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28th February 2018

FCO:30/1048 - They cannot be Trusted

We mean that the majority of our politicians cannot be trusted for one very simple reason - as outlined in the Civil Service advice to Ministers contained within Foreign and Commonwealth Office document FCO:30/1048 (1971) - which warned the then Prime Minister Edward Heath and the Labour Party Deputy Roy Jenkins of the consequences of their intention to illegally sign the UK into the EEC in 1972 (ECA) thereby binding the UK to the Treaty of Rome (1957) - they surrendered (and have maintained) sovereign rule over the British people to a foreign power - the EEC(EU) - this must be equally true for all the other Member States Parliaments and Heads of State who signed up to and Ratified the Lisbon Treaty (2007)

All subsequent members of Parliament and Lords, are or should be, aware of this document and are therefore complicit in the deception against the British people - a deception that has been continued by all governments and the majority of MP's since 1972 - and is rife at this present time - particularly in the Labour Party, its political bedfellows and the House of Lords.

This criticism does not include those MP's, Lords and others, past and present, who have systematically railed against Britain's continual subjugation by the EEC (EU)

The Document was kept secret for 30 years so as to ensure that the British population was kept in the dark about the EEC and its intentions, which also continues today - perpetrated by the usual suspects - the Labour Party (PLP) and their fellow travellers.

We present an annotated version of FCO:30/1048 for your perusal - in order to place into context the present discourse in the Parliament and the country more widely - and to enlighten some to the true nature of our political system and its constituent parts.

                                                      FCO 30/1048

                                    “Sovereignty and the European Community”

Selected and annotated excerpts:

Parliament controlled
11. Membership of the Communities will involve us in extensive limitations upon our freedom of action. For the first time. Parliament is binding its successors.

Increasing loss of sovereignty
The loss of external sovereignty will however increase as the Community develops, according to the intention of the preamble to the Treaty of Rome "to establish the foundations of an even closer union among the European peoples ".

Our law subservient
12. (ii) The power of the European Court to consider the extent to which a UK statute is compatible with Community Law will indirectly involve an innovation for us, as the European Court's decisions will be binding on our courts which might then have to rule on the validity or applicability of the United Kingdom statute. 

Predicting monetary and military union
18..but it will be in the British interest after accession to encourage the development of the Community toward an effectively harmonised economic, fiscal and monetary system and a fairly closely coordinated and consistent foreign and defence policy.  If it came to do so then essential aspects of sovereignty both internal and external would indeed increasingly be transferred to the Community itself.

No withdrawal, sovereignty diminished
22.   Even with the most dramatic development of the Community the major member states can hardly lose the "last resort" ability to withdraw in much less than three decades.  The Community's development could produce before then a period in which the political practicability of withdrawal was doubtful.    If the point should ever be reached at which inability to renounce the Treaty (and with it the degeneration of the national institutions which could opt for such a policy) was clear, then sovereignty, external, parliamentary and practical would indeed be diminished.

After entry (to EEC, 1972) there would be a major responsibility on HMG and on all political parties not to exacerbate public concern by attributing unpopular measures or unfavourable economic developments to the remote and unmanageable workings of the Community.

Transfer of the Executive
24 (ii) The transfer of major executive responsibilities to the bureaucratic Commission in Brussels will exacerbate popular feeling of alienation from government.

Erosion of sovereignty
24 (v) ...The more the Community is developed ... the more Parliamentary sovereignty will be eroded. ...The right ... to withdraw will remain for a very considerable time. ...The sovereignty of the State will surely remain unchallenged for this century at least.

The EU Bureaucracy will rule
25.   The impact of entry upon sovereignty is closely related to the blurring of distinctions between domestic political and foreign affairs, to the greater political responsibility of the bureaucracy of the Community and the lack of effective democratic control.

Please remember this document whenever you read or hear an MP or Peer speak in favour of the EU - and don't believe anything they say - they are required to protect the EU from criticism - though not all politicians sing to the same hymn sheet. 

More importantly - feel free to copy this document or the more comprehensive version (below) courtesy of and send it to anyone supporting "Remain", along with every MP and Peer who supports Remain. Point out that they should not continue to be part of the Parliamentary conspiracy against the British people, which began in 1973 - and remind them that it is their sworn duty to vote in favour of what the British people decided in the largest Democratic vote on the 23rd June 2016 - which was to leave the legal control of the EU - anything less or contrived in favour of the EU or any other foreign power is not acceptable.