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12th November, 2016

EU Legal Perspectives

The Leave campaign (leave.EU) are seeking donations to hire a legal team to make an appeal to the Supreme Court regarding the overturning of the High Court ruling on the 3rd of November, this is in addition to the Government appeal, and a separate appeal (intervention) by a group from Lawyers for Britain (

It appears that the Government will appeal the High Court decision, of the 3rd of November, 2016 (preventing the invocation of Article 50 TEU without the approval of Parliament) on the same basis as they did with the High Court, and with the same legal team; none of whom have any Constitutional Law experience, apparently the government lawyers are trained in Criminal Law (which might come in handy later) but would appear to leave the government at a disadvantage in this case. The Leave.EU campaign group and the lawyers for Britain team have adopted a different approach to that adopted by the government, and it seems rather odd that, in such an important matter, the government would take any such risks; its motives may well be questioned subsequently. For a good analysis of the High Court ruling, and why it is considered legally unsound see (

Should the government's appeal at the Supreme Court (which was set-up by Blair and New Labour in 2009) fail the government has the option of an appeal at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) - the highest court in the EU - which is responsible for interpreting EU law and ensuring its equal application across all EU member states.

Appealing to the ECJ says it all really - it establishes beyond doubt that our legal system is inferior to that of the EU and therefore Britain is not a Sovereign Nation, neither are Scotland (someone tell Sturgeon), Wales, nor Northern Ireland - as many people already knew, and was confirmed by Declaration 17 in the Lisbon Treaty (2007).

We are in this situation because of our nefarious MP's in 1972, and the fact that subsequent governments have kept up the pretence that we are a Sovereign Nation, whilst they subverted our Democracy behind our backs and, aided and abetted by our Civil Service, Judiciary, Local Councillors and the rest of the Establishment, increasingly transferring greater and greater power over the lives of our Citizens to the EU. 

Only since the EU Referendum have we seen our MP's, Peers and Judiciary in their true light - as they seek to complete their treachery by repeated attempts to steel from us the right of the British people to determine their own destiny, and not have to kneel to a Godless foreign power - all on behalf of their own "sovereign" queen - Merkel, in Berlin.