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20th August 2018

Fanatical Federalists

It has been abundantly clear since the 2017 UK General Election that Theresa May was appointed by the Conservative 1922 Committee to stop "Brexit" at any cost and by any means - whether or not that meant the end of the Conservative Party or even the end of the entire UK Political system. Our initial assessment of May's appointment was that she was in place to fight a rearguard action against the 2016 EU Referendum result - to slow down the process and progress of the "Leave Campaign" while the "Remain Campaign" rearmed and regrouped.

But it is much worse than that, as confirmed by the "Chequers Deal" - which is a shameful deal: done behind the backs of the British people; behind the backs of her own Cabinet - with the connivance of the Blair's politically indoctrinated UK Civil Service and Angela Merkel herself. A deal which she (May) claimed could not be changed and we later discover was 80% already agreed with the 27 other Member States before it was even announced in the British Press - without any open discussion (the EU way) or debate either in Parliament or in the public arena. 

If anyone thought that it could not get even worse; more sinister, more egregious, more treacherous or more conspiratorial we discover that after May cuts short her holiday in the Alps; she trots off to chat with Macron - no doubt after discussions with Merkel who mysteriously disappeared from an expected engagement whilst also on holiday - so it was hill walking with the enemy once again.  The upshot of the May-Merkel -> Macron meetings was that Macron subsequently interfered in British political system by encouraging the establishment of a new separate "Remain" political party to add to the other reinforcement from the EU (Soros etc.)

Why don't May, Merkel, Macron, Juncker, Barnier et al., simply openly plot to subjugate the populations of Europe instead of their clumsy attempts to try and fool the British population into believing that they still do really have a functioning Democracy when that is clearly not the case. What is abundantly clear is that our HMG, Parliament (Commons, Lords), Civil Service and Judiciary, at least in majority, are owned by the EU and totally under EU control; with May (and the rest) taking instruction and colluding with the EU - coordinating actions against the interests of the UK at the highest levels of our society; since at least the Ratification of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - and since 1973 or even earlier.    

The Next Phase

Having set the stage for a complete capitulation of the British people to the EU our own establishment they are now ready to present us with a series of options - which are not really  options - in the hope that they can take the heat away from "Brexit" with diversionary tactics and we won't realise what is happening.

We next look at the government options on offer to the British people - but first a reminder of some of the background on the Customs Union, Single Market and the ECJ - and how they interrelate.

Both the UK and the EU trade under World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules - the difference between WTO and the EU Customs Union/Single Market is that the EU has built a protectionist block comprising tariffs, rules and regulations and other barriers on top of the base WTO versions.

So leaving the EU strips away the protectionist block limitations to free trade - though it is not that simple because of other limitations on Member States in the EU Treaties - the UK is tied (as are the other Member States) to the EU through the Customs Union and Single Market - but there is nothing sacred about it - except to the EU.

It was part of the original plan to use trade to lock the Member States into a Federal State system, leading to an EU (European) Empire - not a United States of America type of Federation, which is more like a Confederation in some ways - where the States have much greater powers and sovereignty than the EU Member States have. The EU plan is to turn the Member States into Administrative Regions of Brussels all administered directly from Brussels with their own EU Public Prosecutors - the Regions are already mapped out and annotated onto our Parliamentary Constituency Boundaries! - check for yourselves.

The current EU activity is directed towards completing the takeover (control) of the Member States' remaining sovereign attributes, in particular - to control their Borders, Armed Forces, Fiscal and Financial, Justice and Law and Order and Social Policies - effectively control over all aspects of the lives of the EU Member State populations.

Remember that the EU imposes Laws upon its Member States which other international organisations cannot do - no other organisation can change the character of the nations' - economic, political, immigration, Justice system and social order in exchange for trade - simply by imposing laws into the Member State legislation - but that is precisely what the EU does.

The Way the EU Really Works

The following section is derived from Introductory comments contained in "Consolidated Readable Edition as amended by the Treaty of Lisbon in 2009, with all amendments until 2016" in: THE EU TREATIES - The Readable Version with Notes and Alphabetical Index Editor: Jens-Peter Bonde © Fourth edition 2016, can be downloaded at together with the third edition with comparisons with the previous treaties"


  • "The EU Court of Justice has decided that the EU treaties constitute the European Constitution and prevail over national law and national constitutions. The Charter of Fundamental Rights is legally binding according to art. 6 TEU. It prevails over national constitutions when EU law is being implemented by the member states – according to the Melloni-case from 2013." 

Trade Deal Options

For the purpose of discussion we review the fundamental concepts related to EU trade deals:

Customs Union - the EEC(EU)

  • "The customs union the basic "skeleton" of the European Economic Community (EEC), established in 1958, it was succeeded by the European Community (EC) in the Maastricht Treaty (1992) and then the European Union in the Lisbon Treaty (2007). Unlike a "Free Trade Area" no customs duties are levied on goods travelling within the customs union – but members of the customs union must impose a common external tariff on all goods entering the union." (Article 28 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union states that all trade in goods between EU countries must be free of customs duties and that member states must apply a common customs tariff for goods imported from outside the EU.)

  • "A precondition of the customs union is that the European Commission negotiates for and on behalf of the Union as a whole in international trade deals such as the World Trade Organisation (WTO), rather than each member state negotiating individually."​  (Wikipedia)

  • "It is not necessary to be in the Single Market to be in a Customs Union with the EU (e.g.Turkey)"

  • Norway is part of the European Economic Area (EEA), which gives it access to the Single Market, but is not in the EU's customs union. In practice, this means that while most goods that originate in Norway can still be traded tariff-free to the rest of the European single market, products coming through Norway into the single market are subject to further checks. 

  • Trade in services is arguably more important to the UK than trade in goods, as services make up almost 80% of the UK economy and a customs union would have limited impact on trade in services. (after BBC News Reality Check: What is a Customs Union, July 2016)

Single Market: The Remainers' want the British people to think that the Customs Union - Single Market are just about trade - but the trade is actually the device that has historically, and is currently, being used to bring about a single state government in Brussels (Berlin) by controlling all the Member State populations in minute detail.  

  • "The Single Market is not a ‘stand alone’ option. It is but one of four pillars of a Single Regulatory Regime. They are the essential and fundamental tenets of the EU and cannot be changed." 

  • "it is a Single Regulatory Regime and the Single Market is only a part of it. It includes several political clauses that ensure the EU keeps complete control of any country foolish enough to sign up to it. It is also a Customs Union to protect French agriculture and German industry by making imports more expensive."

The consequences of being in the Single Market are inviable and include:

  • ​​"Unlimited and uncontrolled migration from EU into UK. This would include non-EU people from anywhere in the world who have been give EU passports to enable them to move from any EU country to UK"

  • "Submission to the primacy of the European Court of Justice. The remit of the EJC is not to administer justice but to make judgments that further ‘ever closer union’. This would make the UK Supreme Court no more than a body to rubber stamp EJC judgments with no right to question or amend them."

  • "Accept the supremacy of EU Corpus Juris over English Common Law and the Magna Carta. Free speech and individual rights of British subjects enshrined at Runnymede would be null and void. It involves arrest without evidence and by no more than rumour. It would be illegal for UK subjects to criticise the EU. The Spanish Advocate General of the EU Court of Justice has claimed that “Criticism of the EU is akin to blasphemy and could be restricted without affecting Freedom of Speech”  It is a criminal offence to criticise the EU as of  2013-002 and 2012 – 033"

  • "Acceptance of all EU standards even when not applicable to UK." There are thousands of such standards and regulations that act as a ball and chain on our companies seriously restricting their ability to operate competitively. Sadly many of these Regulations were ‘gold Plated’ by our Health and Safety Exec to make UK commerce and industry even more uncompetitive.

  • Before joining EU British Standards were democratically set up by committees of those involved not bureaucrats who have never worked in ‘the real world’. (after 2016 – 077 The Single Market and Customs Union are part of a Single Regulatory RegimePosted on 13 November, 2016 | Leave a comment

What is being Offered to the British People

(a) The Chequers Deal -This has been 80% agreed by the EU - with the caveat that it must not violate EU principles - so all of those listed above will have to be adhered to - and therefore none of what May is claiming to be in the interests of Britain is actually true -  but we want to look at another aspect of the the deal.

As things stand at the moment - the British people have been effectively manoeuvred into a choice between three options - Chequers,  No Deal, or Remain in the EU (i.e. Revoke Article 50) - with "Chequers" being criticised as being the equivalent of the UK being a "Vassal State" in the EU - but few people seem to realise that it is literallythe same as remaining in the EU courtesy of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - for the following reasons:

The definition of a Vassal State is "one that is subordinate to another state and is required to provide military assistance when required by the dominant state." and under Title 3 Common Security and Defence Policy - Article 42 (3) of the Lisbon Treaty (2007):

  • Article 42 3. Member States shall make civilian and military capabilities available to the Union for the implementation of the common security and defence policy, to contribute to the objectives defined by the Council. Those Member States which together establish multinational forces may also make them available to the common security and defence policy. "So that could include Conscription."

  • Member States shall undertake progressively to improve their military capabilities. The Agency in the field of defence capabilities development, research, acquisition and armaments (hereinafter referred to as “the European Defence Agency”) shall identify operational requirements, shall promote measures to satisfy those requirements, shall contribute to identifying and, where appropriate, implementing any measure needed to strengthen the industrial and technological base of the defence sector, shall participate in defining a European capabilities and armaments policy, and shall assist the Council in evaluating the improvement of military capabilities.

So by definition, and in reality, Britain and the rest of the EU Member States are each "Vassal States" of the EU and have been since at least 2009 - and from the ECJ ruling that the Lisbon Treaty (2007) is the de facto EU Constitution (see above - "How the EU Really Works") - the EU has superiority - not only over the Member State Legal Systems - but also over their Constitutions - a profound change for the people of Britain and their Common Law protections - which the EU has swept away without any consultation or consent from those in the EU it most affects. 

One must therefore conclude that HMG, working with the EU is seeking - through the "Chequers Deal", "No Deal fear mongering" and "Remain" as the only options - to trap the British people inside the Totalitarian EU Police State - in direct response to the British people's vote to escape from that very same trap.

More to follow.