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23rd August, 2017

EU Psyche War (update below)* 

Political Correctness (PC) and how it relates to the EU?  Simply put it is based up the idea of "shunning" as practiced by the Amish and other societies, except it is a modified version - instead of simply shunning an individual from society because they don't adhere to its "artificial" norms, it is also used to engineer into positions of power within society those, willing to follow a new doctrine - and thereby change how the existing society behaves.

By engineering: - say by accusing the original leader of some National body of some heinous PC "crime" (easy to do when "artificial" crimes have been enacted into law for that very purpose) - and replacing them with an adherent of the PC philosophy (cult) who then runs that National body. The result is that the behaviour of that entire body is modified to follow the new behavioural pattern which is being introduced - based upon PC principles. Get enough people, who follow the PC creed, with the same motivation - to destroy the very society that they represent - then it is only a matter of time before society begins to breakdown - from within.

PC (Shunning) principles are always defined as those which are contrary to the belief system of the population under attack.

This is even easier to do by setting up publicly funded, Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisation (Quangos) within public bodies - with political appointees (with impeccable PC credentials) - as was the norm under the self-confessed student Trotskyite - Blair  and the New Labour Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP)

Principles of Political Correctness
Political Correctness is a Marxist doctrine (Developed by the Frankfurt School - setup in 1923 - which decided that European societies would not follow the Bolshevik Revolution (1917) and bring down their Capitalist, Monarchy systems through revolution, so a more stealthy means of take over Europe, the USA, and the rest of the world was required - the EU was just the beginning.

Thus came about "Critical Theory" - "Essentially the destructive criticism of the main elements of Western culture, including Christianity, capitalism, authority, the family, patriarchy, hierarchy, morality, tradition, sexual restraint, loyalty, patriotism, nationalism, heredity, ethnocentrism, convention and conservatism." (see - Political Correctness / Cultural Marxism)

PC is integral to the development of the EU, it is one of the mechanisms, combined with mass immigration, by which national identities are broken down and the European politicians can exert their influence over large populations - as the EU evolves into a Totalitarian State. The fundamental notion behind the doctrine is to destroy all accepted establishment norms and replace them in such a way as to sever the links between people and their traditions and institutions within a State and Religion; so as to alter the psyche of the people and make them easier to control.

PC brainwashing is a general accepted methodology which is also being applied within the USA - but more pronounced now (for various reasons), but particularly, since President Donald Trump is perceived as a threat to the EU and the wider Leftist vision - which would have been espoused by Hillary Clinton. Left wing activism in the USA is clearly designed as an attempt to bring down the current government and replace it with a more Left wing version - the Left want nothing to do with Democracy - same with the Remainers in the UK related the EU Referendum.

Ultimately, everything that an individual in society believes is attacked and the individuals lose their willingness to object to whatever is set upon them – Free Speech is removed and only what is “acceptable” to the EU, or the Left more generally, will be tolerated.

Church Doctrines are attacked, Christmas is banned, Marriage is attacked, Health and Safety dominates every aspect of life, and anyone who opposes uncontrolled, mass immigration, or any other EU directive, is branded either as a Racist, Facist, Little Englander or worse. No one is allowed to express their real views, except in private (wherever that might be found) for fear of ridicule or persecution - shunning.

Anyone wishing to discuss Climate Change, for example, results in accusations of being a “Climate Change Denier”, because they know that the science is not exact (it is based upon models, which are based upon assumptions)* – but they don’t want it to be discussed – they stand to lose too much money from taxation or revenue from flogging wind turbines, if you can be convinced that it actually is bogus.Real science is forever evolving and being scrutinised, theories tested and re-tested by scientists around the world, and when found wanting updated to account for the new knowledge and implications.

But in the Politically Correct world the science of Climate Change (man-made variety), and this will apply to any other state sponsored, and funded science - the Marxists (Socialists, Communists, Maoists etc) dictate what the science is, and what the theories and results are, or should be, and everyone has to toe-the-line or lose their research funding, or their jobs / position/status or whatever else they can take from the scientists; if the scientists are independent then they are simply ridiculed or persecuted for their objections.

Climate Science has been  hijacked by politicians for their own ends - and made into a political "science", more of a religion or cult than real physical science - where the only thing that matters is that the majority agree - more like a political dogma. Not that different from everyone (or most) in the Middle Ages agreeing that the Earth is flat, or that the Sun orbits the Earth, or that lightning is the wrath of God. All their model predictions are in the long distant future 50 or 100 years - so that they don't have to stand up to real scrutiny in the short term - in the meantime the political Shaman frighten the children whenever there is a storm or a cyclical flood.  A simple test would be sufficient to help decide whether their model is even remotely correct - if they can give an exact date and time (to the minute), within the next 6 months or two years of the predicted change in tidal level at an established (long term) tidal gauge location and get it right - that would be a start - but the "science" has been notorious for making "adjustments" which then miraculously fit the political agenda.

Back to Brainwashing and the EU
This is where we are today - in the process of leaving the EU - just before the real agenda of the EU is implemented, after which time we would all be told what to say or think or do. and even our own relatives will be shunned into jumping at the chance to “shop” us to the EU thought Police, for a token reward or slight increase in status – we have seen it all before and those ex-Eastern Bloc States will have come full circle.

In the USA, the Left are trying to destroy its History - same in England, and elsewhere - attempting to replace what has influenced the whole world for the better with what has no real credibility in the wider world - dull, incompetent, paranoid, vindictive, oppressive, malevolent and devious Marxism - but really it is all about "The Few (on the Left) Getting into Power and Subjugating the Many"  

In Britain, the Left are attacking our society from top to bottom - how long before they start burning our books - some of the greatest in the world - from Newton to Shakespeare to Dickens to Darwin et al., because they found something that they consider inappropriate to their worldview - the reality though is that it is all false outrage being used to destroy every aspect of our culture and traditions.

We must oppose this Psychological Warfare at every opportunity - shun those who would try to silence us - but never use violence - leave that to the political left, they are better at those kind of things, anyway - "Day of Rage" etc., and they never run out of excuses. 

We have seen this kind of behaviour before, in Nazi Germany, and we know how that ended - led by University students and their professors, and now our education system and media are completely infected with the disease of Marxism and its variants. We need to flush this abhorrent ideology out of the UK, along with the rest of the political left effluent. 

If you don’t want to be treated like sheep, fight back and ignore and oppose (demonstrate against) those who would silence you for their own ends – point out at every opportunity that those who espouse Political Correctness are simply espousing Marxism (Socialism, Communism, Maoism) – State Control from Cradle to Grave - in order to prevent free speech and eliminate democracy - which they abhor.

Update Comment*

Nelson prevented Napoleon from invading Britain by defeating the combined French and Spanish Navies at the Battle of Trafalgar on the 21st October, 1805 - thus stopping the imposition of the same legal system that the EU planned to impose upon Britain by stealth - Corpus Juris - but now, out in the open because of the EU Referendum. Staying in the EU is the very same as being occupied by a foreign force - under which the entire populations of Europe will become "debt slaves" to the Eurogroup. Be thankful for Nelson's bravery, and his life, given to free Britain from a tyrannical ruler - he gave his life to prevent the slavery of the British population. Stop attacking our heroes, for if we surrender to the EU through the current psychological or financial warfare - statue demolition or book burning or ransom demands by EU National Socialists, pretending to be anti - Facist - we will all end up as the slaves.