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​​3rd/4th/5th November, 2016

Dictators' Democracy

Having quickly read through today's (3rd Nov,16) "Brexit" case at the High Court, it became clear that the Judges have used an illegally constituted act (illegal in English Law in 1972) the European Communities Act (ECA) (1972) through which our nefarious politicians sold the population of Britain into slavery under a Foreign power, the EEC (Common Market) - in order to frustrate and, ultimately overturn the "Brexit" Referendum result - either in Parliament or by being delayed indefinitely in the House of Lords. 

That single act of treason in 1972, which was kept secret from the public by our politicians (under advice given to Ministers, by the Foreign Office, in FCO: 30/1048 (1971)) throughout subsequent Parliaments, for the past 43 years, has now been used in order to rule, effectively, that Britain is not a Sovereign Nation, and as such it cannot use Royal Prerogative Powers in the interests of the British People; however, that Prerogative Power is available in order to enact any EU law into domestic UK law.

The net effect of the ruling is that no-one can prevent Parliament from denying the British people the right to leave the EU and, as a result, we would not be able to escape from rule by the EU under our present EU political system - since that would require the repeal of EU legislation, which clearly would never be allowed by Parliament nor the Judiciary.  Based upon which, any notion that any Referendum could decide who would make our laws has been a sham for the past 43 years, since our Sovereignty really was given away by our Politicians in 1972, and Parliament has been collectively maintaining that position, and lying about that fact ever since. Let's stop pretending that the British government is anything but an EU puppet government, courtesy of our political class and the Judiciary - which badly needs some urgent ballot box reform..  

The government has referred the High Court decision for an appeal in the Supreme Court and the outcome of which is expected in the new year - that will determine the truth of the last statement. 

If the Supreme Court upholds the High Court decision then May will either call a General Election or refer the Supreme Court decision to the European Court of Justice (ECJ); and before that decision (in favour of the EU) is announced, the EU Paramilitary Police and EU Armed Forces troops will most likely be deployed in Britain to help "British" Police quell any disturbances.  

In a previous article we suggested that the EU Referendum only came about because David Cameron et al., wanted to quell discontent within the Tory party regarding Britain and the EU, and a Referendum was duly set in train; following failed attempts by Cameron to elicit concessions from Brussels (Berlin) related to restricting free-movement of people from the ever expanding EU into Britain.

Buoyed by their success in the Scottish Independence Referendum, with the effective use of fear and scaremongering, which seems to have "won over" the Scottish population - the government then persuaded Parliament, and the House of Lords, to allow the British people to hold a "binding" (nudge, nudge - wink, wink) Referendum, which the Establishment would be expected to win with a resounding majority using those same tactics; together some tactics borrowed from the 1975 Wilson EU Referendum and unprecedented support from a collection of vested interests from across the globe.

As a result the Commons voted 6:1 to give the British people their referendum and agreed to invoke Article 50 immediately, should it be the will of the people - except that the commitment wasn't binding, we learned yesterday (3rd Nov 16) - because the government conveniently left out a clause containing the word "Compulsory" which would have made the decision binding.

The propaganda used by the government included a leaflet, sent to every household in the land, stating that the government would act upon the will of the people  and leave the EU - a cast iron guarantee, one would think - except that it wasn't, nor was it ever meant to be. The reality is that the British people were duped by their government, their Parliament, their House of Lords and the entire Establishment - a systematic abuse that is ongoing.

Leading lawyers at "Lawyers for Britain", Martin Howe QC, Thomas Sharpe QC, Clive Thorne and Francis Hoar labelled the decision at the High Court yesterday as "A Deeply Troubling and Wrong-Headed Decision"  ( 

One key point from lawyers for Britain assessment, and we do not wish to imply any legal knowledge in these matters, seems to be that the denial of use of the prerogative powers in the case of invocation of Article 50, and the subsequent removal of EU law from our UK domestic law, is inconsistent with the use of the same power to enact EU law into domestic UK law - in other words the evidence suggests that our judiciary only allows a one way traffic of EU law.   

It looks to us ( that the judgement was entirely political and the judges are acting in the best interests of the EU, and not, in any way, in the interests of the British people. Note that High Court Judges are appointed by the *Queen on the recommendation of the Prime Minister and the Lord Chancellor; in the present case one Judge had been recommended for office by Major and the two others had been recommended by Blair; during their respective tenures as Prime Minister - or so we understand.

We conclude that the organisation and control of the EU Referendum in 2016 resembles the modus operandi of a Dictatorship running a Referendum; rather than a Referendum being run by a free country with a loyal Establishment. 

*As a further note, by virtue of the Maastricht Treaty (1992), the Queen became simply a citizen of the EU with the same rights and responsibilities to the EU as the rest of us "plebs". This appears to be why our soldiers can be prosecuted with great alacrity by any old lawyer, since our armed forces lost their protection from the sovereign. The result of this is that our troops will become loyal to the leader of the EU, in the fullness of time, or they will be replaced by someone who is loyal to the EU, and not in any way loyal to our sovereign nor to the British people.

see also: In the Telegraph 31st October, 2016 (originally 1st July, 2012) - British nationals have no say over their EU citizenship. Everyone in Britain is an EU citizen, whether they like it or not