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15th December, 2016


In 1995, the Barcelona Declaration was signed between 10 EU countries (including the UK) and 9 Muslim countries bordering the Mediterranean Basin - the basic idea is to create a new state of Eurabia, encompassing unfettered Free Movement of Capital, Goods, Workers (subsequently changed to people) and Services - thereby extending the European EU into North Africa and the Middle East (  In order to accomplish this the populations of Europe would be re-educated to accept Multiculturalism through propaganda in the Media, Journalist retraining and through our education system, with  the promotion of Islamic culture and cultural exchanges; laws will be enacted to counter opposition to the plans, under the working title of combating Islamophobia, Xenophobia etc.   

According to the europrobe website this particular treaty has not been well publicised, but it is interesting that it took place just two years before the EU-Apparatchik-rich New Labour came to power in 1997 - with David Miliband a particular fan of the extension of the EU into the Middle East, North Africa and Russia. Not surprisingly the current PLP who are desperate to get rid of Corbyn and get the very same D. Miliband into the position of leader of the Labour Party in order to  reverse the June, 2016 EU Referendum decision and get the EU back on its original (Treaty of Rome (1957)) trajectory. Which is a million miles way from the EEC's stated ambitions in 1972 - and which Britain signed up to 43 years ago!  Needless to say the Islamification of Britain, in a largely clandestine manner, save for the shameful tolerance of hate preachers, flourished under New Labour.

The idea that any government would promote Multiculturalism, which by definition is cultural segregation, and then claim that it is a means of integration is a pure Orwellian deception; it has been proven not to work in Germany (1950's to 1970's et seq.) and elsewhere, and the fact that it was heavily promoted by Peter Sutherland at the UN as a means of undermining the homogeneity of the EU member states (2012) says it all really - Sutherland even went as far as stating that immigrants should not be required to change their culture to fit in with western way of life - which suggests a more sinister motive for such free movement.

The reality is that the EU, despite its high-falutin promotion of peace, and all things bright and beautiful, is essentially a commercial venture designed to control the populations of the old nations of Europe (and beyond) on behalf of multinational corporations, International bankers and their backers in the Bilderberg group.   After all it even acts contrary to its own Article 3.3 TEU (Lisbon Treaty (2007) to wit: "It (the EU) shall respect its rich cultural and linguistic diversity, and shall ensure that Europe's cultural heritage is safeguarded and enhanced." - well they certainly ignored that promise and seem destined to entirely destroy the Christian culture of western Europe.

There are no limits to the ambitions of the megalomaniacs in the EU and in New Labour (not yet a "dead parrot").  Britain must completely escape from the EU's legal system - the European Communities Act (1972) must be repealed - otherwise we will be dragged back into the malaise that is the EU. We need to rid ourselves of the EU owned Politicians, Peers, Justices and Councillors etc., who need to be flushed out (Democratically) and replaced by those who want to be part a of a free country - not under the yoke of the growing Totalitarian (German Dominated) EU Police State - that includes ridding ourselves of the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) which does more harm than good. 

Free Trade without Free Movement of People

From Lord Stoddart of Swindon, 14th December, 2016: 194 countries and territories trade in the EU’s single market without being a member of it.

"I decided to challenge at least one of the myths we are forced to listen to all the time and put down a written question to the Government asking how many non-EU countries trade in the single market without being a member of it. The answers that came back were split between goods and services and were startling.

It turns out that no fewer than 194 countries and territories manage to trade very successfully in the EU’s single market without actually being a member of it.  The data that came back from the Government, including the full list of the non-member countries that trade in the single market: The big countries like the US, Canada, Russia and China are on the list but It turns out that even the Falklands Islands and Tonga manage a thriving trade with the EU! Another EU myth goes up in a puff of smoke."

 Lord Stoddart obtained the following information after a request to the government on the 8th November, 2016. 

The response from Lord Price was

"Data are not available from a single source for trade in goods and services combined. The value of trade is calculated by summing exports and imports. The single market here is defined as the EU countries.

Data for 2014 taken from Eurostat show there were 194 countries and territories where the value of trade in goods with the rest of the EU was higher than the value of trade in goods with the UK. 

Data for 2014 taken from Eurostat show there were 200 countries and territories where the value of trade in services with the rest of the EU was higher than the value of trade in services with the UK."  

The list of countries are available from Eurostat.

Free movement of people within the EU has always been about changing the demographics, undermining the homogeneity of the EU member states and importing immigrants who favour Left wing governments - over and above the single economic benefit of cheap labour through exploitation of the poor in Europe and elsewhere. 

As illustrated above trading with other countries does not require such free movement. Interestingly the Japanese steadfastly safeguard their culture and heritage from the effects of immigration, rather, they exploit the system that the EU imposes upon its populations on behalf of the multinational organisations in order to protect its own interests.