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EU (German) Armed Forces

13th September, 2015

“Cameron urged to back EU army as a 'favour' to Germany to win Brussels treaty change” Daily Mail story today.
Britain has no reason to give any concessions to the EU since there will never be any EU reform, particularly from Germany, that can be relied upon.

We have the knowledge and recent experience to counter any suggestion that any arrangement that Britain has with the EU is reliable, and not subject to the whim of any other EU state, for example Germany and Poland, for their own benefit e.g.,

(1)    Paying the EU for loans to Greece, even though we are not in the Euro.
(2)    Requirement to pay £90 million for immigrant support initiated by Germany when we have an opt-out of Schengen.
(3)    Numerous EU nations stating that reforms are not possible if those reforms are not in the interests of Eastern European and other states, who rely upon Britain to financially support their populations, at home and abroad.

So whatever Merkel wants, she is offering nothing of value in return and the very thing that she wants the most, i.e. an EU wide armed force controlled by Germany is the one thing that should never be allowed to happen because it would be a disaster for Europe and the rest of the world. We did "favours", inadvertently, for Germany before in the 1930’s when we looked away as they re-armed and began subsuming other European nations - any compliance with such a request from Merkel should cause Cameron to hang his head in shame - or history may place Cameron forever in the annals of infamy.

However, it is not a request, the Lisbon Treaty includes numerous references to the militarisation of the EU and it is likely to be in place by 2020, whatever Cameron does, another reason to get out of the EU and keep our military capability within NATO. The EU contains a dangerous collection of megalomaniac’s intent on absorbing all neighbouring countries and does not need to have a separate EU army for defence; only for offence and interference in the affairs of other countries. 

The claim that such an EU armed force is necessary because of the Ukraine crisis or because of the threat of ISIL is totally false and designed to use fear to gain more power, since we would be better protected by NATO.

 In addition, the two current potential threats did not exist when the idea of the EU as a military power was encapsulated into the rejected Constitution for Europe in 2004, and subsequently enshrined within the Lisbon Treaty in 2007. It is therefore simply an ongoing integration project whatever the external circumstances that might or might not impact directly on Europe in the short or longer term. 

Juncker’s comments in March this year that "A joint EU army would show the world that there would never again be a war between EU countries." is a fallacy.

This comment is particularly cynical since, the EU has long represented itself, quite falsely, as successfully preventing war in Europe following WWII. The reality is that numerous other factors prevented conflict in Europe, such as the presence of US troops in Germany until 2013 and NATO. On the contrary the EU has been interfering in neighbouring countries, such as the Balkans and Ukraine, and further afield, in Syria, to the detriment of those countries and it has quite simply brought untold misery to their populations.

Once an EU wide armed force is formed, which requires its personnel to swear allegiance to Brussels (Berlin)  a single dominant or group of EU states could take over the remainder militarily, as all military assets within the bloc would be under central control and the other states would essentially be defenceless. In addition, such a military EU suprastate, outside of NATO and without requiring UN mandates for its adventures overseas, and with access to nuclear weapons would present a potential threat to all other countries within and outside Europe.

Nation states may fight each other but supranational states can annihilate each other.

Update (23rd November, 2015)

Today's announcement of, so called, British rapid reaction strike forces is about putting together the EU armed forces, using the terrorist attacks in Paris to move for further integration into the EU. This has been brought forward because Hollande has invoked Article 42 of the Lisbon Treaty by calling the Paris atrocities an attack on the whole of Europe.

EU armed forces have long been a dream of the EU hierarchy, as part of their ambition for an EU Empire, and these attacks are being used to push that along. The real question that you should ask your MP's is to whom will these new forces swear allegiance; to the UK or to the EU?

​The plan is that all our forces will be required to swear allegiance to the EU and they will be under the control of Brussels (Berlin), and at the disposal of people like Merkel and Juncker.