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13th September 2018

Crime and Disorder

Murder is now an everyday occurrence on the streets of London, as are stabbings, muggings, acid attacks, robberies and burglaries - and the Mayor is almost invisible, as are the Police - except those heavily armed ones protecting our Politicians, the odd traffic patrol and armed incident response teams.

The Police are more interested in monitoring online activity for perceived "hate crimes" and the publicity-seeking and discredited South Yorkshire Police who "hounded" Sir Cliff Richards - now want anything which is not a hate "crime" but could be perceived to be hurtful also reported. Apparently, the "Thought Police" are alive and well and living up North.

Yet today it was announced that attacks on the elderly would not be given the "Hate Crime" status - would it be because the older members of society have been widely attacked verbally, and blamed by numerous Remain activists for their loss of the EU Referendum vote; even though no-one prevented the younger ones from voting. What we have heard and read since the Referendum is that "by now most of the Leave voters would be dead -  so we can have another vote and stay in the EU".

Why is this happening?

On the 7th of July, 2005 Islamist terrorists attacked our transport system, killed 52 people and injured 700 more. It was the worst attack in the UK since the 1988 Pan Am flight bombing over Lockerbie, and the first suicide bombing in the UK. The police numbers then were 142,794, compared to 124, 362, as of the 31st March, 2016 - a reduction of 18,432 officers over the past ~11 years (with a peak in 2009 of 144,274) (Annual changes in police officer strength (excluding secondments Consistent like for like basis - FTE, England and Wales March 1980- March 2016  SN/SG/2615) 

Clearly, it is clumsy for any politician to push the idea that having large Police numbers keeps us safe; more interestingly, it was the previous Labour government which changed the oath that the Police swore, in order to ensure that EU citizens could join our Police service, without having to swear allegiance to the people of the UK via the Monarch; and simultaneously destroying any notion of "Community Policing" in the traditional sense of the term.

Following the 7/7/05 bombing, the government then set about establishing a network of surveillance cameras throughout the country, notably in London and embarked upon a programme of "intelligence-led" Policing which continues today.

More recently our Police service has been morphing into a Paramilitary force - no-one could now easily tell the difference between them and the EU Paramilitary Police, apart from their badges, when they patrol our streets. If we stay in the EU then our Police could comprise those, not even from our country, let alone our own communities - under EU Corpus Juris the Police would be simply an agent of the State, and above UK Law.

Higher Police numbers did not prevent the 7/7/05 attack, nor would mass surveillance, not even "intelligence-led" Policing - but Corbyn wants us to think that if we go on a massive spending spree we will all be safe - but the Political Left were the ones who got us into this mess in the first place and he plans to continue where Blair left off, on the road to bankruptcy - and, in addition, to remove every last means that the British people have to defend themselves - our armed forces.

In reality, the only difference between Blair and Corbyn is that Blair wears a suit and pretends to be a British Conservative - whereas Corbyn does not hide his hatred of the British (English)

In 2004, Jack Straw introduced the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) which requires our Police forces to act on complaints from anyone in the population of any, and all of the 27 member states (24 members in 2004), these warrants do not require evidence to back them up - partly because they are designed to be a quicker way of extraditing those who others claim are criminals - whether they are or not.

These warrants also tie-up our Police time and they are also required to investigate those in the UK who are of interest to Police forces in the EU and Europol can carry out investigations themselves in the UK or any other EU Member States and its operatives, and their headquarters are immune from prosecution or search - they are above the Law (see  Corpus Juris and English Common Law)

Theresa May continues UK participation in the scheme as part of her attempts to keep Britain closely aligned with the EU - even though the use of the EAW goes against everything that has protected the British people; kept them safe and free from tyranny since the signing of the Magna Carta at Runnymede, at the time of King John, and the development of our English Common Law.

By her actions and her words, May is In favour of an EU legal system which is based upon Napoleonic Code - a top-down system of Justice where the government and its agents (Police and Judiciary) are above the law.

If money had been the only problem related to cutting crime then the HS2 project could be binned - which is an EU project Directive for a pan-European railway network which could yield some estimated > £100 billion (possibly more than twice that amount) and only the EU would complain - since it is of little real benefit to the UK.   

The real cause of our inability to properly stamp out the terrorism that we are experiencing in the UK though is Multiculturalism, which encourages segregated communities to exist in isolation, and hence develop within their own ideological microcosm - contrasting with their surroundings in the wider, Christian society and British culture; particularly our Democracy and personal freedom, which some despise.

This was encouraged and supported, through the benefits system and facilitated by Blair and New Labour; - who protected "Hate" preacher's and allowed them to operate freely among our communities without challenge, whilst enacting Laws to elevate their rights above the rights of the native populations - thus creating further antagonism and resentment. 

The EU is also deliberately creating discord in the UK related to its citizens' rights - by trying to enforce greater "rights" upon EU citizens in the UK and taking away the same rights away from UK citizens living in the EU - if the UK leaves the EU.

Such lack of reciprocity is simply the application of punishment regime in order to get its own way and has no basis in civilised behaviour - Merkel seems to be the main promoter of this particular action (perhaps learned behaviour from when she was involved in "Agitprop") during her student days. 

Fast Forward

If we fast forward to present day London we are seeing a combination of those earlier Labour actions by the Blair/Brown government who were "industrially engaged" in breaking down British society on behalf of their comrades in Brussels (Berlin).

Adding to the problems is a massive increase in people trafficking, drug smuggling, prostitution and foreign gangs entering Britain after Blair gave away control of UK immigration, and much more to the EU - by agreeing to the Amsterdam Treaty (1997)

This gives a lie to Theresa May's claim that she, or anyone else, will bring immigration down to 10,000's or even below 100,000's per annum as long as we are in the EU Single Market - she has no control over how many, or even who, can enter Britain - the EU decides; they have "Competence" to decide Britain's immigration numbers; thanks to New Labour - and May is just protecting the EU from criticism by the British people and the Tories are taking the "flack" - as required by FCO:30/1048. This suits the EU, who can flood the UK with its own citizens and that gives greater control over the UK from Brussels.

This problem has been exaggerated by ECJ judgements preventing the Member States from stopping criminals from access - as they enforce EU treaty "Freedom of Movement of Persons" rules:

"The EU treaties explicitly confer on the Member States the right to exclude individuals on the grounds of public security and public policy. Yet the ECJ has persistently and consistently interpreted the treaties so as to restrict and undermine the rights of Member States to protect their public on those grounds. Some commentators have said that the ECJ has transformed EU treaty provisions on the "free movement of persons" into a charter for the "free movement of criminals" - (letter to Theresa May from Sir Richard Aikens - Lawyers for Britain)

To add insult to injury Corbyn et al., continuing the Labour Party tradition of working against Britain's interests by persistently highlighting Police cuts as the reason for the rise in crime - when in fact it is down to the sidelining of "Community Policing" with "intelligence" based Policing policies brought in by New Labour, but which have been continued by subsequent governments, to incorporate the new EU wide Legal System - Corpus Juris - which in Britain is destroying our culture of "Policing by Consent" and our English Common Law rights and protections. 

The EU has no intention of providing an opportunity for the UK to have any system that can allow discontent with the EU to proliferate in the UK; so only Police loyal to the EU, and from other EU countries will operate throughout the UK - so as to keep UK community cohesion under close supervision.

Meanwhile, Europol will conduct surveillance of British citizens throughout the UK and elsewhere in the EU.  The UK already has EU Police operating within the UK - at least 750 in the Metropolitan Police according to a government document outlining government "No Deal" contingency plans. EU Gendarmerie Forces (Paramilitary Police) also train in the UK.

What will Change in Britain under the new EU wide Legal System

What has really been happening is that a slow stealthy transition is taking place where our long-standing legal system is being replaced piece by piece by the EU's legal system - whilst planning that it will be irreversible by the time it is realised, and by then it will be too late.

Under the EU wide legal system:

  • The British government and its agents (Police, Judiciary etc.) are above the law - and by virtue of the EU Treaties that our politicians have signed - the EU Commissioners, the European Court of Justice Judges and Europol personnel are all immune from prosecution and operate in secret.
  • Shoot to kill is legal. 
  • Habeas Corpus no longer exists.
  • Trial by Jury no longer exists.
  • There is no presumption of innocence.
  • EU prosecutors will be stationed in Member State Regions.
  • An accused can be locked-up without evidence and held until a prosecutor decides whether or not to investigate - this happens now with the European Arrest Warrant,
  • We are legally obliged to follow all EU Regulations (more than 120,000 of them)
  • etc, etc, etc.

Those of us who recognise the danger are seeking to escape from the EU trap by leaving the EU and forging new alliances outside the EU - this was the principle reason for "Brexit" - not immigration - that only brought into focus what the EU was really about and when we realised that we had been duped for over 40 years into thinking that it was only about trade; and it exposed how the EU really operates.

For any politician, Peer or member of the Judiciary to be a party to this destruction of our English Common Law rights and protections displays a real hatred for the British people, their laws and traditions - but a system of privilege for those in positions of power that they could have only dreamed about under English Common Law and typical of the political Left (Marxists) - see below:-

European Public Prosecutor
Report on criminal procedures in the European Union (Corpus Juris) Committee on Civil Liberties and Internal Affairs
Rapporteur: Mr Jan-Kees Wiebenga
8 March 1999
Public Prosecutor

The European Public Prosecutor would be based on the principle of European territoriality( ): in the preparatory stage prior to a ruling (investigation and prosecution), the largely decentralised EPP would enjoy identical powers in the fifteen countries of the Union (directing investigations, overseeing judicial procedures), while offences committed anywhere on Union territory would elicit the same responses. The EPP would be independent of both national authorities and Community institutions, would have a relatively low-key central structure and would enlist the services of delegated European prosecutors (selected by each Member State from among its national prosecutors). The EPP would, moreover, be authorised to take up cases on his own initiative and would be required to investigate all substantive evidence relating to accusations that offences, as defined by the Corpus, had been committed. The establishment of an EPP (which presupposes the unification of criminal law in this sector and substantial improvements in judicial cooperation and mutual assistance) would enable solutions to be found, at least in part, to the problems of jurisdiction, of offences constituting a crime in the country seeking extradition and in the country holding the accused and of delay.

This was part of the proposals in the Amsterdam Treaty (1997) agreed by Blair and "New" Labour - this represents the end of our legal system and the beginning of an EU wide legal system - one which does away with our Common Law, and brings in EU Corpus Juris - the EU Police State.

This is what can happen when Representative Democracy goes badly wrong and the "Representatives" only represent their own vested interests and those of their co-conspirators - the majority in the UK Parliament (Commons and Lords) - the Judiciary and Civil Service. For more please visit website. Secondly, the EAW Report explains what conditions British nationals (and others) can be subjected to if they are arrested under EAW; even if they are innocent - and our elected government cannot prevent it - so much for Human Rights inside the EU.