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12th October, 2016

The EU's Trolls are out in Force

Brexit U-Turn on Commons Scrutiny - Theresa May is a surrender monkey who is not fit to be Prime Minister - if she gives any power over Brexit to a Europhile House of Commons and House of Lords then she will have betrayed the people of Britain - She must not allow a bunch of nefarious politicians to sell Britain back into the clutches of an emerging Totalitarian EU Police State; as their predecessors did in 1972.

The only honourable action she can now take is to call a General Election, so that we can remove the Europhile MP's from power and reform the House of Lords, then a new government can elect a leader fit to serve the British people.

To cave in to the actions of US Bankers, speculators and dodgy opportunists attacking the pound - aided and abetted by the EU's Trolls in the media and other Marxist interests who support the George Soros "Open Borders Foundation" - would be worse than the actions of Chamberlain and his appeasement policies with Hitler.