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13th September, 2017

Deception, Hypocrisy and Misdirection (Updated below)*

Deception, hypocrisy and misdirection are all parts of the politician's toolkit, none more so than related to the EU generally and, currently, during the EU Referendum and subsequent  shenanigans related to repealing the European Communities Act (1972).

Below is a short list of significant deception and misdirection related to the EU, quoted by the EU and its promoter's

"The EEC was only a trading relationship" => EEC (1957) -> EC (1992) -> political EU (2007),

"The EU has prevented war in Europe for the past 60 years (1957-2017)" => NATO, Nuclear Weapons, Cold War, Occupying Allied Troops 120,000 US troops, until 2012/13), a divided Germany (until 1989) => they all kept the peace in Europe - but not the EU (which has only had any legal power since 2007).

"Lisbon Treaty (2007) is only a Reform Treaty, so does not need a Referendum" => gave the EU a legal personality, incorporating an overarching Constitution, with legal supremacy over the Constitutions of all of its member states. 

"There will be no EU Army" => 1955 West Germany re-armed and joined NATO, 1963 West Germany and France establish an army of 5,000 personnel - a proto-EU army - operates mostly through stealth.

The recent commitments by the Prime Minister suggest that the UK will be part of the EU army after we leave - which is against the very principle of UK Sovereignty - and leaves doubt about her commitment to a real divorce from the EU - especially since UK troops will have to swear

allegiance to the EU.

The real status of the member states within the EU

All 28 countries signed the Lisbon Treaty (2007) which contains Sections (2.1) and (2.2) - these two sections provide the EU with Henry VIII clauses with which the EU can enact laws that will be binding upon the citizen's of those member states - these laws cannot be amended or repealed even if the entire Parliament of the members state votes against them (this is the case in the UK) - this is part of the legal supremacy of the EU, the rest of the legal supremacy is enforced by the European Court of Justice.

So the claims by Nicola Sturgeon that Scotland would be an Independent country inside the EU may be true in one sense, that Scotland could make its own laws - but only if they don't conflict with any EU laws. But it certainly would not be a sovereign country - able to repeal any EU laws that were detrimental to its population, their prosperity or security - so it would only be a pretend Sovereign country - a Vassal State.

The reason that the UK is in this situation is that Gordon Brown and David Miliband signed the treaty on behalf of the UK, thus handing Henry VIII powers over the British people to the EU without a Referendum (the European Communities Act (1972) was the original deception) - and the Labour Party, and many others are trying to ensure that we are never able to get our Sovereignty back - hence the raft of amendments planned to either, keep us in a never ending, totally fake (unnecessary)  transition with the EU, through to a total stop of leaving the legal control of the EU.

The gross hypocrisy of the Labour Party derives from the fact that they used the very same Henry VIII powers to bring the EU treaty laws into the UK - that they, and their co-conspirators, are now trying to prevent the current government from using those same powers to extricate the UK from the legal supremacy of the EU - which is the primary reason for the Withdrawal Bill. These powers have been used since 1973 by our elected "Representatives to entangle the UK population within the EU legal system; and the main reason for the Miller court case, was to prevent the invocation of Article 50 (TEU) by stopping the government using the Henry VIII powers - in the end though Parliament voted to pass the necessary legislation. This was achieved in spite of interventions by the unelected House of Lords - actually mostly LibDems given peerages by EU supporters Blair and Brown (New Labour) and Cameron in the LibDem/Con coalition and the Cameron government.

This must be one of the strongest reasons for abolishing the House of Lords and installing a system which contains people who will protect Britain from predators like the EU.

In summary, the EU does not comprise Sovereign countries working together for a common good - but a collection of nation states who are being systematically disenfranchised by the EU, on behalf of its backers - with the collusion of their own elected representatives.

Is it just me or does this look like criminal activity by the EU and its supporters?

*Update (14Sep17)

The BBC's Question Time from Stratford this evening once again showed the devious political left spinning their webs of lies, and deception, their misdirection and hypocrisy.

EU Negotiations

With the EU negotiations they completely dismiss any reason to back the UK in its attempts regain its sovereignty, and instead back the EU position against the UK - one audience member even asked whose side the Labour Party was on - because Labour MP Dawn Butler clearly had no interest, other than thwarting the EU Referendum vote (23rd June, 2016), and keeping Britain trapped within the EU - for as long as possible (3 years) was suggested.

With what can only be described as a faux transition zone, pretending to be needed for business to adapt. Any businesses that are not adapting now will not do any better with a transition arrangement - whatever its length - the idea is a total confidence trick. The left wing and SNP (who did not contribute much) are quite obviously working for the EU - their Communist brethren, with a view to destroying the United Kingdom - in order to protect German industry.

Thwarting "Brexit" can now be clearly described as official Labour Party policy - the most dishonest political party in the history of British politics - out to undermine our society for their own interests - but was it ever really anything else - Blair or Corbyn  /  Corbyn or Blair - both work for the EU.

Grenfell Tower Inquiry

Moving on - QT also brought up the subject of the Grenfell Tower fire inquiry and the response was a textbook illustration of all the true characteristics of the political left - Will Self claimed that the Grenfell Tower was covered with flammable cladding because the wealthy residents of Kensington and Chelsea did not want to have to look at how "sh*tty" the tower block was, this was also claimed to be true by the Dawn Butler Labour MP - no-one picked up on the fact that Camden did exactly the same with their tower blocks - so the residents of Camden, according to the political left, must want to hide how "sh*tty" their tower block are, and this applies to most boroughs in England - whatever political allegiance. The residents don't want a government inquiry, which they don't trust, instead they seem to want show trials - to vent their fury - and this is exactly what the "liberal left' are encouraging them to want - a "Day of Rage."

But, of course, it is all about doing down our government, British (English) society and our Establishment - the archaic Marxist class war (so 19th Century) - who they would replace with a Communist government, so that they can control and impoverish everyone in the country - except for their little elite groups - just like the EU really - but they will be the noveau piggies in the trough.

When will Labour Party voters, who don't support terrorists or terrorism, who don't hate England or the English and who don't want to end up in Communist work camps - wake-up?

Equally no-one picked up on the fact that insulation cladding on the tower blocks in the UK was an EU Directive to ensure adequate insulation and energy saving - a Directive that was enthusiastically pushed by Blair from 2000 throughout England - without any regulation changes - despite the fact that a fire in a tower block using cladding in Scotland, in 1999 resulted in Scotland banning such cladding.  

What is clear is that England, in particular, is probably under its greatest threat at this moment in time from its enemies within, siding with its enemies in the EU to bring the English into subjugation under rule from Brussels, than it has ever been since WWII. With the Labour party and the Unite union in the vanguard of trying to bring down the Democratically elected government, by any means including a violent uprising in the UK - just because this year is the Centenary of the Bolshevik Revolution (1917) and the political left have always been "Bolshy" by nature. 

Juncker's State of the Union Address

Wolgang Schauble, the German Finance Minister (ECB chief) has endorsed by Juncker's - stating that Juncker's programme matches Germany's vision for the bloc.

Juncker's speech outlined how the EU will shortly force the EU member states into a single superstate and remove, any and all aspects of their sovereignty and self-determination, to be controlled by all powerful appointees - with or without  their approval

However, since the EU's ambitions are spelled out, in detail, in the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and the member state parliaments have all signed the treaty - Schauble would have known already what was planned, and so should all the leaders of each member state - so this was just to let the people know what they had planned - what a nice guy.