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20th June, 2017

EU Interference?

The June 8th General Election in the UK has to have been the strangest on record and smacks of EU interference - Theresa May didn't need to call the election, but was persuaded (reportedly encouraged) by Jean Claude Juncker to do so, she also did not need to attack her core voters. May, of all people, is aware of the importance of them for the Tory party, and it is inconceivable that she would not be fully aware of the ramifications of such multiple attacks upon them (Triple lock pensions, Winter Fuel Allowance and Social Care)

Worse, even after the backlash and plummeting Polls, she took no affirmative action to mitigate the damage that had been caused - she simply backtracked and appeared weak and indecisive. When interviewed by Jeremy Paxman she refused to say whether or not she had changed her mind about leaving the EU, but instead, refused to answer - stating that she would act for the will of the majority of people who voted to leave.

Equally strange was the sudden appearance of "new" Jeremy Corbyn; metamorphosed from a bumbling, incoherent laughing stock to a political campaigner - albeit because he was espousing Marxist (Communist) dogma from 1848, with which he is most at home, and offering to match the Tories by promising, if elected, including to leave the EU Single Market and Customs Union.

Added to which he offered - money for nothing - in the form of free tuition (which would also have to be extended to anyone else from the EU) The *previous spending spree under Labour (see below) - still has to be paid for by our children and grandchildren; unless we take care of it for them.

The two opposing campaigns, by the Conservatives and the Labour Party, could not have been better designed to create a "hung Parliament" - was this all "stage managed" by, or on behalf of the EU?

Following the overwhelming voting in favour of triggering Article 50 TEU, by our so-called representative MP's (an oddity in its own right, since they overwhelmingly want the UK to stay in the EU) - was this a "rigged" General Election; brought about in order to keep Britain in the EU, without appearing to oppose the will of the people? Or was this the a true cross - party collaboration - not to work together to get the best deal from the EU for the UK - but to work together behind the backs of the British people; in order to thwart the Referendum vote?

Perhaps it really was as it appeared, a weak Tory leader being undermined by all the other opposition parties,who were  acting only in the interests of the EU and against Britain's best interests.

We will know more soon - we have the Queen's speech tomorrow which Labour are threatening to disrupt in order to get into power, by any means, perhaps even including violence and disorder etc - and early next week we will find out what offer Theresa May is going to make to the EU - regarding EU citizens in the UK. If she does not prevent ECJ jurisdiction, or similar, from applying to EU citizen's in the UK, then we will still be, de facto, under EU control.

Democracy under Threat

Corbyn's behaviour since the election should be a concern for anyone interested in living in a Democratic society - for it is clear that if the Labour Party under Corbyn is elected, we can say goodbye to Democracy in the UK, in any form - except for the faux EU type.

Perhaps even more concerning are the behaviour of Corbyn and McDonnell - both of whom appear to want to bring about an uprising against the British Establishment, under the pretext of Class differences, and replace it with a Communist (Totalitarian) State, with all that that entails - totally opposite to Corbyn's declared love for everyone, and peace and happiness for all.

Comparing the 3 tragic events that took place during and shortly after the General Election and Corbyn's different responses we note the following:

Manchester Bombing - Corbyn excused the terrorist on the grounds of Britain's Foreign Policy - there are no excuses for terrorism. Corbyn blamed Tories for Police cuts - but the biggest terrorist attack in the UK occurred under New Labour (7/7/2005) when Police numbers were close to their peak; and Government - Muslim community relations could not have been more cordial.

Grenfell Tower Fire- Corbyn blamed the Tory government and attempted (along with McDonnell) to foment insurrection in the UK - we now understand that, the correct certification was not in place and signed off by building control at Kensington Council, so we need to wait for the results of the Police inquiry into the incident, for more information.

The Grenfell Tower, with only a single exit for approximately 600 people to evacuate through, with 24 storeys, 127 flats (on 21 residential floors and 3 mixed use floors) was built in 1974, under a Labour administration, we understand.

Borough Market Terror Attack - Corbyn continued to blame the Tories for the attacks; and falsely claims the attacks are a result of Police cuts, again no real evidence - just Labour Party mantra.

Perhaps we are misreading Jeremy Corbyn, but it seems to us that he sees any event as a political opportunity to further his own ambitions to bring anarchy to the UK - and he will not allow the truth to get in the way of a good slogan.

*Debt, Spending and Population Growth in the UK between 1992 and 2016

The graph on the left shows the UK debt which rapidly increased under Labour and continues through PFI commitments: first under Blair (1997 - 2007), then more rapidly under Brown (2007 - 2010); The centre graph shows Labour's rapidly increasing spending from 2001 to 2010, when they were replaced by the ConLib government under Cameron and Clegg; at which point the spending was reduced -  and the subsequent increase in the level of debt began to fall.

From the published data it appears that, had the Labour Party not been replaced in 2010, then UK spending and UK debt (along with the UK deficit) would have continued to rise - with the ultimate threat of bankruptcy - should no action have been taken.

The graph on the right shows how the UK population has grown since 1992 (Maastricht Treaty), with a steady increase from 1992 to 2001/2, and an increased rate in the total population from then onward - continuing, under the Cameron-Clegg (2010-2015), and then Cameron (2015-2016) - up to the EU Referendum on 23rd June, 2016, apparently.  


The published data suggest that between 2001 and 2010 the UK was subjected to a period of unsustainable spending, debt and population growth, which the subsequent governments have attempted to pay down - against a backdrop of increasing interest payments on the earlier debts.

Based upon recent Manifesto promises in the 8th of June, 2017 General Election, that situation would be made very much worse by another Labour government under Corbyn and McDonnell.

1992 - 1997 Conservatives - Major; 1997 - 2007 Labour - Blair; 2007 - 2010 Labour - Brown; 2010 - 2015 Cameron-Clegg; 2015-2016 Cameron.
Financial Data from: Population Data from the Office for National Statistics