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14th August, 2016

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses.

With the latest announcement that Article 50 would not be invoked before the end of 2017 it is now clear that neither May, nor Johnson, nor Fox nor Davis are in any position to properly pursue Brexit politically.

The decision is totally under the control of Merkel, issuing orders from her "office" in Berlin either directly or via the British Civil Service and Parliament; through those who are wholly "owned" by the EU; following the Ratification of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) in 2009 - aka the Constitution for Europe (2004) which had been previously rejected by the Dutch and French in 2005.

Merkel will no doubt be relying on her experience as former head of "Agitation and Propaganda" at her old University, Communist Youth Movement in East Berlin - and it appears that the strategy is, rather predictably, to delay and delay and ...

... until the remain supporters are in a position to reverse the Referendum decision either through the Labour Party (the New Bolshevik PLP) or perhaps Corbyn or perhaps even some other splinter group, on behalf of the EU - with the EU compliant House of Lords as back-up. Merkel could also find other distractions and no doubt she has a suitable list to hand - and there probably aren't any restrictions as far as that is concerned. 

The current excuses include that Fox and Davis are not able to find the necessary expertise for the negotiations - and this particular excuse will just keep on giving - but there are central areas of negotiation which need resolving rapidly and the detail can be worked out during the 2 year transition period after Article 50 is invoked.

Anyone who believes that if we don't have an agreed and signed trade deal with the EU - even if we don't get a suitable deal after 2 years - then all trade or any will trade come to an abrupt end are misinformed and, equally, anyone who believes that the EU will not try to do Britain down at any opportunity are naive - it has been their modus operandi since 1973.

We need to get the primary negotiations agreed, terms of trade with the EU single market, as already built through the EEC, without uncontrolled mass immigration; and settled as a matter of urgency - invoke Article 50 no later that the 1st of January, 2017 or find someone else who will invoke Article 50 by that date - stop playing games.

The other excuse seems to be the Elections in the EU in May and September, 2017 - but these do not materially affect our invoking Article 50 even now since we would be in the transition period anyway - If Merkel gets a massive endorsement she will just be more belligerent - if she is kicked out then we continue with whomsoever  replaces her - this is just game playing again - stalling for time while "Remain" and the EU regroup, for their next attack.

Those who voted for Brexit can begin preparations for the EU/Remain attacks, particularly if the attacks are focussed on a General Election (even an early one) by mobilising; to Democratically remove from office - through the ballot box - in General, Council and Mayoral elections, those who seek to trap the British people in the single government, Totalitarian EU Police State. 

It is a cliche now to state that the EU needs Britain more than the other way around - but it is true that the EU is in a mess of its own making - and without a trading relationship with Britain the EU is no longer the world's largest trading bloc, it is second largest, after the USA - the EU would be "cutting off its nose to spite its face" not to make an equitable accommodation with Britain, so that EU markets can benefit from trade with Britain and mutual cooperation in all other aspects.

For more details about Brexit negotiations please see 

Ignore Merkel Mrs May or tell us why you can't - don't give us a pack of excuses. Invoke Article 50, on or before, the 1st of January, 2017 and proceed to forge a better relationship for Britain and the EU with all speed. 

We need to get out while we still can. We should trade with Europe - without being ruled over by the political EU.