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31st July, 2016

Gongs for Europhiles

With no hint of shame nor regret Cameron has lowered himself to providing a list of remain supporters to be considered for called "honours", as reported in the Times, to be given to the very individuals who would have Britain totally absorbed within the Totalitarian EU Police State at the drop of a hat - UK honours for people who actively support the destruction of Britain, and indeed the destruction of the British people as a national identity at the hands of the political EU.

When Theresa May leaves office will she do the same for the of the remain camp supporters totally 75% majority in her present Cabinet? 

Will Straw, the son of Jack Straw of New Labour fame is one such possible recipient of note - Will straw was brought into the "Stronger In" campaign as director, on the recommendation of Nick Clegg after the earlier version of the remain campaign "British Influence" involving Mandelson, Alexander and Clarke, were replaced after Downing Street became involved.​ According to Rafael Behr in his long read Guardian article on the 5th July, 2016 

Straw's most notable contribution though seems to have been after the death of Joe Cox when according to Euro Guido (; Straw encouraged the "Stronger In" campaign to focus upon blaming the Leave camp for creating "division and resentment" claiming that only the remain campaign represent a "decent, tolerant Britain" - which resulted in a temporary swing towards remain Is Straw really an acceptable recipient of a reward?

George Osborne no doubt would be rewarded for his " Revenge Budget" and Sam's "Girl Friday" award can only help to increase the clamour to get rid of the discredited gong system altogether or replace it with, say, a set of different coloured plastic badges that they could wear to garden parties and state occasions - the fact that the old EU supporting Prescott apparently only accepted his peerage because of his wife; which probably illustrates their true value - although the extra cash from appearing in the Lords is always a bonus.

In a corrupt EU why would anyone expect anything less in one of its "vassal" states; in fact, is there anything that the remain camp would not do to get their own way?