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4th April, 2017

Exposing the EU myths...

One useful side effect of Britain leaving the EU is that, as the negotiations have proceeded, it has exposed, more and more, the true nature of the EU - and the role that our shameless, nefarious politicians have played in ensnaring the British population within its tangled web of deceit - by stealth over the past 44 years.

The EU Referendum has already exposed the numerous traitors in our midst; quislings who have sold their souls - by selling out their fellow countrymen and women to the EU - for their own profit - and who continue their treachery openly within our Parliamentary system, flaunting their ill deserved status within the Upper and Lower Chambers; claiming to be British patriots whilst they connive with those in Brussels (Berlin) who seek to harm us at every opportunity.

Further exposure will reveal the EU as an organisation with feet of clay and a deep authoritarian streak, that should worry everyone in Europe and in the wider world.

We stated, on the day of the EU Referendum result that Article 50 (TEU) was a trap placed within the Lisbon Treaty (2007) in order allow the EU to attempt to asset strip any member state that tried to leave; in order to ensure that it could not leave with anything that the EU could get its grubby hands on. The British government determined that invoking Article 50 was the only route by which the UK could legally leave the EU - seemingly discounting the Vienna Convention on Treaties (1969); to which the EU was also a signatory - so we are, as they say, where we are.

The faux escape clause (Article 50) contained within the Lisbon Treaty (2007) was the only escape clause ever entered into any EU Treaty, and was placed there only to conform with other International Treaties during the EU's search to put together, from those available, an everlasting Treaty, acceptable in International Law, which gave the EU all the power it could ever wish to obtain - the entire project has been made-up, from start to finish.

Just in case the Lisbon Treaty (2007) wasn't quite as watertight as it should have been, the EU also added an Enabling Clause (Article 48) to ensure that it really could do whatever it wanted to its member states; once they had signed and ratified that Treaty - and for good measure they also included the Terms and Conditions of the rejected Constitution for Europe (2004), hidden throughout its texts.

Remember that this Treaty, in particular, was Ratified by Brown, using the Royal Prerogative to avoid Parliamentary scrutiny and "superwoman" was nowhere to be seen - but those politicians who were, and still are, working for the EU were well aware of its content and potency - Merkel specifically ensured that no government was allowed to give a Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - which illustrates how important that treaty is to the EU (Eire, though had to be exempt because of its own Constitutional requirements, and, after an initial rejection, they did ratify the Treaty)

The EEC (EU) was never a Club of Equals

Once inside the EEC (EU) no country was ever supposed to leave, it is therefore like other similar clubs of orgnised gangsters that enforce their rules through threats and intimidation, and attempt to destroy any who disrespect their objectives. Please don't be fooled into thinking that the EU's actions over "Brexit" are anything to do with Britain leaving the EU - they are just escalating their actions to make a point - the destruction of the UK began when it first joined the EEC in 1973, after the ratifying the European Communities Act (1972). The only difference now is that the stealth methodology has had to be largely abandoned, since that can no longer secure the ambitions of the EU, and as a result, the true belligerent nature of those who claim to have been promoting peace and love are seen for what they really are - a bunch of thugs working for their own ends.

This could be a fight to the death, with real conflict, and we must work to secure our own future, and use all our resources to stop the EU becoming the scourge of Europe - under no circumstances can we allow our enemies in Europe to defeat us.

Looking on the bright side of the situation that we find ourselves in, the EU is becoming more and more exposed, and in particular, is beginning to resemble (in a very simplified sense) the Roman Empire in its dying days, with its outer "Provinces" rebelling - and whereas the Romans had over-expanded and were unable to keep control, for various reasons - in the EU's case they had not sufficiently extended their grip over the member states through stealth - so they were unable to move to deeper integration through that route, and consequently their programme for full integration has been moving at a snail's pace.

The EU was gradually bringing in a voting system (QMV) which would effectively centralise control within the larger states and thereby marginalise the smaller ones, which would help to speed-up their take over of the smaller member states, but circumstances have overtaken them, mostly self-induced, and the populations of Europe can now see, more and more, what the EU are really up to.

The EU is therefore now fighting on multiple fronts in order to contain a situation, which is almost exclusively of its own making - actually, it is all down to the overzealous Merkel and her burning ambition to take over Europe - and all backed by the world's Financial and Multinational corporations, the UN and the Bilderberg Group - all of which can be traced back to the ideology of the Fabian Society.

For the foreseeable future, the EU will continue to build its control capabilities, behind the scenes, whilst attempting to persuade those less enthusiastic member states, through fines, intimidation and other threats, in order to keep them in line - in the end they may be able to bring together a core group of compliant states - but whether the rest will lie down and allow the EU to walk over them is unknown at this stage.

One thing is clear, the way that the EU treats the UK will define the EU's International status, and as things stand at the moment - it looks like a bunch of gangster states maltreating one of its former member states who have chosen to travel a different path.

Meanwhile, we cannot falter on our path towards freedom - which is away from the direction of poverty and subjugation in the EU - as is promised to the other member states.