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EU Nationalism

19th May, 2016

One of the most blatant deceptions being perpetrated by the EU is that it promotes peace and decries the idea of Nationalism as a cause of wars, whilst it is actively seeking to establish its own Supranationalist Military State; the very notion of such an idea leads to the presumption of its own dominance in western Europe. Indeed the EU effectively claims, quite wrongly, that by removing the sovereignty from the nation states of Europe it has prevented conflict in Europe since the end of WWII (EU_Myths); leaving aside for the moment that the EU did not exist until it was formally established in the Maastricht Treaty (1992) - then in the Lisbon Treaty (2007) it acquired a separate and superior legal status to its member states; its claims for anything of note, other than being anti-democratic and corrupt, are rather fatuous.

In fact, the nations of Europe are no less militaristic in outlook now than they were before the rearming of Germany prior to WWII - indeed up until 2010 Germany was the 3rd largest arms dealer in the world, behind Russia and the USA, with France and Britain in 4th and 5th place (Germany lost 3rd place to China). Germany's principal clients were (are) in the Middle East and the German government had previously admitted that they had sold dual use chemicals to Syria. Germany wasn't even completely disarmed in 1945, in anticipation of an Allied military offensive against the Soviet Union; with Wehrmacht Panzer units in the front line (Operation Unthinkable). West Germany was "officially" rearmed and joined NATO on the 9th May, 1955 which prompted the formation of the Warsaw Pact on the 14th of May, 1955, in response.  The EU may be about to resurrect a similar campaign to "Operation Unthinkable" any time soon, courtesy of the EU Armed Forces (Germany, Britain, France and Holland plus others), under the command of the German Army; renamed as the Bundeswehr (Federal Defence Force) - with NATO backing?

The military ambitions of the EU are laid out the Lisbon Treaty (2007), with numerous Articles referring to the EU Armed Forces requiring military assets from its members states. The Lisbon Treaty (2007) contains not only all the necessary provisions for a Federal Military Superstate it is self - amending without requiring reference to any member state - it is in effect an "Enabling Act"; which can be used to take absolute power (Article 48). This fact alone renders any notion that the EU could be in anyway "reformed" unless it so desires, as preposterous; any Opt-outs and Veto's that the members states currently enjoy are only temporary delays which will be overruled if we vote to stay in the EU - the Dutch thought that they could object to Visa-Free access for Ukraine into the EU, but their referendum was simply ignored. Merkel has simply overruled anyone who has objected to any of her unilateral actions and the ECB  along with the IMF and the European Council (the Troika) have effectively destroyed the economies of southern Europe, and inflicted widespread poverty and unemployment in their lust for a EU Superstate under the Euro. How much evidence do the populations of the members states of the EU need before they realise that they are walking into a Totalitarian Military Dictatorship?

The Lisbon Treaty (2007) also contains an estimated 95% of the rejected Constitution for Europe (2004), but in order not to alert the populations of the member states the EU simply chose to leave out any references to the paraphernalia of state, such its Motto, Flag and Anthem, and the word Constitution from the treaty; but these still exist, but are more low key. Nevertheless, the flag is the most evident and is being used in this Referendum to force UK farmers to extol the virtues of the EU in providing them with funding that we are paying for out of our EU contributions and VAT payments.

​What will the EU Nationalism look like? - well since the EU is modelled upon the old Soviet Union it will undoubtedly have much Flag waving; Motto reciting; a lot of Military Parades, Torchlit Rallies, much Glorious Leader admiration, Motorcades and of course an Air Force One squadron - which President Blair and the First Family will no doubt exploit to its fullest extent; along with Kinnock and Cameron and the rest of the EU Fifth Column who successfully undermined Britain of behalf of their masters in Brussels. The EU though will only ever be a Third World, third rate organisation - "Animal Farm" and "1984" all rolled into one - as parodied by Orwell.