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17th January, 2017

Good Speech Mrs May

Mrs May laid down a good outline plan to allow Britain to escape from the damaging control of the EU, and escape the full consequences of the terms and conditions of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - which would see us absorbed into a German Federal System within the EU; without influence or power, either in the EU, Europe or anywhere else in the world.

Welcomed objectives cited include the repeal of the European Communities Act(1972) (ECA); escape from membership of the Single Market and its Four "Freedoms", which are designed primarily to benefit bankers, big business and multinational corporations, as a free market playground: ripe for exploitation of the indigenous poor and immigrants alike; for the sale of infrastructure, and Brussels' directed privatisation of the public services - without regard for the local populations. The ending of large subscription fees to the EU was also a very welcome addition.

Having said that, there are a number of unknown quantities, regarding access to the Customs Union and the actual negotiating of individual aspects of the legal separation, but overall it was an optimistic vision for Britain, which would set on edge the teeth of Merkel and her inner circle - after all, as William Congreve observed - "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" and Merkel has been the prime mover in the integration of the member states into the EU, ever since she was first elected. 

Tim Farron was one of the early naysayer's, following the speech, who are out to block the entire process, who see their favourite project, the EU, in danger, as a result of the departure of a major trading nation  - the UK, of which the EU would lose  control. Farron is not only one trying to protect the interests of the EU, others in the EU's 5th column within our establishment; in the Commons, the Lords, the Civil Service, the Judiciary and in Local Government are all feverishly planning attacks on behalf of the EU.

LibDem Farron wants a 2nd Referendum to overturn the 23rd of June, 2015 vote, on the grounds that it does not represent the interests of the 48% who also voted - but the EU Referendum was a binary decision, to leave or to remain, like a general election you don't get to have another election because you did not like the new government - much as the SNP and the rest of the Left wishes it to be so.

It is clear that if the vote had gone to the remain camp,  no such call for another vote would have even been uttered. This is about Democracy, and the Left do not like Democracy, unless they get their own way - which is why the US President Elect, Donald Trump is being hounded and undermined by the US Left, the Democrats - ironically enough. Fortunately, the US establishment have accepted the Democratic will of the people, but in Britain the establishment have not accepted the Democratic will of the British People. If they really cared about the EU why didn't they vote in larger numbers - it is all too easy to say that the remainers really care, but their lack of voting belies their protestations. 

Those on the Left want another referendum because they can then change its terms of reference and extend the franchise to those more likely to favour the EU, and hope that some of the older leave voters would have died in the meantime - in other words they want an opportunity to rig the next referendum result on behalf of the EU.

What is most notable though is that the Remainers' ignore the obvious, almost insurmountable, problems that the EU has created, and continues to create throughout Europe and its near neighbours; and seem blinded to its actions, such as austerity, producing widespread youth unemployment across southern Europe at levels in the 30% and 40%; the reckless disregard for the security of the populations of the member states. Including allowing the free movement of anyone, even if they have no documentation and no background information about their previous activities. 

No one in their right mind would want to join such an organisation as the EU, let alone remain after suffering the damage that the EU has already done to the UK.

Now we have had the outline it is time to invoke Article 50 and get on with leaving - we don't need to wait any longer.