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9th September 2018

EU Defence and Security 

This article was written following the revelations that British troops we seen wearing EU insignia (EU Flag) on their uniforms as part of 40 extra personnel deployed to the EUFOR operation in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Operation Althea. The UK troops to join a specialist surveillance and intelligence task force during the country’s presidential and parliamentary elections in October. 


The UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson stated at a NATO Defence Ministerial in Brussels that:

  • “We’re going to be working as part of a much wider UN initiative just to make sure that the elections are free and the elections are fair."

  • ​"The UK troops will operate alongside EU partners and NATO allies as part of Operation Althea to promote safety, security and stability in Bosnia & Herzegovina for six months. Operation Althea is a 600-strong European Union Force mission commanded by NATO." (Forces News: 08/06/2018

The question though is why would our troops be wearing the insignia of a foreign power (EU) rather just NATO or UK - as part of a UN initiative under NATO command - the answer as to why our troops are wearing EU badges on their uniform is given by the following extract from a Peter Hitchens article in 2015. 

  • ​"Under EU law (Article 20, Paragraph Two of the Treaty of Rome, since you ask), she (our Queen) is ‘subject to the duties’ which the EU decides to require of its citizens.  When this country was still independent, (our Queen) was the one who had subjects. Now, she is subject to others. Forget the Coronation Oath and a thousand years of the British constitution. Our sovereign is someone else’s subject." ("our Queen" added to the quotation for clarification)

  • "Buckingham Palace insists, against all the evidence, that Her Majesty’s EU citizenship ‘in no way affects her prerogatives, rights and responsibilities as the Sovereign and Head of State.’ Given that the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg is the final arbiter of law in this country now, and that Parliament and our so-called ‘Supreme Court’ are subject to it, that simply isn’t so."

  • "This sort of thing may appear mystical but actually it matters. It’s why armies defend their standards to the end, why we have Royal symbols on state documents, postage stamps, the cap-badges of soldiers and policemen, coins and seals." (Peter Hitchens: The EU reigns over our borders, our laws... and now our Queen: 28th June 2015)"

Those who join the British Armed Forces, at least since the Maastricht Treaty (1992) - but only legally since the Lisbon Treaty (2007) are EU Citizens: just like our MP's, Peers and Judiciary - when they swear an Oath to the Queen it is at a subsidiary level to an Oath to the EU - by definition. It is an Oath of Allegiance to those bureaucrats in Brussels, and their mandate of "ever closer union" - or to Juncker or Merkel.

Or, indeed to whoever happens to have been appointed to power in the EU; or unilaterally taken power in the case of Merkel who opened Germany to mass uncontrolled immigration which spread more widely in the EU; after trampling over Sovereign borders - without any consultation with the Bundestag or even with any of the other EU Member States. 

It is also the reason why our troops can be chased by nefarious lawyers over spurious claims in the theatre of war, including Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and Iraq - formerly the Oath to the Queen protected our military personnel - since they were defending Queen and country - under the EU they are just Parliamentary mercenaries and fair game for anyone to abuse - not a good recruiting call.   

"Without doubt, the Queen’s personal acceptance of her role as a loyal EU servant was one of the great symbolic moments of our history. A bit like Magna Carta, but backwards." (Peter Hitchens: The EU reigns over our borders, our laws... and now our Queen: 28th June 2015)"

EU Plan To Abolish The British Army 

From an article in 29th February (2016)

  • "The EU plan on merging all of Europe’s militaries into one giant Euro Army, and have said they will dismantle the British Army if Britain votes to stay in the EU in the upcoming referendum in June 2016"

  • "If Britons vote to stay a part of the European Union then the UK military will be forced to share sensitive weapons technology with the rest of Europe under a new agreement.

" reports:

  • "Britain would also be expected to contribute around £375million to the scheme – enough to rehire all of the 20,000 soldiers the Government sacked in its last defence spending review."

  • "One former servicewoman, who asked not to be named, told the proposals would require the the military to change the centuries old Oath of Allegiance for new soldiers, because they would no longer be “bearing true allegiance” to the Queen."

  • "Britain has by far the biggest and best equipped army in Europe and is to plough some £2.2bn into developing new weapons this year alone." 

  • "But under the new EU plans we could in future be blocked from researching new military technology which would benefit the British Army, instead being forced to plough money into projects for the wider benefit of the whole EU project."

  • "Brussels bureaucrats are now calling for a “systematic and long-term policy framework” across Europe which would establish “a genuine harmonisation and coordination of operational and military requirements”.

  • "The bombshell proposal adds new laws should force member states to “fight off the temptation to add national specifications” to weapons development projects. It is contained in an official EU report setting out recommendations for a new EU-wide defence R&D scheme with an astonishing 3.6bn euro budget to develop weapons for a future Brussels army."

  • "The dossier has been put together by a “group of personalities” including politicians and businessmen hand-picked by the EU to deliver its dream of becoming a full military power."

  • Establishing a standing EU army is seen by Brussels as one of the final steps in the creation of a United States of Europe, with the continent already hurtling towards full fiscal and political union. (Posted on February 29, 2016 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai in News, UK)

Our Comments:

  • (a) No-one can be totally loyal to two masters, and in the EU, the Nation State citizenship will be relegated to the history books and we would all only have one loyalty - to the EU - unless we can escape.

  • (b) Even though we voted to leave the EU they have continued, with the help of their EU loyal minions in our society to carry on as if the Leave winning vote had not happened - thus deliberately wasting valuable time. It is happening by the usual EU modus operandi - behind the backs of the EU populations; through stealth and deception.

  • (c) The EU's progress to a single government with a single Legal system, Armed Forces, Taxation, Fiscal controls, Police and Judiciary (Corpus Juris) etc., continues apace - and EU Nationalism grows day by day. The same Nationalism that Juncker and the rest of the EU and its supporters proclaim as "Poison" - if it occurs in a Member State e.g. -Catalonia.

  • (d) While this EU ambition for its own "Armed Forces" appears to the casual observer to be a consequence of events overtaking the EU which require to be addressed - they are nothing of the sort - the are laid out in great detail in the EU Treaties, notably the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and the EU relies upon its progression through deception and mis-direction. 

  • (e) Worst of all - May and Merkel are working to completely trap the UK with their "Chequers" proposal with the reliance on the UK proposed "Transition Period" - which placed the UK in its most vulnerable position - through the usual pretence of economic necessity - whereby May can push through the UK Parliament anything the EU desires without any opposition.

Back to the Future:* Updated

If the plans outlined above are anything to go by - which are entirely consistent with Defence and Security Articles in the EU Treaties (Lisbon TEU and TFEU) - and if our Parliament force us into the EU through the "Chequers Deal" or similar, then we will have no armed forces of our own - leaving only guerrilla tactics to fight back against any EU oppression.

Worse, all our trained armed personnel will be under the direct command of Brussels (Berlin) - not the UK or NATO and our civilian resources: R&D, manufacturing and personnel will be directed towards feeding the giant EU Armed Forces war machine; with military and other research programmes directed by the EU - and Britain will be unable to act, in any way, in its own defence - see Title 3 Defence and Security Article 42.3 Lisbon Treaty (2007)

This takes the idea of a "Vassal State" to a whole new level - closer to what happened during WW II where German occupied countries were required to feed the NAZI (National Socialists Workers' Party) war machine to keep Hitler in the forefront of new advanced military technology and weapons generation and supply - and the British clearly lead in a number of areas such as satellite technology. 

More Recently

There were comments in the Press today, that on the 29th March 2019, in the event of a "No Deal" the Police could bring in the Army to quell any disorder. The problem is that the disturbance might be because of "No Deal"; but that scenarios is not likely to happen because the default position is reverting to WTO rules and continued trading, and neither side see "No Deal" as an acceptable outcome anyway. 

There is a more likely scenario though - that the government and EU are planning to stop or indefinitely extend the completion of the Article 50 process beyond the 29th March 2019 or even to push through the "Chequers" May-Robbins sell-out - an action totally contrary to its stated guarantee to implement "Brexit" - which could lead to civil disobedience.  

In which case, whose army would that be? A British Army loyal to Queen and Country or an EU Army loyal to Brussels (Berlin)? or would May default to the threat she used in 2012 when she stated that she would bring in EU ParaMilitary Police (EUGENFOR) to quell any disorder, if needed - you know - the ones we saw in Catalonia beating up the old folks who dared to try to vote for freedom from Spanish rule - actions which the EU refused to condemn.


Firstly though, there is no such thing as "No Deal" in the EU - the EU is simply a World Trade Organisation (WTO) add-on with Directives, Regulations and Decision etc., along with Tariffs to establish a protectionist bloc to mostly look after the interests, of German manufacturing and French agriculture.

The protectionist bloc is the Customs Union - the rules and regulations are the Single Market - but the rub is that they are only partly designed for trade and the economy just like the EEC - which most people could live with - but its real purpose to entrap the Member States in a Political Union - the EU.

The Single Market rules are primarily designed to put in place the mechanisms for central planning and a single government covering every aspect of the lives of the populations of the EU - initially located in Brussels, but ultimately in Berlin (as it was always planned)

Most of all the Single Market is about bringing about "ever closer union" under the control of the EU Commission (EC), the European Central bank (ECB) and the European Court of Justice (ECJ) - which involves a Common Legal System (covered in EU Defence and Security Part II)  - this will result in the formation of a Totalitarian Police State - with powers that the old Soviet Union could have only ever dreamed about, for example, a Secret Police with Diplomatic Immunity (Europol) - these and many other powers are enshrined in the EU Treaties.- and that is, apparently, what those who vote to stay in the EU can't wait to join.

It is important to realise though that only 6% of UK businesses and 12% of the UK economy are reliant on Single Market access - BUT all of the UK businesses and every person in the UK are affected by the rules that the Single Market imposes - it is total stupidity to make the Single Market the most important part of an EU deal.

The irony is that the Remain camp claim that the Leave camp are too stupid to be allowed to vote in a Referendum on Britain in the EU - but those who want to stay in the EU are the ones who do not realise its true nature.