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 4th June, 2016

False Economy

The free movement of workers, capital, goods and services has a single purpose - to take apart the nation states of Europe; to asset strip their public services and infrastructure and sell them off to the multinational corporations; to wash away the identities, traditions and diversity of the populations of Europe - as part of a programme to rebuild them into a single EU nation under a single EU government; governed by a cabal of Marxists in league with the Bilderberg Group. This has nothing to do with economic well being - the mass migrations taking place throughout Europe are nothing but an attempt to deliberately destroy the existing social cohesion that existed before Merkel opened up the EU to a UN (Peter Sutherland) inspired mass influx from an alien culture in 2015; following the example set by Blair and New labour. Indeed this mass influx has the stated aim of undermining the homogeneity of the EU member states (destabilising them) -  see Brian Wheeler's BBC report in 2012 on Peter Sutherland's speech to the House of Lords Committee on Migration.

It can be argued that migration in its self can be beneficial to a country, but only as long as it provide the necessary skilled or otherwise labour needed to ensure that the host country can function more efficiently. Indeed that was shown by the UCL report from Professor Dustmann et al., who claimed remarkable contributions to the British economy from migrants, however during the period under consideration (2000 - 2011) no records of taxes ascribed to nationality existed at HMRC as far as we are aware, since they were never recorded or kept from the public, and no account of the effects on the infrastructure and adverse cultural changes were included. So when we see reports stating how much better off we are being in the EU remember that there has been a sustained attempt; particularly during the New Labour years, to hide the truth about mass migration and its effects; most notably through deliberate lack of proper record keeping. All we can really say is that since joining the EU we have no accurate knowledge of how many people live in this country, what they are doing and how much it is costing us - and not just financially.

It has been proven elsewhere, particularly in the US that skilled migrants are a definite benefit - which leans to the adoption of a controlled immigration system, rather than the EU ideal of a "Wild West Frontier" migration system which was simply designed to break apart the societies and settled communities that the unskilled and uneducated  immigrants were forced upon; in ever increasing numbers and in a never ending cycle of expansion into ever poorer nation states on the borders of the EU to the East, Southeast and south; in particular, encroaching onto North Africa and the Middle East.

The Turner Pension Commissions report (2004) comprehensively dismissed the idea that migration would offset the problems associated with the increasing older age populations in Britain and elsewhere, stating that even sustained high levels of mass migration would only have a marginal effect on the dependency ratio; this brings its own problems with aging migrant and dependent populations and the prospect of an unsustainable, exponential growth in immigration. Further, a House of Lords report in 2015. in its introduction states that "... the nationality of benefit claimants is not information routinely gathered by either DWP or HMRC when administering benefits or tax credits. As a result, we are reliant on indirect, often ad hoc analysis – such as of the nationality of current benefit claimants at time of registration for a National Insurance Number – to estimate rates of benefit receipt among migrants in the UK." and since it is widely acknowledged by the migrants themselves that one of Britain's main attractions is its thriving "Black Market" economy which obviously does not bring any tax benefits to the country. Neither do we record and monitor NHS or other facility usage based upon nationality, so in short we have no real idea how much benefit or otherwise we really derive from mass migration - we only see our infrastructure at breaking point; and the very telling requirement for more and more EU nurses to cater for the needs of the ever growing NHS population of EU patients in our hospitals.

The worst aspect of the Migration figures though is that we do not have detailed information on the skills levels of those who have emigrated or those arriving, particularly from the EU, so that a net migration could quite literally mean that we are replacing most of our skilled workforce with unskilled labour from around the world - which would be a disastrous situation for our future prosperity - in which case we could be importing up to 600 000 unskilled per year to replace 300 000 with skills that our country needs, and the vast majority 600 000 unskilled imports per year would, rather than enhance our society, simply represent an ever increasing drain on our resources.

The argument that an open free movement of "workers", later changed to "people", would provide a large pool of cheap labour to be exploited by the business elite was never in doubt, particularly the large supermarkets and big business, but not forgetting the middle classes with their cheap builders, nannies, cleaners and dog walkers. However, not even unskilled or uneducated immigrants and their dependents, en masse were to be turned away in spite of mounting problems with the overwhelming of the national infrastructure and lack of even the most basic facilities and more migration was encouraged by the UN and the EU - without any substantive effort to moderate or control such influx.

So clearly mass migration - and it is not just genuine refugees (who are actually in the minority) - has little to do with push factors and everything to do with pull factors from the EU supported by the UN,  whose only motivation is to destroy the nation states of Europe in preparation for the EU single government - and to this end there seems to be no part of the world that will be exempt from this insane UN - EU managed programme which is determined to fill Europe with every opportunist; from hardened criminals, terrorists, gang masters, people smugglers and pimps who parasitise on the host society - to the genuine poor who seek to better their own lives.

The real problem though is that there is no economic benefit and only negative affects upon the countries in Europe - but this is exactly how has been designed by the EU to further their own ambitions to rid Europe of small nations and replace them with a Totalitarian Police SuperState with its own Super Nationalism - so much for the idea that nationalism is the cause of wars, the EU Superstate will have a Nationalism to rival any other Totalitarian Police State that has ever existed - including the old Soviet Union which it seeks to emulate.

In order to keep this mass migration programme moving forward; increasing and becoming more effective at crippling the nation states of Europe it has been consistently billed as "Immigrants good - non-immigrants bad" we have to believe that practically every single Briton is an uneducated, workshy layabout whose only ambition is to sit on benefits and bequeath their social housing to their multitudinous offspring. But it is worse that that, certainly in Britain, because when it comes to unskilled labour or "asylum seekers" - which includes anybody who can get to Britain from anywhere in the world, by any means - legal or downright nefarious, can be supported by the British population, against their own best interests for time immemorial - no problem because the EU says that we have to do exactly that - or else. This is the legacy that we leave for our children - an ever increasing mountain of debt and an unrecognisable third world country.

Dave's EU Deal

The "Deal" that Cameron "brokered" with the EU was one of those "Nod and a Wink" variety of agreements put forward on the basis of "Tell 'em anything - what do they know." Actually what we know is that the "Deal" is subject to ratification by the EU at large - after the Referendum - when we have shown all our cards and we have nothing left to bargain with. The reality is that the so called booming economy with the sound of supermarket tills ringing apace and overflowing with unremitting activity is a product of the exploitation of  ever cheaper labour and the British taxpayers' subsidising unskilled migrants and their families with Job Seekers Allowance, Working tax, Child tax credits  and Housing Benefit - courtesy of New Labour, on behalf of the EU - whilst they contribute no positive effect and indeed ship our hard earned taxes off to Eastern Europe; whist the genuine and fake "Asylum Seekers" alike take away our precious housing stock to provide shelter for their multiple wives and dependents (according to a Muslim Council for Britain Report in 2011 only 20% of Muslims in Britain were economically active) from those who have worked and paid taxes all their lives - but who can blame them, it is not the fault of the migrants that they are pawns in an EU push for dominance over the nation states of Europe - it is the fault of treacherous politicians and the establishment. 

Our schools are filled to overflowing, as are our roads, rail networks, hospitals, GP surgeries and our culture is diluted along the way; all on behalf of the EU - aided and abetted by our successive vassal governments in Westminster who have, quite deliberately not made any provision for such an influx - and who remain constrained by the EU induced austerity which has also crippled much of southern Europe and which initiated the earlier phase of mass migration of jobless youth northwards; a secondary effect of which was to depress the Euro to aid the German export markets. This immigrant influx is a recipe for disaster which will break our social system and make us all bankrupt (as the EU have designed it to do)  if we do not vote to leave and stop this madness which is only in the interest of the Marxist EU - Bilderberg Group Cartel. 

Using the money from the wealthier nation states to bring about their own decline is an EU modus operandi. It is divisive, for example, it uses our own money to set UK regions against each other and build loyalty to the EU, from where they claim they receive their funding; and they jealously guard their new status and loyalty to their new "most bountiful" masters in Brussels (Berlin). The EU also uses our money to break up the UK as we can see from the Devolution process that New Labour brought in on behalf of the EU (UK Regions) and various other funding exercises. This is best illustrated by the fact that Wales and Scotland have been "bought" by the EU into supporting their plans - which are easier to do with a dominance of Marxist politicians in those devolved parliaments which cements support for the Marxist dominated EU - Bilderberg Cartel. The Scots and Welsh should not forget though that what has been given by the EU can just as easily taken away by the EU - so that when the EU wants something it can "turn the screws" to get its own way or if it needs extra money for a new "project" it can divert funds or soon it will be able to simply go into the bank accounts of the populations of Scotland and Wales (and the rest of the UK, if we stay in the EU) in the same way as they did in Cypress.

More worrying though is the fact that the EU is disintegrating and if we do not get out we will be required to bailout the Merkel - Sutherland induced  problems in Europe - so there are no good side to being in or part of the political EU, and trade with European countries does not require any trade agreement in any absolute sense - only a willingness to cooperate outside of the desire by the EU to dominate Europe.

The doom and gloom that economists have forecast for the UK after Brexit ignores the fact that we are funding the increased economic activity which is taking place through our taxes - it is a "False Economy" that we are currently living within whilst we allow mass, uncontrolled immigration to destroy our cultural ties, traditions and our capacity for self-determination, and is typical of the way that the EU operates. With controlled migration of necessary skilled and unskilled labour we can prosper outside the political EU - inside the political EU we do not even exist as a country - we exist only as a group of Regions of a Greater EU (UK Regions); controlled in the minutest detail by apparatchiks directly from Brussels (Berlin).

We have witnessed a glimpse into the true reach of the EU this last week with, we understand, some local authorities sending out EU Referendum voting forms emblazoned with the EU flag; with the wording "Funded by the EU" - our entire society appears to be totally infested with EU apparatchiks just waiting for their orders to finally and openly take over (after a 43 + year wait) at every level of our society in the UK.

The EU was always going to end badly if the populations of Europe realised its true nature before it had secured its power over them by stealth.