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29th March, 2017

EU Post-Brexit

Following the EU Referendum result in June, 2016, the EU "powers-that-be" (Merkel via her front man, Juncker) did a bit of pretend "navel gazing", in order to suggest that it really wanted what was best for the people of Europe (don't laugh, this is deadly serious) and decided to offer five alternative ways forward for the EU. These "five ways" ranged from a simple shared interest, trading relationship between Sovereign Nations working for a common future for their mutual benefit (the EEC model which our nefarious politicians signed the UK up to in 1972 - except it was never anything close to that kind of arrangement) - through to the development of a fully integrated Federal system, under the control of a single government in Brussels, a veritable "EU Empire", with all that that entails.

The first of the five pretend "options" was quickly dismissed and all of the indications were that the full-fledged "EU Empire" was the preferred model (and the only one that the EU has ever planned for or willing to accept) - out of interest the option of a two-tiered EU, with the core group following rapid integration, and the "new boys on the bloc" (Eastern European - EU members etc.) lagging behind on the periphery - which was, rather unsurprisingly, strongly opposed by Poland.

In an article in "Brexit Central" yesterday, an academic Dr Lee Rotherham has published a plan - by the Slovenian President, Mr Borut Pahor, written to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the EEC (EU) in 2017 - for the EU to have a Constitution of its own and provides a clear pathway for the EU to develop its future direction - just some of the main points are outlined below:-

  • Centralising power over international affairs, including defence, in the hands of an elected President
  • The President gains primacy in wartime
  • MEP's to gain the right to declare war
  • The President gains the right to grant Presidential pardons
  • A likely default to trans-EU political parties
  • Court of Justice to become an overtly Supreme Court

In addition,

  • Generation of a European army, European navy, and European air force
  • Asylum to become a federal policy, rights to be given to bogus asylum seekers, and refugees may be redistributed to other EU states at a time of surge
  • Creation of a “territorial police force”
  • More powers over managing finance and banking
  • The expansion of the Disaster Clause (already proven to be flawed) removing a brake on uninvited military intervention ... in European countries themselves

and more

  • New passerelle removes vetoes: MEP's can grab more powers by a majority vote (A passerelle clause is a clause in treaties of the European Union that allows the alteration of a legislative procedure without a formal amendment of the treaties)
  • New treaty renegotiation rules mean MEP's to gain an open ended right to award themselves more powers, and less likelihood of being blocked by a minority state

For even more details on the proposals, and a much more detailed analysis, please visit to help assess their effect, as the proposals do the rounds within the EU, following the direction of trajectory defined by Juncker and the rest of the EU hierarchy.

For us, at, the real significance of these proposals is that it effectively calls for the instigation of the rejected Constitution for Europe (2004) signed incidentally, by Blair and Straw on behalf of the UK, and, with too much coincidence to be ignored, is also contained within the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - which all 27 EU members states have already signed and ratified - "Quelle surprise!"

There should be little doubt that the numerous EU quislings in the UK would be slobbering over such a report which would potentially give the EU "elites" (who they consider themselves to be) power beyond the dreams of avarice, and in particular the proposed new powers for the EU President - much lusted after by the Blairs, is perhaps the reason why this New Labour chief snake-oil salesman, and his PLP chums, are so keen on keeping the UK in the EU.  The power that the EU is proposing to give itself can only be compared with the military build-up in Germany prior to WWII, and should serve as a warning to the entire world that it is about to become a very much more dangerous place, more so, in Europe in the short term, than it already is.

Don't be fooled by Heseltine when he claims that all this has been brought about by the EU Referendum vote - this was all envisaged in the Treaty of Rome (1957) and this "New Constitution for the EU" is nothing of the sort - it has already been rejected twice - by France and Holland in 2005 (EU Constitution Summary)  But this is typical of how the EU has evolved since the end of WWII and even before, by stealth, distraction and diversion - operating on the principle of "Slowly, slowly catchy monkey"  - pretend to care whilst the yoke of subjugation is more securely laden, little by little, month by month, year by year, as more small freedoms are removed and more powers pass to the EU.

The Triggering of Article 50 (TEU) - 29th March, 2017

In the momentous journey that we in the UK are about to embark upon, we are following the path to freedom - as the iron fist of the EU tightens around the rest of the EU member states, and it increases its strength, power and reach. Whilst we should, and must trade with our friends in the member states and all Europeans, as we seek trade in the rest of the world - we must also treat the EU with the greatest scepticism - and rebuild our alliances, our armed forces and form new allies, for the time when there will be armed conflict in Europe - initiated by the EU against its own member states - as foretold in the proposals for the formation of this latest version of the EU.

Trust in God and in our ability to overcome any obstacles placed in our path.

Congratulations to Theresa May on Triggering Article 50 (TEU) as promised.