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3rd June, 2017

Good Deal - Bad Deal

Regarding the EU and the June 23rd, 2016 EU Referendum in the UK - a result which sent shock waves through the entire British Establishment - and was an inconceivable outcome for 48% of the British population (though that has reportedly shrunk, as the EU has become more exposed), but an imperative for at least 52% - but as time has progressed it became clear that a good deal with the EU would be defined by your political leanings.

For those on the Political Left, a good deal is defined as overturning the Referendum, and staying under the control of the German dominated Communist Bloc, by any, and all means, for Eternity (the Lisbon Treaty (2007) has not time limit) - though, that aspiration is largely hidden behind gritted teeth, while it is "accepted", as an unfortunate by-product of Democracy - except, it isn't, and it seems that certain "luvvies", can't hold themselves back from displays of superiority, as they trawl for gongs.

On the other side of the political divide are those at the real Centre and Centre-Right of politics (there are no politicians on the Left who are anywhere close to the Centre or Centre-Left of politics) That is clear from the tactics that they use when they wish to dominate the political agenda - some though are better than others at hiding their real motives and intentions, and it seems lately that Corbyn has improved his presentation technique - and kept his real intentions rather guarded.

Good or Bad

A Good Deal is where a country trades freely with its partners in the markets of other countries - and it was the expressed motivation for the European Economic Community (EEC); though predicated upon a notion of peaceful cooperation, albeit, initially enforced between West Germany and France after WWII - where individual countries traded as equals and maintained their Sovereignty, Identity, Culture and Heritage, and this worked well from the UK's perspective from 1973 to 1992. At which time the EEC first drew back its veil of respectability and began to show its true intentions - at least to the politicians of the member states, and some of their populations.

But it was in 2007 that the mask was largely removed - but only to the politicians and the Establishment Class - whilst the populations were generally unaware of the changes that were taking place - even though the populations of France and Holland had looked into the abyss and rejected the Constitution for Europe (2005) - and Eire had held a Referendum.  In spite of which the EU managed to become a legal entity in its own right, separate and superior to its member states, with an overarching, superior Constitution in 2009, to which all member states' Constitutions are subservient; after all 28 countries had Ratified the Lisbon Treaty (2007)

Nevertheless, the EU has never previously been exposed to the populations of the Member States in its true light, but two factors have had a dramatic effect in exposing the real EU - the first was, mass migration into the UK under New Labour, followed by the European Migration "Crisis" - precipitated by Sutherland at the UN and Merkel / Juncker  in Europe, since it could have been better managed outside Europeand these factors, in turn, precipitated the UK vote to leave the EU.

The EU negotiations have further helped to pull back the shroud of mystery which had effectively hidden the workings of the EU (ably assisted by compliant member state politicians) and show the rather nasty, belligerent, and incompetent technocracy, controlled by internal and external financial interests, that lies within the edifice that is the EU; to whom we owe our allegiance and deference - courtesy of our own sycophantic politicians. The EU has now clearly laid out its plans to become a single state controlling every aspect of the lives of every citizen within the EU, where member state Identity, Culture and Heritage are sidelined and the Sovereignty of individual member states are subverted - a very far cry from the EEC that we were illegally signed up to in 1972.

A Bad Deal

A bad deal is that we stay in that EU, and we are unable to escape from the EU's legal control through the ECJ; by staying in the Customs Union and Single Market - and the Referendum would be have been reversed.

The Labour Manifesto cannot be trusted because the Labour Party and their Trade Union backers, are one and the same with the EU, and its objectives. New Labour pretended to be pro-business, whilst they acted clandestinely with the EU to change the very nature of the UK's legal, political and domestic systems - which had developed over centuries - in order to suit the ambitions of those in Brussels. The new (old) Labour under Corbyn will do exactly the same, in the hope that they will be able to totally subjugate the UK population on behalf of Merkel, and the Eurogroup, as a matter of priority.

A Labour negotiation with the EU would lead to a total capitulation to the EU; with a continuity of its funding by the UK; continued control by the ECJ and an increase in mass migration because of the Four "Freedoms" of the EU - which will lead to; UK bankruptcy within the Euro, and the total breakdown of British society - a society which the EU has always seen as a thorn in its side, though keen on its financial contributions, for more see  (Labour's destruction of the UK)

For a detailed analysis of the options and legal ramifications of possible UK deals with the EU, please visit the Lawyers for Britain website (