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8th February, 2016

EU Armed Forces Alert

The news yesterday that a French General is taking over as deputy commander of a British Armoured Division of 10,000 to 20,000 personal and will be in command when the British General is on holiday shows how cosily our armed forces are already integrated with those in the EU.

This is part of an exchange programme whereby armed forces from different parts of the EU are becoming "interchangeable"; a development which has proceeded largely behind the backs of the populations of the countries concerned, as prescribed by the Lisbon Treaty (2007); although in reality it has been in development for many years prior to that treaty.

The real question is how far have our Armed Forces, Police and other services been turned away from allegiance to our "Queen and Country" - ignoring the fact that the queen signed all the treaties - and do they now, as a majority owe their loyalty to Brussels (Berlin). 

Would such a French Brigadier General be in overall charge on behalf of the EU in the event that a control order came from Brussels (Berlin), empowered by a higher authority than that bestowed upon the British commanders through the EU Armed Forces hierarchy. 

When it comes to Britain being able to follow its own destiny these questions are fundamental, as are matters of Law and Order and Justice. 

Why are they not being debated by Cameron and Corbyn and others in the run up to the so called Referendum?