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15th June, 2016

Programme to get back British Sovereignty from the EU

From the BBC News Website 15th June, 2016  "EU referendum: Vote Leave sets out post-Brexit plans"  according to Leave campaigner and Leader of the Commons Chris Grayling " 

"Vote Leavecalled for immediate legislation in the current session of Parliament to "end the European Court of Justice's control over national security and allow the government to deport criminals from the EU"."

"After we vote Leave, the public need to see that there is immediate action to take back control from the EU,"

"Vote Leave said over subsequent sessions of Parliament it wanted to introduce:

Finance Bill - This would abolish the 5% rate of VAT on household energy bills by amending the Value Added Tax Act 1994. It would be paid for by savings from the UK's contributions to the EU budget, Vote Leave said

National Health Service (Funding Target) Bill - The NHS would receive a £100m per week real-terms cash "transfusion", to be paid for by savings from leaving the EU
Asylum and Immigration Control Bill - "To end the automatic right of all EU citizens to enter the UK"

Free Trade Bill - The UK leaves the EU's "common commercial policy" to "restore the UK government's power to control its own trade policy"

European Communities Act 1972 (Repeal) Bill - The European Communities Act 1972, "the legal basis for the supremacy of EU law in the UK", will be repealed. "The EU Treaties will cease to form part of UK law and the European Court's jurisdiction over the UK will end"."