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22nd June, 2016

Don't Get Fooled Again
Forty four years ago we were taken in to the EEC - the embryonic political EU designed by the Bilderberg Group and enshrined in the Treaty of Rome (1957) - we were "taken-in" in every sense of the word - on the idea that it was pooling of sovereignty and a sharing of trade for the common good - except that it was nothing of the sort. 

Three years later in 1975 Wilson held an in/out Referendum on the EEC in an attempt to heal a rift over Britain's membership of the Common Market (EEC) within a divided government. 

The arguments and the running of the current Referendum show remarkable similarities to that in 1975 which was a success in terms of keeping Britain in the EEC - so it is not surprising that Cameron (or indeed Brussels) would follow that earlier version.

​Some key points of concern were the very same in 1975 as they are today - loss of Sovereignty, the Economy, Jobs and a better negotiated deal for Britain within the EEC. 
(1975 Referendum Pamphlet:

Since that Referendum in 1975 the European Economic Community (EEC) - the Common Market - has changed into the European Community (EC) and the European Union (EU) was born in the Maastricht Treaty (1992), which also gave birth to the Euro:  requiring Eurozone countries to have a debt limited to 60% of GDP and annual deficits no greater than 3% of GDP.", thus inflicting the curse of austerity and destroying the lives of millions of people in southern Europe; the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) - leading to an EU Armed Force;  Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) - leading to EU Corpus Juris throughout Europe - although these ideas had already been included in the Treaty of Rome (1957)

This is where the EEC changed from trading nations pooling their sovereignty to the foundations of an integrated political union, within which independent nations could not coexist (on Major's watch).

The Treaty of the Constitution for Europe (2004) - signed by Blair and Straw - was the first major attempt to completely take over the sovereignty of all the member states - but it was rejected by the French and Dutch in Referenda in 2005. 

Having failed in this attempt the "Terms and Conditions" of the 2004 treaty were distributed within the text of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) signed by Brown and D Miliband; which legally separated the EU from its member states and made its Laws superior to theirs - thus giving the EU the power of a Dictatorship (Declaration 17) and the Laws of a Police State (EU Corpus Juris). The Lisbon Treaty (2007) is also self-amending and is, in effect, a disguised "Enabling Act."

Meanwhile the influence of the political EU has spread like a virus throughout all of British society, deconstructing its very nature in readiness for its diminished status as an insignificant and impotent  province of a Godless, Capitalist Superstate - a Dictatorship known as the EU.

When you vote tomorrow bear in mind that Leaving the Political EU is not the same as Leaving  Europe or losing access to the Single Market - since other countries trade with the EU without the imposition of Free Movement of People; including the USA and China. 

Don't be influenced by the Trotskyite behaviour of the Remain camp who have no love for Britain nor its people and show their treachery by claiming that it is Patriotic to stay in the Political EU - they only wish to entrap us inside the EU Dictatorship by any means that their over - developed Reptilian brains can devise - in particular with false accusations of Racism for their own ends - in order to shut down legitimate debate.

We need a large % Leave vote majority to make the difference and escape from perpetual servitude at the hands of the Multinational Corporations and the imposition of their TTIP; whilst we are trapped inside the Political EU.

In 1972 the British population trusted their government to look after their best interests, but they were sold out; the same thing happened in the 1975 Referendum - Don't get fooled again.