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​​​​​​25th June, 2016

EU Confused?

You were always meant to be confused about the EU.

Confusing the populations of Europe has been the strategy of those who formally founded the EU - The Bilderberg Group (which was established by the Fabian Society members) - in the Treaty of Rome (1957) - but the idea of a European Superstate goes back a lot further.

The reason that confusion is necessary is that when the EU was devised it was realised that the people of Europe would not voluntarily be herded into a single population group under a single government. So they contrived to slowly build two EU's - one called the EEC, a proto-EU, based upon trade and another, the true EU whose avowed intention; as inscribed on the wall of the EU Visitor Centre, is the Political EU.

"National sovereignty is the root cause of the most crying evils of our time and of the steady march of humanity back to tragic disaster and barbarism... The only final remedy for this supreme and catastrophic evil of our time is a federal union of the peoples..."

The sinister phrase "final remedy",  expressed on the plaque requires the destruction of the national identities of the Nation States of Europe - which is currently in progress - and those who are trying to undermine Britain's attempts to free itself from this "final remedy" at the hands of the political EU are in the "Remain" camp.

Whilst many people in Britain will feel apprehensive about what happens if we leave the political EU and its associated uncertainty, but they should absolutely terrified of the consequences of staying in the political union. 

The project requires the total deconstruction of the Nation States of Europe and a total political integration of their populations into a single homogenous mass without any loyalty to their own traditions, heritage and culture - upon which would emerge the EU Superstate - A Militarised Totalitarian Police State - with its own Super Nationalism - irony of ironies.

The EU Motto "United in Diversity" is entirely disingenuous since the "Diversity" of Europe is scheduled to be completely absorbed into a single EU population dependent upon the single EU government.  

The Referendum campaign was conducted by the "Remain" camp based upon the fundamental idea that the EU was only about trade and being nice to each other - the "Fluffy EU", whilst neglecting the political EU; all the scare stories are about diverting attention away from the political EU - for obvious reasons

When Britain entered the EEC in the 1970's our government and the other political leaders and the rest of the establishment were required to protect the EEC (EU) from the scrutiny of the people of Britain (as are all members of other countries with regard to their people) - hence Corbyn's dilemma - this was the only way that the "EU Project" could reach its final destination.

Don't be confused - celebrate that we will continue to trade and travel throughout Europe without major disruption through free trading once the EU and its supporters' "temper tantrums" subside and mutually beneficial arrangements are put in place - celebrate too that we will not lose our freedom, traditions, values and heritage without a fight; whereas all the other member states will lose their former identities to the political EU without any opposition - based upon their current behaviour.


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