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Part 2​

EU Law and Order
Regarding Law enforcement, why would we voluntarily give up our Common Law; presumption of innocence, trial by Jury and Habeas Corpus for a proposed Pan-European Corpus Juris system and the fear of arrest in the middle of the night and imprisonment without charge or to be arrested and shipped to another EU country to face undisclosed charges, under the European Arrest Warrant (2004) - courtesy of Blair and Jack Straw.

The problem is that the Legal systems across Europe are different from each other, almost exclusively Civil Law, and totally different from our system of Common Law which has evolved in places such as Cyprus, England, Eire, Malta and N. Ireland. 
In Germany, France, Italy, Spain or Belgium, for example, an investigating magistrate can hold someone without charge for questioning for long periods, so our notion of presumption of innocence applies differently in these countries and elsewhere.

The safeguard of the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) is not really of any help because: “The practice of the investigating magistrate has been accepted under the European Convention on Human Rights as consistent with the presumption of innocence” (Speech made by Lord Lamont to the House of Lords on Thursday, 1st May 2003) In effect, extraditing anyone from the UK to any country in the EU which does not operate our Common Law system is tantamount to sending them to a third world country, where their Human Rights are, in essence, severely curtailed, compared to the rights that we enjoy; but are rapidly being eroded. 

The Pan-European idea of criminal Law is an area of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) that has moved forward slowly with various opt-outs and opt-ins used in order to try to bring in a uniform system. Nevertheless a uniform system will eventually imposed, with all its imperfections and all to the detriment of the individual and in favour of the EU.

One area of law that has been pushed forward though is in cross border crime such as fraud against the EU, as if they weren’t already good at it themselves. This is proving fertile ground for development into other areas under its disguise, as is the area of Terrorism and the use of anti-Terrorism Laws to remove our basic rights in the UK and in Europe.

Eventually Policing will no longer be by consent we will be policed by an EU police force without ties to the local community and little care for our well being - they will be, to all intents and purpose an occupation force; loyal to Brussels (Berlin). 
Our Police can be either replaced or have to swear allegiance to the EU and may well be shipped to other EU countries where they have no common ties. The same is true for our armed forces, who are (or will be) required to either swear a new allegiance to the EU or resign. Any units thought to be too loyal to the UK could either be disbanded or moved to overseas operations.

EU Supranationalism

Once the dust has settled and we are finally trapped within the EU then our entire society would have to sing the praises of the EU and its Anthem as we are required to marvel at the glorious exploits of our new leaders and the most magnificent President (Emporer) of the EU. The most likely new President will be Merkel, but another possibility would be  Blair if Mandelson succeeds in conning the British people into voting for the EU or the Referendum is fixed (one possible outcome).

Daily our children will swear allegiance to the EU Flag and all the paraphernalia of the EU State Dictatorship will be on display. Our education systems will be “modified” to remove from History any mention of the former nation states (perhaps some will be preserved), or their achievements. Statues will be built along with great monuments and buildings dedicated to the EU, its founders and notables - a bunch of greedy, no account politicians, interested only in troughing at the expense of the populations of Europe; whom they will have succeeded in enslaving on behalf of Brussels (Berlin). 

We will lose our beloved Counties; no more Yorkshire or Devon or Cornwall, no more Lancashire or Suffolk or even England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, these have already been reassigned as regions of the EU, for example, if you live in Portsmouth, Hampshire your address will be in EU Region KJ31, not Hampshire 

EU Political Interference

As for being safer from conflict inside the EU, nothing could be further from the truth; Germany is in full remiltarisation mode pushing for EU armed forces in which they, along with France would play a major role, and in flagrant disregard for the role of NATO. In fact, at the time of the German unification the Germans persuaded France to form EUROCORPS as a result of their Elysee Treaty (1963) arrangements; an armed force not be under the control of NATO.

The independent behaviour by Germany is nothing new, they have always been happy to change anything that doesn’t suit them and arbitrarily enforce their will on others in the EU; as with their decision (Merkel’s) to allow entry of refugees into Germany, despite the Dublin Convention - Germany will never let anything as trivial as a Convention or Treaty to get in their way - but if you are not Germany it’s probably best not to try any similar moves.    

During the Balkans War and following the fall of the Berlin Wall, the reunification of Germany made available a large cache of weapons and military expertise which was funneled to the Croatian militia during late 1989 and throughout 1990’s. To help things along the UK Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd wrote off Germany's war debt to the UK in 1990 - an amount of £3.62 trillion - and to add insult to injury - Hurd, speaking about the Maastricht Treaty (1992) stated that "Now we have signed the Treaty we had better read it".

Germany fully supported Slovenia and Croatia in its efforts to secede from Yugoslavia and join the EU (EEC), thus actively attempting to destabilise Yugoslavia, and the EU more generally created more problems during the Yugoslav Wars than they solved.

Problems created by the EU (EEC) were initiated by interference through attempts to force Yugoslavia to undertake democratic and economic reforms, including austerity measures in order for it to move towards a capitalist economy after the end of the Cold War. (Branislava Alendar, European Community and the Yugoslav Crisis, Institute of International Politics and Economics, Belgrade, 1992, p. 8.)

Interfering with its neighbours is simply second nature in the EU and this also includes interference in Bosnia and Kosovo, leading to claims that Bosnia and Kosovo was the EU’s Iraq(KOSOVO AND BOSNIA: THE EU’S IRAQ, Tara McCormack, Spiked (13th April, 2015)

We see the same interference in the Ukraine and with the potential for far more devastating effect than in the Yugoslav Wars. Ironically, Russia had expressed an interest in joining the EU, but not an EU with the Constitution of a Supranational State (EU Empire).

It is clearly in the DNA of the EU to interfere, in and attempt to control neighbouring countries and it is quite difficult to see how the EU could have possibly been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 2012; unless it was a politically motivated award.


Returning to the EU Constitution, no sane person would join such an organisation as the EU or sign up to such a Constitution without being required to do so by force of arms, nor would any politician with any integrity or self-respect condemn our children and grandchildren to such terms and conditions; yet most of our politicians have done exactly that; they have put their interests above ours, and so has the rest of the Establishment. 

All of those who are party to these actions are guilty of Treason under our own Constitution and therefore, potentially, they have much to lose if we leave the EU and the Treaties start to unravel.

Which is why there are no boundaries or levels of deceit that they will not cross nor stoop to embrace in order to keep us in the EU and protect themselves; hence the inclusion of Mandelson acting on behalf of the EU - and against our best interests - as are many other politicians of all parties.  

We have many more reasons to fear staying in the EU than we do from leaving the EU.

As for trading after leaving the EU, Britain has no problems trading. We have more than a 1000 years’ of experience and contacts all over the world and as a group, but excluding the liberal Left,  the British are also more resilient, more resourceful, more inventive and more creative than any group in Europe, or indeed the World. The EU is a detriment to our trading with the world - even to our trading with our own Commonwealth - with whom the EU is acting "in loco parentis" so to speak and take them away from us for its own ends. 

Please feel free to disseminate this information, and, of course, check the veracity of the information (please report any errors and we will correct them as soon as possible)

Note that the above table relates only to the those Articles in the one page Summary of the of the EU Constitution and shows the areas of the EU Constitution that were rejected by France and the Netherlands in 2005 in Referendums - rejecting the original treaty on the Constitution for Europe (2004), which was, nevertheless, signed by Blair and Straw.

The information was summarised from “The Lisbon Treaty and the European Constitution: A side-by-side comparison”, Open Europe, January 2008, Note that the Article I-8, relating to the Constitutional Paraphernalia of State, Flag, Anthem, Oath of Allegiance etc., was not included in the Lisbon Treaty, but nevertheless they are “waiting in the wings” ready for use.​
Please also note that the PDF version of the one page summary has not been updated, from its original form.

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