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​​​​28th September 2016

Cuckoo Corbyn and cuckoo Khan

We admired Corbyn when he held his ground against the onslaught from the PLP and fought to keep the spirit of the opposition Labour movement intact, supposedly that of fighting injustice, against the combined forces of the Blairites and other vested interests; we thought he was a man of integrity, that is until yesterday when he turned against the British people and chose to show his true colours - it is now quite clear that he is working for the EU, as were New Labour, and now Kahn essentially has shown the same loyalties to Brussels and a total disrespect for the people of Britain who do not want to be part of a reincarnation of the old Soviet Union in Europe; and both now exhibit Sturgeon's obsession. 

Corbyn effectively claimed that those who sought to take back their country from foreign domination in the EU Referendum acted out of racism and a feeling of neglect from the political establishment, in essence, he claimed that  it was really all the fault of the Tories who had brought in austerity and created division and he also quite falsely claimed that the Labour party was about building social cohesion; what was worse is that he had a simple solution which revolves around spending lots of other peoples money to buy the loyalties of those disenfranchised by the politicians and provide the necessary facilities to placate their feelings of abandonment.

He then went on to praise the contributions from the migrants; a real benefit when properly controlled and a disaster for the Britain otherwise. Actually, he based some his comments on research (essentially anecdotal or based upon incomplete data by organisations funded by the EU) showing how Britain would, in effect, sink into the sea without unlimited uncontrolled mass migration, when in reality it will sink into the sea because of them - the reality is very different (see False Economy)

It is clear that the political Left in the UK is now far too dangerous and needs to be completely marginalised by the public from all sections of society and completely removed from our political system. It should be replaced with an opposition political party which truly represents the interests of the British people and not the interests of the European Marxists. 

For the record the Labour Party is not a party of cohesion, nor is the EU, both have one simple motivation as clearly demonstrated by John O'Donnell's video dance after hearing the news about the 2008 recession and the potential collapse of the Capitalist system (or in the case of the EU the destruction of the homogeneity of its member states) - which O'Donnell was eager to point out that he had waited for years for that collapse of Capitalism to take place; or the comments by Rachael Maskell, Labour MP regarding Refugees and Migrants when she stated that Britain should continue to take in migrants until the system buckles - this is what the political Left is working towards and always has been.

The true objectives of the Labour Party, SNP, LibDems and the EU are to create discord through overcrowding; by reducing access to public services, hospitals and schools, by ensuring shortage of housing and deliberately providing unfair advantage to foreign nationals (reverse discrimination) above the interests of the host population; encouraging the destruction of jobs, lively hoods and quality of life of the UK population with the promotion of division and isolation, the very essence of multiculturalism; and placing into law the interests and security of migrants above those of the majority, in the previously settled communities. 

The majority of the problems that we face today, and those which led directly to the Brexit vote, derived almost completely from the actions taken by New Labour between 1997 and 2010 (and the fact that our nefarious politicians signed Britain into the EU through its Trojan Horse the EEC in 1972) - and according to the Labour Party Conference the Party is about to return to those New Labour  policies, this time without the pretence - in order to finish the job that Blair, Brown and Mandelson failed to complete by 2010 - the total destruction of the UK economy - so as to finally give O'Donnell his much coveted dream; so he can dance the night away, along with his Communist Comrades in Brussels. (see New Labour and the EU)

OK Jeremy and Saddiq we now know that you are just New Labour in your heart of hearts and your only loyalty is with the Communist EU - we will try not to forget.