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21st June, 2016

Good cop - Bad cop

It now looks like the EU have put together some kind of a game plan, which seems to be a variation on the "Good cop, Bad cop" technique where Merkel displays the nice caring nature for which she is renowned (not) and Hollande plays the disciplinarian; working together they plan to wear May down until they get what they all (including May?) want - by simply stalling and avoiding the issues.

Merkel seems happy to allow May to bide her time and Hollande is a bit more circumspect and whilst there are good reasons for the UK to "Get its ducks in a row" before activating Article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union (TEU) there are, in reality, few major problems in obtaining a smooth transition to Brexit - mainly because the mechanisms for trade are already in place through the EEC which the UK was actively involved in for 19 years before the Maastricht Treaty (1992) - and which we actually thought we were joining - not a reincarnation of the old Soviet Union in Europe. 

But perhaps this is too simplistic an assessment that is not strictly true since Hollande has offered his opening gambit with a statement that: firstly, "There will not be any access to the EU "Single Market" unless the UK  accepts free movement of EU citizens" which is rather odd since a number of other countries have access to the EU "Single Market" without such restrictions; secondly "The UK will have to contribute to the EU coffers." 

Where, in the latter case the EU then simply acts as a middleman to redistribute those funds, from the member states to poorer areas of those same member states; provide funding for university research and other educational opportunities as well as educational funding for EU propaganda, and encouraging volumes of EU supportive research opportunities, in order to buy their loyalty; and create a culture of EU dependency, as they have so successfully achieved within the devolved areas of the UK.

Basically, these are some of the principal reasons why the UK no longer wishes to be part of the EU (uncontrolled Free-movement from the EU and cost of doing business with the EU); though our main reason goes beyond these to the very nature of freedom to forge our own future independently. 

We do not believe that uncontrolled mass immigration is of benefit to any host country and is simply a means of altering the demographic makeup of that host country - on the road to the "Final Remedy" - as so eloquently described on the plaque at the entrance to the EU visitor centre in Brussels - and must be prevented at all cost, at least for Britain.

The latest date for invoking Article 50 of the TEU and thereby avoiding various other "Bear Traps" such as the 2020 general elections would be the 31st December, 2016, which would lead to a final Brexit on the 1st of january, 2019; according to the website "Lawyers for Britain"

Those areas which need attention can, without doubt be resolved within that two year negotiation period and we can subsequently negotiate any additional arrangements from outside the EU central controlling system, as the need arises; certainly there can be no reason to extend the two year period - after all the EU is only the world's largest trading bloc if the UK is included and only the second largest without the participation of the UK - the EU knows, even if it is reluctant to acknowledge the fact, that the EU is of much less interest to other world powers without the participation of the UK.

However, the UK  would only be interested in being part of new EU arrangements if the UK held the final say on any treaty clause provisions signed on the assumption that the UK was included in such arrangements  - we are happy to trade within the EU, but not be "Occupied" by a Totalitarian EU Police State.

According to the bookmakers there is an equal 2/1 chance that Article 50 of the TEU will be invoked by the UK by the 1st of January, 2017 or not be invoked at all - we are confident that this deadline is achievable if the will to achieve it is there and there is a determined effort to ensure that the UK does leave the EU by the 1st of January, 2019.