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​​5th September, 2016

G20 Brexit Attacks

On her debut on the world stage at the G20 Summit our Prime Minister surrendered to pressure from the USA and Japan, the latter who inexplicably posted their terms and conditions for continuing with their investment in the UK on their official government website, apparently without any warning in the early stages of the meeting. Almost simultaneously, the US president re-affirmed his threat to place Britain at the back of any queue for a Trade deal between Britain and the US, this following earlier attempts - prior to the Referendum - to threaten Britain to stay in the EU "or else". (Obama's Contribution) 

As a result this, there was a sudden unexpected announcement that an Australian points based system would not work in terms of controlling migration into the UK from the EU. Chuka Ummuna was first in line to point out that such a system had not worked in Australia as immigration had increased; he did not seem to realise that whilst that may be true, the Australian government were the ones who had decided who was going to enter their country, it was not decided by another authority or another country.

The even more EU compliant Baroness Wheatcroft who has sought to ensure that the House of Lords would prevent or at least delay the invocation of Article 50 - she is a Peer whose disdain for democracy knows no bounds and considers the EU Referendum to be only advisory. This is a very convenient position to take, in order to suggest a second Referendum on her own terms, which even based upon her faulty logic would also be only advisory. In reality, the Referendum is legally binding since David Cameron ensured that it would be "watertight", as explained below:- although the EU compliant who hold a majority will no doubt act in their own interests; and those of their masters.

Wheatcroft also seems to think, or suggest at least, that sovereignty lies with Parliament and they should have the final say on Brexit, as our "Representatives." The reality is that the people loan their sovereignty to Parliament, and they gave it away to the EEC (EU) in 1972, without our permission - therefore they have no right to claim that they are our representatives - when in reality they primarily represent the interests of the EU - a conflict of interest that has greatest effect on the welfare of the British people - a position of power that none of them who support the EU are worthy to hold.

Later today David Davis gave a "reassuring" speech in the House of Commons outlining how the Brexit unit are trying to work a compromise to suit everyone, whilst restating the government's position that Brexit means that Britain is leaving the EU. This against a background of Labour Jackals attempting to dismiss any suggestion that Britain should have any desire to act in its own interest (under the Labour Party we would have already been under the much promised EU Police State).  

So we do not have a great deal to celebrate today. Our suspicions about our new leader are gradually being exposed as being justified. It was clear that her predecessor, David Cameron, had set up the Referendum to finally settle the matter of EU discontent within the Tory Party, and he was so certain that the Referendum would offer up the "right" decision - ie,  a "guaranteed" result based upon a foundation of deception, fear and scaremongering - that he enshrined in the Tory Manifesto, his Referendum propaganda material, his rhetoric and also in the Referendum Bill (2015) (which was duly passed) that the government would abide by the will of the people. And just in case it went wrong he would need a plan B, and Theresa May is now in charge of the country - courtesy of the EU compliant Tory politicians.

Now we must now endure what will seem like an eternity, and listen to endless excuses from ne'er do well politicians and Peers, with the Brussels Broadcasting Service in the vanguard of the media outlets inspiring the screaming Remainers whose main concern is for student exchange (which was never a problem previously), and free roaming charges (not quite so free as first thought), and who seem to believe that the EU is a cornucopia of never ending delights, with no downside; in reality the EU is a Fool's Paradise..

This attitude though persists, despite all the evidence to the contrary; mass youth unemployment throughout southern Europe; the French having to strike to try to keep their workers' rights in the EU; member states in turmoil over migrant quotas; the rise of the political right in response to the uncontrolled mass migration which threatens to engulf the whole of Europe, including Britain.

We must stay vigilant, monitor and database what is happening in the UK, especially along our borders and coastline, and not let the new Home Secretary follow May and preside over a greater influx of illegal immigrants during the time that we have to wait. If there has not been any real progress by the 1 January 2017, we must step up activity and become more vociferous, and plan for the democratic removal of those who would usurp our sovereignty.