) transition period doesn't do that - so it is not a transition period at all, it is a stalling of leaving the EU - an extension to the Article 50 period to allow a greater and greater increases in our population from the EU and elsewhere - it is basically about population replacement - because the English don't want to be subjugated - so they are trying to drive them out (the best educated and skilled) and reduce the voting franchise of those who stay.

Finally:  "A new deal with the EU​"

"We have long argued that a customs union is a viable option for the final deal. So Labour would seek to negotiate a new comprehensive UK-EU customs union to ensure that there are no tariffs with Europe and to help avoid any need for a hard border in Northern Ireland."

"But we are also clear that the option of a new UK customs union with the EU would need to ensure the UK has a say in future trade deals."

"A new customs arrangement would depend on Britain being able to negotiate agreement of new trade deals in our national interest." 

"Labour would not countenance a deal that left Britain as a passive recipient of rules decided elsewhere by others. That would mean ending up as mere rule takers."

Wow! Corbyn really is Father Christmas (or a "Snake Oil Salesman") - he is claiming to be able to have it all - after capitulating to the EU on all the Referendum Red lines - Corbyn now claims to also have everything that the Leave voters wanted - everything that the EU won't allow the government to have.

This has always been the Labour Party's default position and their biggest confidence trick - they are promising that they can reform the EU if we stay - but it can't be reformed in the way that Corbyn claims - otherwise it would collapse - as all the others Member States clammer for the same arrangement. 


We haven't had time to cover every aspect of the speech - which was rather hurriedly put together, rather rambling with often repeated statements, Marxist mantra and the least convincing "We respect the result of the referendum" - twice stated as if he is not quite sure if we are fooled yet.

It is clear that Corbyn and his advisors are dipping into the Bernie Sanders "playbook" and Blair's "12-point plan to overturn Brexit"  (see  "Blair's Secret Plan to stop Brexit" on this site)  and had adapted "For the Many not the Few" for his 2017 General Election Manifesto from a book by Robert Reich, entitled "Saving Capitalism: For the Many not the Few" (also used by Bernie Sanders) Reich served as Secretary of Labour in the Clinton administration.

Blair's "12-point (secret) plan to stop Brexit", contained in a leaked memo to Alistair Campbell includes the following - "Our task is more subtle. It’s to force the government to negotiate with every vested interest in this country rather than the EU, so we don’t build up anger against Europe. The aim must be to make Brexit look so difficult that government gives up rather than increases dislike of an EU which is so good for our people, even if they don’t know it."- hence the Irish Border dispute - and many of the rest of the problems placed in front of "Brexit." - all part of a wider collusion between the political EU in Brussels (Berlin) and our politicians in the UK Parliament to overturn the June 2016 EU Referendum.

The other similarities are that Corbyn and Sanders are two little "old guys" with a "Millennial" following - since they are seen as little anti-establishment rebels with hearts of gold - if only their followers were mature enough to realise the truth - that they are being used - to overturn an elected government based on a pack of lies. I wonder where Paxman sits with these "oldies" - should Corbyn be allowed to vote and should he be forced to downsize?

It seems that the Labour Party can't ever some up with anything original - they always default to failed policies of the past - in order to bring down the Capitalist system - this time it is slightly different (more honest) - because McDonnell is openly advocating insurrection - violent uprising if they can't get their own way democratically with an added dose of Momentum "persuasion" - its starting to look like 1917 revisited.

Finally, Corbyn is obsessed with claiming the idea that without the EU - Britain would not be able to protect its workers' right etc. he clearly does not understand (he does really - its just Marxist mantra) that with our own sovereignty we could elect our own politicians who could be removed if they did not act in the interests of our population - we cannot appoint or remove any of the Commissioner Lawmakers in the EU- whatever they do - they just get replaced by newly appointed ones - Update - look at the Maoist Chinese voting system where the president has today (11/3/18) extended his term in office indefinitely - to see how the EU system works - appointed officials appointing others.