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30th May 2018

UK-EU Trade 2002 - 2016

The following information is taken from Lawyers or Britain recent report"Why we’re leaving the EU – and why the ECJ shouldn’t have jurisdiction over us after we leave" ( 

"On 27 May 2017 at the XXVIII Congress of FIDE (Fédération Internationale pour le Droit Européen/International Federation for European Law) at Estoril, Portugal, Martin Howe QC, Chairman of Lawyers for Britain, took part in a panel on Brexit following the speech to the Congress by Michel Barnier, the EU’s Brexit negotiatior."


"The spread of Community law (and later EU law) and the consequent loss of sovereignty has always been regarded in the UK as a negative feature of our membership. It has been tolerated in the past, because it was perceived to be in the economic and trading interests of the UK to join a trade bloc with internal free trade."

"But alongside the ever wider spread of EU law, the pattern of the UK economy has been changing in ways that dramatically reduce the benefits and increase the disadvantages of belonging to such a bloc."

The following charts show the changes that have taken place with trade within and outside the EU

"(1st Chart) This unusual trade pattern means that only a minority of our exports benefit from free trade inside the EU, while we suffer disproportionately from the inability to conduct our own international trade policy."

"(2nd Chart) In stark contrast, the UK’s average annual growth in intra-EU goods exports over that period has been negative, at -0.3%. So in contrast to other Member States, the benefit which the UK has obtained from membership of the single market and the customs union is not large, if indeed it exists at all."

Our Comments:

It is clear from the above "EuroStat" charts that Britain's growth potential lies outside the EU in the wider world - ​ 

  • meanwhile the EU Member States enjoy growth (some spectacular) from internal market trade and our generous contributions; together with our guarantees (underwriting of loans to assist development in the new EU members) with the EU operating like a bank -  where the contributing members are not shareholders - What is not shown on the charts:-
  • our funds disappear into EU coffers - where a premium is skimmed-off
  1. ​to fund EU profligacy on a monumental scale
  2. to pay for EU propaganda - in our Media, in Schools, Universities, Devolved Parliaments, local and regional councils QUANGO's and NGO's
  3. to give to other Members States under the pretence that the EU is the "giver" - the "Almighty Benefactor" - in order to buy loyalty to the EU
  4. to buy influence in each Member State
  • meanwhile Britain is at a disadvantage - as a world trader - because it has to impose EU tariffs on imported goods - 
  • and not doing very well as part of the protectionist EU bloc either.

However, the gigantic EU "Ponzi Scheme" does very well out of our membership fees, particularly the new members who do specularly well at our expense, but we have had our manufacturing capabilities systematically exported (removed) to the advantage of Germany and elsewhere in the EU.

Or as Blair put it in his 12 - Point memo - detailing how to stop "Brexit" - to Campbell (leaked to former labour MP Austin Mitchell) 

"Don’t bang on about the joys of the Single Market – we’re in a deficit of £60 billion with it and selling off railways, companies and utilities to finance it. So defend it as better than being assaulted by Trump and forced to eat chlorinated chicken." (see Blair's Plan to stop "Brexit")

This is why the EU has developed its ludicrous "Supply Chain System" -  the most Ecologically Damaging manufacturing system ever devised - where vehicle parts are transported throughout the EU and cross the English Channel four or more times - just to build a so called UK vehicle in Oxford (see Corbyn's speech Rebuttal)

What the EU Fears Most

The EU's worst nightmare is the UK operating outside its control - it fears the UK's international prowess and influence (believe it or not) and losing control of the UK's assets which it plans to take from the UK - and that is not to say that the other members don't have influence individually or that the EU has nothing to offer - but the EU does not have the kudos that it craves as a superpower - and that could only come from stripping those essential features from its Member States and controlling them itself.

The UK's International Credentials are well known throughout much of the World - through former Colonies and 53 members of the Commonwealth including:- 

  • Respected Monarchy  - except by the large proportion of Marxists / Communists in our political system
  • Seats on major International Bodies such as the UN, WTO etc. - to be usurped by the EU
  • Many and Varied International contacts on all trading continents
  • Long and varied International trading experience
  • Common international language
  • Common legal System - Common Law Protections - where no-one is above the Law, Habeas Corpus and Trial by Jury - all being removed by the EU
  • UK Embassies and Consulates around the World - occupied by the EU as long as we are under its control
  • Adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit with a long history of inventiveness and innovation - opposite to the rule based EU's centralised bureaucratic planning system - stifled by ill thought out Regulations.

For the EU to reach its goal it needs more than just a large population - it needs most of the above attributes, which exist in individual Member States, but they are not acting with one voice - which is a measure of how far it has to go before it has all that is necessary to be a world class successful trading nation (however the EU already has most of the paraphernalia of such a state - Flag, Passport, Motto, Oath of Allegiance etc.)

The "EU" is Only 9 Years Old

It is also important to realise that the "EU" did not exist until 1st January 1993 (following the Maastricht Treaty) and had no legal personality (Corporate existence) in International Law until 1st January 2009 (after the Lisbon Treaty) - so the "EU" has only been in existence for 9 years. The "EU" (the political organisation that we are trying to escape from) therefore, has little credibility in the real World and very little International trading experience - certainly nothing compared to the individual Nation States of Europe - some have Centuries of experience.

For its "SuperState" ambitions the "EU" still needs:- 

  • control of its Member States borders - a work in progress 
  • uniform taxation, full Fiscal and Financial control - in progress
  • fully-fledged EU Armed Force - out in the open - (Army, Navy, AirForce etc.) - another  work in progress 
  • an Internationally recognised Constitution - not one that is still a work in progress and hidden within the texts of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and part disseminated within other parts of other EU Treaties - to fool the public
  • most of all it needs a a central government and all the Member States to bow to its supremacy - i.e. every Member State forced into the Euro; no more Majority Voting; no more Vetoes or Opt-outs - total submission (apparently the Remainers' aspiration) - so that the EU can negotiate with a common voice - and take over the world!
  • only then can it claim itself to be a SuperState - which would help to take care of the long waits to sign deals - the EU is currently doing everything it can to sign deals with our Commonwealth countries and others before the UK is allowed to negotiate its own free-trade deals with them

But the EU is a long way from total control of its Member States (even with collusion in the Member States) - which is why "Brexit" is such a threat that they have mobilised all their assets (EU Attack Dogs) in the UK (Parliament, Commons and Lords, Judiciary, Devolved Parliaments and every other Quisling that they can muster) to stop the UK leaving

Even Soros sees "Brexit" as a threat to his "Open Borders - Uncontrolled Mass Migration" NWO dreams (along with Merkel and the new UN Director General of the International Organisation for Migration - William Lacy Swing)  - the EU is NWO Part 1 and Hilary was going to bring about NWO Part 2 in the US - until Donald Trump won the Presidency - hence all the Marxist/Communist anger against Donald Trump and the angst amongst the not so "Liberal" Left.

But we digress -

Martin Howe QC's article is as much about warning of the dangers of being under the control of the ECJ in the future, as part of a "Withdrawal Agreement" - and how such alignment would be very damaging for the UK - for the full details please see - May 2018 Lawyers for Britain (