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23rd March, 2016

​End Game

Firstly, we would like to pass on our condolences to the victims and families of those caught up in the terrorist attacks in the Brussels Airport and Metro system, our hearts go out to you at this time of unimaginable sorrow. These heinous acts of cowardice were carried out by disturbed individuals alledgedly on behalf of their "higher authority", when in reality they operate on behalf of sick individuals whose agenda is to control or destroy anyone who gets in their way - individuals who are without pity, compassion, shame or morality - seeking only power and wealth.  

Unfortunately, in the wake of the terror attack and the continuing migrant crisis the EU has been feverishly working on how to use the crises evolving and enveloping Europe to grab more power and take greater control over the member states and, in particular, their sovereign borders. This action is beginning by installing EU Troops at the borders of the the weakest EU member state, Greece which the EU Finance Ministers caused to flatline economically. These EU bankers who effectively run the EU from behind the scenes are the ones dictating austerity throughout the EU, including the UK are deliberately increasing youth unemployment in the southern and Eastern EU states to drive migration within Europe; all for the benefit of producing a weak Euro for Germany and its export trade to exploit.  

In response to the migration crisis different member states reacted differently: ranging from erecting fences to enacting new legislation to crack down on free-speech, criticism of the EU and any opposition to unfettered migration; increasing surveillance of the general population and enforced changes to the cherished traditions and practices of the host populations, changes which had been brought about by the deliberately manufactured crisis. 

In reality, European populations have had their quality of life diminished, their freedom to enjoy their lives, villages, towns, countryside and amenities severely curtailed and their normal daily lives and practices restricted. These are the predictable effects (see Schauble) of the actions advocated by the UN's Peter Sutherland ("The EU should do its best to undermine the homogeneity of its member states ...", in an address to a House of Lords Committee on Migration in 2012 - see Brian Wheeler's, BBC Report) - the EU seems destined to become a failed "State" by the actions of the former? Communist, Merkel and her associates.

This is the EU that almost half of the UK population and particularly the extraordinarily common Marxist / Maoist dominated Left in Britain, including the LibDems, SNP, Labour Party, Plaid Cymru, most Trade Unions; 32% of the FTSE 100 companies and most of the House of Lords, want to ensure that we remain trapped inside, but it is a long way from being of any real benefit to the population of Britain. 

Outdated Policies and Control Systems

The political EU is creating havoc throughout Europe with its ill thought out policies and Marxist dogma. We should trade with Europe but in order to do so effectively the political EU needs to be sidelined and allowed to quietly wither away or be replaced by a modern, democratic version with proper checks and balances, elected chambers and officials and advisors appointed on merit. With a Constitution taken from the best available from all the systems around the world, and adopt the English Common Law Legal system, based upon Magna Carta for example , instead of the EU's Corpus Juris, based upon Martial Law, and usually established in countries under occupation. We need to work together with countries for whom there is a common interest, not in the EU Dictatorship where a dominant country rules the roost. The countries of Europe do not need to have their populations herded like cattle for the predatory multinationals with their TTIP aspirations. Trading arrangements in the 21st Century simply do not require control by systems established by "Political Dinosaurs and their Business Interests" in the 1950's, or even in the 1917's and early 1920's.

The EU's primary objectives are not trade, but exploitation and have always included the overriding desire to bring under direct control from Brussels (Berlin) every country in Europe. Whilst also extending that control to its European neighbours, followed by expansion of its borders to include Muslim Turkey and North Africa. This is conquest through economic warfare as was applied to Greece and elsewhere; seeking to control the oil resources in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as the mineral resources of Africa - not excluding Russia if they believe that they will win the war they are trying to create. 

The true aspirations of the EU though only began to show up when an attempt was made to implement a Constitution for Europe in 2004, in order to take over and control the European Nation States, fortunately it was rejected by the French and Dutch in 2005; unfortunately the main legal clauses of that Constitution were subsequently secreted within the Lisbon Treaty (2007).

The Lisbon Treaty, which Brown claimed was a Reform treaty that did not contain any significant constitutional changes, and therefore did not require a Referendum, effectively removed the ability of the members states, including the UK to determine their own destiny, and created the EU as a Godless, Capitalist Supranational Dictatorship with its own currency (the Euro), and with the Laws of a Police State which have supremacy over its member states (Old Soviet Style). Worse still that treaty also gave the EU the power (Article 48) to amend the very same treaty that created it, and to take any other powers that it deems necessary to pursue its own interests (an "Enabling Act"). So if anyone thinks that the EU can be reformed in any way other than by the EU itself is sadly mistaken and Cameron together with those in our political parties know this full well - the negotiations on reforms were always a sham.

The only problem for the EU is that it cannot become a Superstate simply through the Clauses (Articles) that it hid amongst the text of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and it cannot operate as a Superstate unless it has an Armed Force, (Flag, Anthem already in waiting), uniform Taxation and other Judicial and Monetary systems in place. These unification processes have been progressively established in secret or at least under the radar, since the 1950's. Crucially though the EU also has to take away the final vestiges of the sovereignty of its member states - their border controls have to be in the hands of the EU for it to be considered to be, and therefore to act as a Superstate. The EU is currently only partly built, a veritable work in progress and that is where the manufactured migration crisis comes into play.

The current position of the EU is illustrated by the description of the EU given by its delegation to the United States by way of introduction: -

"The EU is unlike anything else - it isn’t a government, an association of states, or an international organization. Rather, the 28 Member States have relinquished part of their sovereignty to EU institutions, with many decisions made at the European level." 

The reason that the EU is in this position is because it was unable to have the Constitution for Europe Treaty (2004) Ratified, so Merkel had its Articles placed into the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and the EU (via the European Court of Justice (ECJ)) are having to do a "work around" to acquire their goal of the subjugation of the European population.

Everything that the EU does is to attain that goal, including expanding its territory and thereby diminishing the voting rights of the the pre-existing members and by leaving borders open it creates the chaos which offers opportunities for all kind of criminal activity, which the EU (and individual member states) can then exploit as an excuse to grab more power and greater control. It is perhaps unlikely that all supporters of the EU are aware of what is happening, since the EU is protected from proper scrutiny and adverse publicity by our very own EU "Vichy" Government (s) and and the rest of the "vassal" Establishment who are required to act in the EU's interests, as prescribed by the FCO:30/1048 briefing documents; but many are simply too afraid to leave the EU because of all of the scare stories from the already indebted "in" crowd. 

Back to the present

The (EEC) EU has thus far proceeded to successfully expand to include 28 members and only began to run into trouble with attempts to include Turkey, the Ukraine and some of the Balkan countries along its eastern borders. The problem with the EU and the Ukraine was that it was intruding on the sovereign territory of Russia's sphere of influence, and the trouble with Turkey was that it has been largely deemed to be unacceptable to a number of other members of the EU, as a result its membership was pretty well pushed into the long grass. That is until Merkel, Juncker and Sutherland, the UN Special Representative for Migration came up with a plan to flood Europe with migrants on the pretext of economic necessity and the war in Syria, even though most of those migrants were actually in the safe country of Turkey - after all if Turkey is not a safe country then the EU-Turkey deal is entirely bogus, just as the legality of the claims from Calais and other French coastal encampments are bogus - those migrants can only legitimately claim to be escaping from France - which could not be a much safer country for migrants. 

Ever the opportunists Merkel, Juncker and Sutherland invited migrants to trample over the sovereign territory of EU member states without consultation or agreement. This action, ostensibly an Act of War under any circumstances, was deliberately designed to create chaos in Europe and give the EU an excuse to take more control over its member states, Merkel's triumph was to use the chaos that she had created in order to bring Turkey into the EU against the wishes and the best interests of the populations of Europe, a quite deliberate escalation of the problems that the mass migration has created in Europe - although this may well backfire.

The deal that Merkel appears to have "brokered" with Turkey will only be used to stem the flow of migrants into Europe until after the UK Referendum, then the full flow will restart, in fact it is also likely that the passing of the Referendum date will mark a massive influx of migrants and Turkish nationals with EU passports. The notion of reducing mass migration, controlled or not, is only in the spotlight because of the UK Referendum and it will be quickly forgotten if Britain votes to stay.  In the meantime there are reportedly up to 800,000 other migrants waiting to cross from Libya, the next target on the list of acquisitions for the EU, since effectively Ukraine is now part of the EU. There is no plan to rebuild the war torn countries in the Middle East and Africa for the benefit of migrants returning home - this is about depopulation of the resource rich countries and it will continue as new methods of creating the "push" and "pull" factors are developed.

The UK Referendum will mark the last time that the views of the populations of Europe will have any say on the membership of the EU - Merkel and her backers have seen the "stirrings" from within the European populations and they have been taking steps to get ahead of the game, such as the Deutsche Borse bid for the London Stock Exchange and expanding its borders as fast as it can. The crackdown to prevent any further dissent or opposition to their plans will come into force at the end of June, 2016 - the true nature of the EU is beginning to be exposed to scrutiny and they will soon stop all dissent in its tracks - welcome to hell on Earth.