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 4th July, 2016

Democracy RIP?

On the 1st of January, 1973 the British Parliament gave away its Sovereignty and that of the British people to a foreign power and in accordance with FCO 30/1048 - "After entry (to EEC, 1972) there would be a major responsibility on HMG and on all political parties not to exacerbate public concern by attributing unpopular measures or unfavourable economic developments to the remote and unmanageable workings of the Community."  -  have since that time been required to protect the EEC(EU) from scrutiny by the British people, and to act only the interests of that foreign power.

Britain has not been a Representative Democracy since that time - they have simply acted as agents of a foreign power.

The British Parliament therefore has no legitimate right to overturn a Direct Democratic vote by the British people. 

Those British politicians who allowed control by the (EU) to continue acted against the interests of the British people and increased the control of that foreign power (EU) by signing and ratifying all the subsequent UK-EU Treaties; most notably the Lisbon Treaty (2007) signed by Brown and D Miliband - all of these politicians are guilty of Treason under British Common Law - including those attempting to overturn the Referendum at the time of writing.

No government or politician who have or has been a part of the conspiracy against the British people can be allowed to vote for the UK to remain within the EU.  

Once we have left the EU these politicians need to be brought to justice along with their supporters.

British Democracy within the EU is long dead - long live British Democracy outside the EU.