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3rd October, 2016

The Great HS2 Railway Scam 

Guess we were wrong when we suggested yesterday that the Repeal of the European Communities Act (1972), cited by Theresa May at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, would mark a new relationship of openness and honesty between the population, our politicians and the establishment - but that has been cruelly crushed with the announcement of the plans to go ahead with the much despised and much maligned HS2 railway link. Listening to Nick Ferrari on LBC this morning we were surprised to hear the politicians and other pundits discussing HS2 and seeking to understand why such a large capital cost could not be better used on other infrastructure projects, such as NHS hospitals and how could a saving of only 30 minutes be justified  (Job creation is a valid reason for some expenditure) 

The discussions revolved around the decision by the government to spend the money on that project rather than any others - but our government is required to build HS2 by the EU, in order to continue the extension of the Trans-European Railway Network - but "Here is the Rub" - we have to pay for it, and we have no say over the route.


A couple of things arise from what we heard today, which should be answered by our politicians and by LBC, (a) why won't the government admit that HS2 is an EU requirement, which we have to pay for and that we have no control over its route and (b) why didn't LBC research the origins of HS2 and bring this to the attention of the public - or is this verboten?

We understand that our politicians are required? to protect the EU from scrutiny by the British public (according to FCO:30/1048 (1971)) but this was written 45 years ago - are they still under this same obligation, even after the announcement of the Repeal of ECA (1972) yesterday - if so then nothing they say can be relied upon when it comes to spending priorities - obviously whatever the EU wants comes first - and that would also include the Labour Party spending priorities - or any other political party as long as we are in the EU; and over the past 43 years.

In light of these facts those in Great Missenden should be greatly "Miffed" since they are "Flogging a Dead Horse" when it comes to protesting against the government about HS2 and its route - they should be protesting in Brussels or Berlin.