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10th May, 2016       Everybody hates Britain?

Listening to the radio and reading the papers today it seems that everybody really does hate Britain - big business, the banks, foreign investors, NATO, the US Defense and Trade Department, our own establishment, and definitely the Marxist Left; to name only a few. 

One part of the key to the "hatred" is that Britain could upset their very lucrative "apple carts" since the real problem for them is that the EU is not anywhere near as attractive without Britain, trapped inside, and thereby not under the control of the EU - Bilderberg Cartel. The banks and foreign investors, including the USA do not want to be dealing with individual countries who have their own particular values and "sacred Cows" when it comes to public services and infrastructure. 

They would much prefer to enter a market where the member states have given away their sovereignty to the EU with which they can negotiate, preferably in secret, or at least behind the backs of the general populations; and as undemocratic and corrupt as they could possibly contrive. Having consolidated their positions with EU the secret "deals" (e.g. TTIP) can be foisted upon the hapless members who have no legal way of refusing to comply with the agreed terms and conditions - literally the "Rape of Europa" by Multinational Corporations aided and abetted by the EU and its bankers. For this reason alone we should leave the EU

Instability in Europe and the EU Superstate.

Since 2015 the EU has been under strain from uncontrolled mass migration, which was promoted heavily by Sutherland, the UN Special Representative for International Migration (former chairman of Goldman Sachs and EU Commissioner) and facilitated by Merkel and Juncker; with the express objective of undermining and destabilising the EU Nation States in order to "make them multicultural".

This, and attempts by the EU to force migrants into the Visegrad 4" countries, is in direct conflict with  Article 3-3  of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - "It (the EU) shall respect its rich cultural and linguistic diversity, and shall ensure that Europe's cultural heritage is safeguarded and enhanced."the EU is no respecter of Treaties - don't forget to tell Dave. However, the real reason was to create instability and chaos in Europe (within the EU) in order for the EU to force more rapid integration and thereby take away the sovereignty of its member states. This is still a work in progress and so is the EU.

The EU is only a work in progress because it failed to get the Constitution for Europe (2004) (signed by Blair and Straw) ratified since it was vetoed by France and Holland in Referendums in 2005. That failure ensured that the EU could not perform its ultimate metamorphosis from Fabian Society - Bilderberg Group invention through EEC to EU Superstate. In order for it to even proceed along its desired trajectory the rejected Constitution for Europe (2004) was hidden within the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and labelled a "Reform Treaty" to avoid having to hold a Referendum, which would involve a further setback for the EU and a short reprieve for the rest of Europe.

For the EU to reach its goal by this route  it needs to act as a superpower and have other nations acknowledge its status as a superpower - which it can do; if it can take control of its outer borders; maintain Schengen Agreement against its members wishes; have a common currency (tick), Common Taxation and Legal systems and its own EU Armed Forces etc. All of these, and many more have been signed up to by the 28 member states (Lisbon Treaty (2007)) and latter two are currently being desperately put together by Merkel and Juncker - recent pronouncement from the EU - these are all in progress and cannot be stopped by any member state - they can only be delayed. The main reason to leave the EU.

The Threat of War

Regarding Defence and Security, since the end of WWII America's strategic Alliance has been with Germany, obviously it is not that simple and also involves other nations in Europe. That alliance though harks back to "Operation Unthinkable" which involved a plan for the Allied Forces to invade the Soviet Union at the close of WW II; and was the reason why Germany was not completely disarmed at the end of the WW II. 

The idea that if Britain left the EU it would not be in NATO and therefore would jeopardise peace in Europe or elsewhere is bizarre - unless there is something else going on that we are not aware of at the moment. If Britain stays in the EU then its armed forces will come under control of the German Army - as, we understand, is the case with the Dutch armed forces. The EU with a separate armed force would appear to conflict with the whole idea of NATO and only makes sense if the EU is planning a ground offensive against the "Visegrad 4" or Russia - with NATO as a backup. In the latter case it is unclear that such a force could win a ground offensive, even with Russia surrounded by NATO forces, without the use of Nuclear weapons. The idea of the EU in control of nuclear weapons - which would be the case if Britain remained in the EU - is too terrifying to contemplate. 

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