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26th January 2018

Dereliction of Duty

The Government's first duty is to keep us safe, but in acting to agree to a "Transition Period" under which we can be subject to new Laws, Directives and Regulations from the EU and the possibility of forced acceptance of a new treaty or treaty amendments over which we have no say or means to counter, and still keep paying into the EU coffers - that is not that different from just keeping the status quo (we had no say on the Lisbon Treaty (2007)) - and is a gross dereliction of duty by the government of the United Kingdom. 

If that was not bad enough the government is happy to accept free movement of people over that same prescribed period (which is obviously flexible - as planned) even though we cannot afford to support such direct benefit payments to those who have not contributed - including child refugees that France is legally responsible for under EU and International Law. We need to stop building EU projects at our expense (HS2 - £56 billion), stop giving away 0,7% of our GDP on vanity projects and rebuild our own essential services.

Nor can we continue to endure the intolerable strain upon our public services and infrastructure, whilst the government and public services falsely claim that our creaking NHS are down to the increase in the number of older people with complex medical conditions in order for them to ignore the already enormous rise in population under this government (which would certainly rise exponentially under a Labour Party (Communist) government).

On LBC earlier this week truth of the problem was spelled our by a GP contributor who stated that the average (median) age of the population has only actually risen by 6 years since 1940 - so the mass rise in elderly is less dramatic than the establishment would have us to believe - whereas the rise in population is there for all to see on a daily basis - affecting every aspect of our lives.

As a further insult, during this "Transition Period" the government seems happy to accept that we would not be allowed to compete with the EU in world markets - we are not allowed to sign any - but then we don't have to ask 27 other vested interests for their acquiescence.

No "transition beyond March 29th 2019 

To be clear - businesses need about 3 months to reorganise for a new system (we have already been fully aligned with the EEC(EU) for the past 44 years) and the two year Article 50 timeframe is the "Transition Period" - so claims that any further transition period are needed beyond the end of March, 2019 are just disingenuous and treating the UK public with total disdain, disrespect and are simply designed to keep us trapped in the EU for as long as possible.

All that is necessary is for May to announce in March 2018 that there will not be any further transition period after March 2019 - that will give a full year for even the most sloth-like businesses to adapt - any that can't should not be in business anyway - they would be the ones relying upon artificial regulations to preserve tariffs and stifle competition.

Why are they not Acting for the UK?

This astonishing state of affairs has been brought about because our elected representatives signed us up to the EEC(EU) in 1972 and are acting as a barrier to leaving the EU by accepting orders (instructions) from the EU!

How can that be? Why do our establishment take orders from the EU?  Why won't they stand up and be counted? - as Jacob Rees-Mogg has opined.

We have handed in our notice to leave: offered to pay for our agreed commitments to the ongoing EU budget; agreed to treat the EU Citizens in the UK fairly (as if we would ever do otherwise) and to keep a barrier free border in Ireland. Further, we have agreed to continue to work (co-operate) with the EU - but that should be as an independent sovereign country - avoiding any and all ECJ jurisdiction.

We have behaved in a responsible manner, but our establishment appears too eager to please and protect the EU.

The UK was asked by some German politicians what it wants, and we have seemingly been too timid to actually spell it out - it is simple really, as we have previously stated - we want to trade with the EU, but not be ruled over by the political EU:-

  • We want to leave the political system of the EU in its entirety, we do not want to be minor part of a larger new country with a single government which is undemocratic; where faceless bureaucrats control every aspect of our lives - we have had enough of the EU interference (as Lord Spicer  stated in the Telegraph today “Nowhere in the constitution of the EU is there a direct relationship between the electorate and the government." The EU is modelled on the Russian and Chinese systems. 

  • We want to keep our Common Law Protections in our own Legal System, not be part of an alien Legal System designed for Military Occupation and Colonisation - we want no part of the ECJ or its jurisdiction.

  • We want to trade freely without hindrance or interference - we will respect the rules of trade, but not those designed to build a protectionist bloc - to prevent true free trade or those designed for political ends.

  • We want full control of our Asylum and Immigration policy and our border - we do not want a foreign power deciding who can live and work in our country and what rights they can hold. 

  • We want our Fishing grounds back and for the EU to respect our territorial waters.

  • We want our armed forces to be loyal to our country and its people not to the EU, Brussels, Berlin or an EU Dictator.

The fact that our government is prepared to give all that away to the EU simply shows how little our politicians respect the people of the UK, and how easily they can betray them.

Time to stand up to the EU Mrs May.