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14th September, 2016

Enemies in our Midst - The EU Fifth Column

Yesterday in Parliament "Conservative backbencher Charlie Elphicke this afternoon proposed legislation “to implement the withdrawal of the UK from membership of the EU” but this attempt was thwarted in the House of Commons by a vote against the motion of 179 to 50 - as Labour and the SNP joined forces to prevent further Parliamentary debate of the motion (GREG HEFFER, POLITICAL REPORTER, Daily Express 14th September, 2016) - a clear  and direct attack against the Democratic wishes of the British People by the MP's who are supposed to represent our wishes and best interests - clearly there is a large majority of our amoral, EU apparatchik MP's, who hate Britain and the majority of the British population.

These MP's are simply acting on behalf of the EU; as their predecessors have done for the past 43 years, during which time they have sought, through stealth to systematically dismantle the British society on behalf of the EU, which they seek to protect from scrutiny by the British people, in order to change its very nature from a Sovereign State into a Province of a Federal (Totalitarian) "Superstate", which in reality is a Socialist hell-hole with ambitions to be a European "Soviet Union" style Communist Police State - of which no-one in their right mind would want to be a part. 

This is a premonition of the likely result of the actions of the SNP and the Labour Party voting intentions in the event that Owen Smith should win the Labour Leadership election and subsequently wins power in our country - which is what the Blairite faction (the non-SNP Scots, and their supporters) are orchestrating. Smith is trying the old New Labour trick of pretending to be interested in Britain and the welfare of its people, when in reality it is all about their interest in the EU (and that of the Fabian Society membership more generally - who control the Labour Party (PLP), the Unions, were influential in setting up the EU, the Bilderberg Group and the UN - all part of a common purpose; as "tools" for their larger ambitions)

 Our Left wing politicians have no love of Britain only in what they can derive for themselves from being part of a Communist "Empire" - a Fool's Paradise - which will enslave all the populations of Europe and, unless it is checked, will expand with its oft-displayed Colonial zeal, further eastwards, and across the Middle East and Africa. The EU though will go the way of all these Left dominated states, such as Venezuela and Zimbabwe, which will lead to mass poverty, through state control, economic incompetence, corruption and over regulation and the total loss of Freedom; compensated for by much waving of EU flags, EU Anthem singing, and Military Parades for their Glorious leaders - if the Marxists, Maoists and Communists in the UK  get their way.

The majority of MP's in Parliament do not represent the interests of the British people and Theresa May must therefore use the "Royal Prerogative" to protect Britain from the EU and its ambitions in Europe at our expense - obtained through its "Flunkies" in our Parliament and House of Lords. Further, our MP's and others in power must no longer act to protect the EU from scrutiny - it now needs to be openly discussed - "warts and all." it is too late to try and hide what the EU is really all about and who are its supporters in the UK - a continuation of the UK in the EU by stealth was never acceptable.

For example, the government must stop falsely claiming that HS2 is a British government project and admit that it an obligation to the EU through the treaties as part of the Trans-European Railway system, and that we are required to pay the cost, and have little or no say even over its route - our money which could be re-allocated to other infra-structure and public service projects which have a higher priority for the UK - let the EU pay for its own projects and keep out of Britain. Just one further comment - the lies about our Government deciding to privatise our Royal Mail - that was just another cross-EU edict from Brussels and part of the "Free Movement" plans to privatise all public services in all the member states in the EU  -  stop lying to us!