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5th October, 2016

EU Reverts to Type

Now the EU have decided to ignore the Hungarian Referendum and impose migrant quotas on its population, which clearly does not want to have any migrants - the EU has no interest in the well being of the populations of Europe, even though the vast majority of the migrants are simply opportunists from numerous countries around the world who are just exploiting Merkel's faux generosity - which she and Juncker have forced onto the people of Europe without ever asking for their permission.

In the same way that the EU ignored the Dutch Referendum opposing visa free access for Ukrainians; and worked a way around the 2005 French and Dutch Referendums rejecting the Treaty on Constitution for Europe (2004) - by reorganising the Treaty and hiding it in the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - then calling it simply a Reform Treaty to avoid any further Referendums.

According to Juncker there cannot be any democratic changes to the Treaties (signed by the 28 Member States) - these Treaties are like the nightmare of all nightmare contracts; which cannot be changed through the ballot box nor by any other mechanism - Cameron must have known this when he went to try to get EU reforms on immigration before the EU Referendum - and so must many of those on the Left in Britain when were, and still are, advocating "...staying in a Reformed EU." 

The Darkness Descends

Now the EU are demanding that the UK press do not report "Muslim Terrorism" as being associated with Muslims and that reporters should be retrained to ensure that the true nature of the problems with terrorism are not relayed to the general public. Actually, that is already the case, since any such incidents in the UK are already reported as mental health related, and the descriptions of the perpetrators either obscure or absent.

The reason for the EU demands are simply to prevent free speech, and enforce a greater grip on the behaviour of the populations, under the pretext of maintaining order - but the entire purpose of uncontrolled, unlimited mass migration, whether terrorist, criminal, economic or even some genuine refugees, into Europe - as promoted by the UN - is to "undermine the homogeneity of the EU Member States and and make them multicultural" - against the wishes and best interests of the indigenous populations. That is the cause of unrest in Europe and it has been deliberately engineered  by the EU and the UN.

The current move by the EU is simply a subsequent stage in that process; a precursor to the establishment of the EU Police State, and the beginning of the use of military force (EU Armed Forces) against those who oppose the replacement of the European populations.   

Free Speech for Some​

Today we learned that a radical hate preacher will be speaking at Islamic Republic of Iran School in London between the 4th and 12th of October, 2016.