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31st March, 2017

EU Doublespeak

Yesterday Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, made the extraordinary claim that the EU is a union of independent sovereign nation states working for a common good, or words to that effect, and that the claim by the Leave campaign that the EU was intent upon taking away the sovereignty of its member states were just lies! 

He added

“For rational and responsible patriots who want to maintain sovereignty and independence of their nations and states, there is no alternative to a united and sovereign Europe."

(Daily express, Nick Guterridge, Brussels Correspondent Published: 15:07, Thu, Mar 30, 2017 | Updated: 16:35, Thu, Mar 30, 2017)

Talk about "speaking with a forked tongue" 

If the EU was only about Sovereign Nations working together - why did the EU hide the rejected Constitution for Europe (2004) within the texts of Lisbon Treaty (2007)? - The only reason for a common constitution is to replace the existing constitutions of the individual member states; and all the member states signed and ratified that treaty - which effectively takes away the sovereign rights of each of the countries in western Europe; and any other future members.

By virtue of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - the EU became a legal entity in its own right in International Law; separate and superior to its member states - Tusk is simply conflating the sovereignty and patriotism of the EU, with that of a fictitious "Sovereign Europe" of sovereign states, which was never meant to be realised - even the EU Unicorns are not real. There are also a multitude of examples of why the EU member states will never be sovereign within the EU - just a few will suffice as examples though.

Firstly, in 2015 Merkel opened up the EU borders to refugees from Syria, to come to Germany - this was followed by Juncker (2015), who invited anyone, for any reason to come to the EU, this was also aided and abetted by the UN's Peter Sutherland (2015/16) promoting mass migration from Africa into the EU.

The result was a mass migration trampling across the the "sovereign" borders of the intervening states, some people, mostly military age men, leaving their families to fend for themselves, some with passports, many with false passports or no documents - from all over the world, many posing as Syrian refugees, others looking for a free ride, criminals and honest people alike, with few if any checks or safeguards -  in order to get to Germany - through Greece, Italy, France, Austria etc. None of the EU member states were asked their permission - because when they signed the EU Treaties, they effectively gave away their sovereignty to the EU, so the EU can do what they like.

This was applauded by the Communists and the NWO who lauded Merkel; as she set in motion the ultimate destruction of the old nation states of Europe, on behalf of the EU - only latterly, when her popularity diminished did she try to slow the influx, to save her own skin - as the soaring cost of the dependency on the European taxpayer's became apparent. But she plans to continue with her plans, well into the future - nothing will diminish her drive for the "reincarnation" of the old "Soviet Union" in Europe.

 Through threats, intimidation and fines, the Eastern European member states will be forced to accept migrant quotas and give up their sovereign borders to the EU - they are losing sovereignty piece by piece, in a coordinated plan to build a "Sovereign EU" to which all the member states will be required to pay homage - during which they will bequeath to their children abject poverty and subjugation at the hands of Brussels (Berlin) - just like Greece had discovered.

Secondly, according to the EU - the UK are not allowed to sign and implement free-trade agreements, for implementation during the "Brexit" talks, we have also been flooded with 50,000 plus EU regulations since 1972, which we had no option but to accept (partly through connivance of our own political class in Parliament). Thirdly, each treaty has given more and more power to the EU and taking away more of the freedoms from the member states. Now a "new" version of the EU is being projected following "Brexit" - except that it isn't new, and it will just take the remaining powers from the member states.

The EU Treaties contain hundreds more articles which build the "Sovereign EU", not a Sovereign Europe, which, as citizens you will have rights and responsibilities to the EU - not to your own country, friends, family or groups - only to the EU - as time passes your rights will wither, as your responsibilities to the EU increase. The EU will come to resemble a new Nationalist Totalitarian Police State - with its own Flag, Oath, Passport, Anthem, Army, Navy, Air Force, including  control of nuclear weapons, and the undying loyalty of the populations of the former, sovereign member states  will be taken away, and will cease to exist. They will be carved up into regions of a EU - simply because, that is what is written in the EU treaties which all the member states have signed, and will only ever be changed in line with the development of the EU "superstate."

Tusk, like all the political Left (Communists), and other aspiring dictators, is taking a leaf out Goebbels propaganda book and is following the notion that :-

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

It was common practice among totalitarian dictatorships, such as that of Hitler and Stalin, to use language as propaganda, designed to confuse and convey the truth as false and falsehood as truth - it is even more common now within the UK media, and the compliant newsprint, particularly during the recent so-called "debates" on the EU Referendum.

Not a Good Start for the EU

The EU should be aware that its actions and activities regarding Britain, in its attempts to break free from the subjugating effects of the EU, are being viewed by a worldwide audience.

Whilst the EU might derive great pleasure from attempting to humiliate Britain, its people, traditions, cultural heritage, and pour scorn on its aspirations - simply because the EU wants its own way - but its devious attempts to take advantage of the Article 50 negotiations to capitalise upon ancient grievances and animosity towards Britain - especially the English, shows a particular contempt for openness and fair dealing.

The EU should bear in mind that its behaviour towards the UK, does not present itself to the rest of the world in a favourable light, as a respectful or trustworthy organisation, nor to any other potential partner, or respected organisation in the future. It should be wary of how it proceeds with the Article 50 negotiations or jeopardise its future relationships with other countries at an international level. The EU is in danger of being seen by the international community as an authoritarian, but weak, immature, naive and vindictive organisation; perhaps not as reliable or professional as its propaganda would suggest.

Europhiles in action against Britain's Interests

It is clear that if the EU was good for Britain then threats and vindictiveness by the EU and its supporters, designed to prevent it leaving would never have been necessary - and apart from wanting to take our money why would they really care if we leave? The motivation for those in Britain who are trying to use any means to keep us in the EU are much clearer, self- aggrandisement.

Top of the list of those Europhiles, who are working on behalf of the EU (the only beneficiary), in order to overturn the will of the British people, are  Blair (he must be up to something at the moment - he has gone quiet); Clegg, Heseltine, Mandelson, Farron and Miller; the Fabian controlled Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP); the 85 undemocratic Liberals, recently "Noble-ised'  by Blair, Brown, Cameron (and by association N. Clegg); who voted to block the triggering of Article 50, and many others in the "elite" of the Political Left , not forgetting the Scottish EU Party.

The SNP is led by the greatest of any in those in the UK who continually use "doublespeak" to get their own way. Quite astonishingly, the SNP call for an "independent Scotland within the the EU"- when the UK has clearly demonstrated - and continues to do so - that the only way to be a sovereign country is to be outside the legislative control of the EU.  If Scotland really wants to be free then it needs to go it alone and form alliances; without allowing itself to be under the control of anyone else.

No sane person would voluntarily give up their freedom to anyone else - the main reason we were fighting NAZI Germany in WWII was to keep our freedom.  So we could be free from the control that they had over the rest of Europe.

Arguably, Ms Miller is perhaps the most illustrative of "doublespeak" and the propaganda assault against the Leave voters. The message put out by Miller is that she does not believe that the Royal Prerogative should not be allowed in order to trigger Article 50 (TEU), and that the procedure should follow full scrutiny by Parliament, both Upper and Lower Houses - where Blair et al., expected that there were sufficient "ignoble, undemocratic Liberals" who would do their bidding and block "Brexit", in its tracks - which, in the end, failed.

If the real motivation for Miller to pay the courts to intervene was to simply provide Parliamentary scrutiny, then why did she not pay the courts to prevent Gordon Brown from using the Royal Prerogative to ratify the Lisbon Treaty (2007) without Parliamentary scrutiny? Which provides the EU with an open invitation to destroy Britain, as well as the rest of the EU member states. It makes no sense, unless the primary objectives of Miller's actions are to simply block "Brexit", on behalf of the EU.

She also seems intent on continuing in the same vein in order to intervene in the repeal of the European Communities Act (1972), by, apparently, attempting to force Parliament, again through the courts, to side with the EU - and block Britain from leaving the EU. Preventing the repeal process from completing its mission - to extricate Britain from the legal stranglehold of the EU - could leave Britain still under the legal control of the EU. Once again her actions are simply another attempt to block the Democratic will of the British people - with the help of our EU compliant court system - and using the same EU compliant, undemocratic Liberals in the House of Lords - who failed in their first attempt. Should such further action be attempted through the courts, then any claims that her continuous attacks - upon the attempts by our government to get Britain out of the legislative control of the EU - are for noble reasons - are not worth a "hill of beans."

We referred earlier to EU Referendum "debates" in inverted comma's, simply because there was no real debate - none of the real issues were ever really discussed, mentioned or debated - none of the actions of the politicians who dragged us deeper into the EU (Major, Blair, Brown) were ever even aired, nor was there any discussion about the terms and conditions contained in the EU treaties. It was left to the propagandists to muddy the waters, and scare the children. What we really should be afraid of -  the future direction of the EU - was rarely even mentioned.