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Fabian Society Continued

Peace in Europe was further facilitated by forcing West Germany and France, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, (Treaty of Paris (1951)) to have joint stewardship of the resources necessary for rearmament, coal and steel (iron ore), thereby preventing any major covert re-arming activity taking place; this was not facilitated by the institutions of the EEC or the EU - which is hardly a sign of mutual trust either. 

However, in 1963 the West Germans and the French did sign a mutual cooperation agreement, the Elysee Treaty (1963) to run the EU for their own mutual benefit and it has been that way ever since.

In terms of a "so called" peaceful EU it is worth noting that up until 2010 Germany was the world's 3rd largest arms exporter, including to the Middle East, followed closely by France and the UK, but was overtaken by China and Germany's principal clients are in the Middle East - more astonishing is the fact that the German government admitted - in 2011 that they had sold dual use chemicals to Syria.

Fabian Society Philosophy

The Fabian Society aims to promote World Socialism (New Labour (order) Dictatorship?), through the UN and other international organisations, but it did not subscribe to violent revolution, preferring to change society by stealth, infiltration of all levels of society, international organisations and political activity.

The Fabians have though been firm supporters of the Soviet State Dictatorship, and its Communist Economy; at one point even claiming that Stalin would have been a “good Fabian”.

The Fabian Society is not a group of "Corbyn-istas" though, it is a broad church and has long been associated with wealth and status and it has friends in high places, so some are more like Mandelson and friends; all of whom wish to control the lives of other people, at all levels of society, particularly the working class (ironically enough) whilst maintaining their own elite status.

In fact, Peter Sutherland is a good example of the depth and breadth of Fabian Society influence through such associations as the UN, Goldman Sachs, BP and the LSE, and his desire to tell everyone what to do, even within their own countries and against their own instincts, whilst he is protected from the "fall out" - what astonishing arrogance. 

These associations are the tip of the iceberg in terms of Worldwide Social, Financial and Political influence that is being used to bring about World Socialism, currently focusing on using the UN, the EU and mass migration for their political ends - Quintus would be proud, but one question is so far unanswered – did Merkel strike too soon?   

Update 29/11/15: EU talks with Turkey have nothing to do with limiting mass migration, on the contrary they are designed to increase, widen and extend that mass migration into Europe ​