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27th January, 2017

Full English Brexit

As the invocation of Article 50 draws near, those who wish to see end of the UK, and, in particular England, have appeared, from out of the woodwork. The desire for Britain to leave the EU has transformed into desire for the English to leave the EU, where the English may be defined as anyone born in England, and resident before New Labour opened up our doors to the EU and the rest of the world - with clear dividing lines between us, the Scots, the Welsh and the Irish.

Actually, it is not the general populations of those countries, but their leaders and supporters; those within in the SNP, Plaid Cymru and some of those in Northern Ireland, who are intent on siding with the EU against the English; which seeks, not only to eliminate the Nations States of Europe, but also England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

These would be replaced, effectively, with regions of a Federal German State (UK's EU Regions); administered by EU appointed Governors - reporting directly to Brussels (Berlin) and EU Prosecutors with greater powers than the national courts to investigate tax fraud and corruption!. So it would be a special kind of national suicide for these countries - England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales - to stay within the EU. Of course, the likes of Sturgeon have convinced their supporters that, inside the EU, Scotland would be an "Independent Sovereign Country" - even though she knows full well that Scotland would lose, not only it identity, but also its own governance - but perhaps she does not care, as long as Scotland is not ruled by the English.

Can it be really true that the Scots, the Welsh and the Northern Irish, and some in London and elsewhere, really don't mind losing their identity; their traditions, their culture, and don't mind being told what to do, without any means of peacefully objecting to such oppression? That is what happens if they stay in the EU.

It would be unfair to only include these groups, since the biggest threat to the UK, and the English was, and still is the old Labour Party, in particular the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP), which was disguised as New Labour (1997 - 2010) and its creators, the Fabians - Not forgetting the uber Europhile Liberal Democrats and the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

Ever since the political Left realised that they could no longer rely on the majority white working class to keep them in power, they turned to immigrants for their core support; just as Gerhard Schroder had done in Germany in 2002, where, as an unpopular leader, he promised Turkish immigrants additional rights in Germany, in return for votes - and he succeeded in being re-elected.

When Blair came to power one of the first thing that they did was remove the term English from the census forms and made every attempt to marginalise the English in favour of ethnic minorities, in particular, Muslim immigrants; which Mandelson seems to have searched high and low in order to bring them into the UK, and then nurture them. It is easy to understand why that would be the case. This behaviour towards the English, as expressed by New Labour in its most intolerant and hate-filled form, has perhaps always represented the true attitude of the Labour Party towards England and the English.

This attitude might be best expressed in comments made by Jack Straw, as the New Labour Justice Minister, when he stated that "The English as a race are not worth saving". Perhaps the best description of the Fabians, who dominated New Labour, is expressed in the famous quotation: "Fabians feast off Capitalism and excrete Communism"- The EU is a Fabian project, and Blair and Khan are enthusiastic Fabian Europhiles.

What is "Full English Brexit."?

In reality, Theresa May almost defined it in her Lancaster House speech

​The primary ingredient is the Repeal of the infamous European Communities Act (1972),

Followed by the removal of all legal constraints upon the United Kingdom, which, in any way gives the EU, any say in the running of our country, which means having Access to the Single Market, without the Treaty of Rome (1957)'s "Four Freedoms"; that is to say NO membership of the Single Market with all that that entails - No membership fees nor stupid rules governing our activities with the rest of the world. 

We cannot give away control of our own Asylum policy, Defence, Fisheries, Immigration, Justice System, Security, Taxation and Fiscal management or any other Sovereign matters, to any Foreign Power. 

Everything else can be negotiable - and in spite of all the negative "Re-Moaner" objections (vested interests) and doom mongering, it will reach a satisfactory conclusion - because it is in the mutual interests of this country, and the EU. After all we only joined a trading arrangement - the EEC - didn't we?

There can be no reversal of Article 50.

The primary object must be to regain our system of Law in this country, which would then be Sovereign, once again, and does not defer to any Foreign Power: 

  • Our Parliament must never again be a puppet, nor vassal of any Foreign Power
  •  The UK Supreme Court must never again be the European Court of Justice (ECJ) / nor any other non-UK Institution
  •  Our armed forces must never be commanded by foreign governments or their forces 
  •  We must be able to loan our Sovereignty to our Elected Representatives, and feel secure in the knowledge that they will not  abuse the privilege, not take it hostage, nor give it away to any Foreign Power, nor hold it against our will.
  •  We must be able to remove from power any who do abuse their position or seek to undermine our Democracy or conspire with others to undermine or destroy this country.

When we manage to extricate ourselves from the EU, we sincerely hope that all the countries of the UK will work together to make a success of the UK, for all its inhabitants - we must all be ever vigilant, to those who would undermine the UK, and seek or conspire to take us back into the Totalitarian EU Police State, that is developing near our shores.