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The Greek Crisis

4th July, 2015

The Euro is the weapon of choice for the EU in terms of bringing about political integration; which as far as the EU is concerned, is simply the surrender of power from subordinate states to the central EU government.

What we are seeing happening in Greece, and to a lesser extent in Portugal, Spain etc. are the death throes of nations attempting to hang onto their own identities (way of life, ways of working etc.) which they managed to do, to a lesser or greater extent whilst, they controlled their own currencies, but won't work with a currency controlled by an efficient, alien (to them), economy such as Germany.

Greece has to decide whether or not to submit to the German economy (full EU control) and lose its integrity, pride and way of life or try to go it alone (and / or find other partners) with its own currency and keep its true identity - only Greece can decide what they are willing to sacrifice.

To those in the EU but currently outside the Euro the rules still apply and the austerity in the UK is also controlled by the EU; although the UK governments can, at the moment, decide where the cuts are applied; but the total UK budget is decided with agreement with the EU, thus the European Central Bank (ECB) defines our budget limits.

So we will also have to decide whether we want to be fully controlled by the EU or not - that is to say whether or not we accept that the EU decides where the cuts will be applied (as seems to be the case for Greece)

It is also worth stating that whatever our governments claim about privatisation of our public services, including the NHS, the EU has already directed that we will have privatisation. That is part of what the 4 free movements of the EU (People, Goods, Services and Capital) are all about, whether we like it or not, and hence the loss of our Royal Mail. 

Believe it or not our politicians are required to keep the public in the dark (although there is little evidence that they care either way) about the real reasons why the privatisations are taking place, which allows the politicians in Brussels to keep working on their EU consolidation project behind our backs and not alert us to the dangers, until it is too late.

The best thing we can do is to put them on the spot and ask the politicians directly about what the EU are really up to and watch how they respond - at least we might get the proper debate started, before the faux Referendum.

Meanwhile watch how the Greek crisis unfolds and shines a light on the workings of the real EU behind the fairy tale sold to our populations.

UPDATE: 5th July, 2015 

Respect to the Greek people for standing up to the intimidation and threats from those who wish to subjugate the populations of Europe.

Very best wishes for the future

UPDATE: 8th July, 2015

Having seen the behavior of the EU since the NO vote it is clear Greece must leave the Euro if they are to preserve their status as a free country which is able to conduct Referendums that are respected as the free will of their people.

For the Greeks to remain in the Euro (EU) after such a response from the EU leaders is to cease to be a free people and to be forced to submit to an unendurable future of control of every aspect of their lives from Brussels (Berlin); a future to which all economically weakened members will ultimately succumb, including France and the UK.

The alternative to leaving the EU(Euro) is that Greece will be the first EU country to capitulate to foreign powers without the force of arms, an outcome that the Euro was always intended to facilitate - who will be next?

Update: 13th July, 2015

During this last week the thin veneer of respectability of the EU has been rolled back to reveal how little the unsavoury leaders of Germany and Brussels respect democracy, as demonstrated by their willingness to cynically manipulate and interfere in the internal affairs of what are supposed to be sovereign nations; though not for the first time.

As Juncker pointed out: The Greek referendum is an irrelevance - As is any expression of free will in the EU, if it conflicts with the interests of the EU bankers and their associates.

By forcing the resignation of Varoufakis*, to exclude him from negotiations, and to then place Tsipras in an untenable position of having to accept bailout conditions which are worse than those rejected in the Greek referendum, the EU have set the scene for the ousting of an elected government in Greece. How long before Greece is occupied by armed forces sent by Brussels?

The problem of Greece's unsustainable debt burden has hardly been addressed, and is being supposedly offset by the seizure and sale of Greek assets, which the Greeks have also had to accept.  Reportedly 92% of the loans to Greece will be used solely to pay bank interest; if so the Greeks only get 8% of the loans to contribute to their actual economy.

But none of this need to have ever happened because the problem has been known about for years and the EU continued to give loans to Greece to support the Euro ideology and entrap the Greeks in an ever tightening spiral of debt and despair, when they could have given conditional debt relief at a much earlier date and helped Greece onto a more sound, long term sustainable economic base.

Of course the EU has never been about helping other countries within the EU or elsewhere, it is essentially a money making enterprise which will maliciously quell all opposition to protect its own interests as it proceeds with its ambition to control of every aspect of life in Europe and its near neighbours.

We should also be aware that the EU has issued directives aimed at our bank accounts, under the guise of fraud prevention, so don't be surprised if they are soon be able to dip into our accounts when they want a bit of cash, just as HMRC are currently planning. 

The UK needs to get out of the EU while we still can and enter free trade agreements with countries who share our aspirations; not countries whose leaders and populations share the aspirations of the bankers in the EU.

Update 16th July, 2015

I imagine that the Greek politicians have looked into the abyss of leaving the EU at this point in time and voted to try and tough it out. But they were always between a rock and a hard place because the Greek population did not want to leave the European Union (EU) nor EuroZone (EZ) nor even the Euro.

The EU cannot let this run without acting to prop up the Greek economy and provide support in order to move forward, and that is not just financial support. The Greeks need expert help to restructure their economy. They also need the bankers to act responsibly, and not just look at the bottom line. Since that clearly means writing off some debts, then that should take place - acting like bailiffs at a yard sale will not help anybody. 

From the UK perspective almost everyone in the this country should now have little doubt that the UK has no real influence in the EU or EZ and that truth is being reinforced as the Greek crisis continues.

What should also be apparent is that the Greek crisis may be an isolated case at the moment, but the EU and EZ is a thinly disguised minefield of other potential problems which Britain can, and will be dragged into, and become liable for, by some obscure or otherwise legal or moral obligation, which perhaps we hadn't realised.

By staying in the EU we are potentially heading for one or several monumental disasters, financial and economic, which could well lead to our being bankrupted and at the mercy of 27 other EU members because we do not have any real say in the EU. We have seen how, for example Poland, has vowed to stop the UK acting in its own interests, because that does not suit Poland - how many of the countries in the EU to whom we are giving succour would help us if the situations were reversed? 

This is without considering our potential involvement in future EU military adventures, following the formation of the EU armed forces, to name just one other area of real concern.

Real power in the EU - The Eurogroup

*In reality, our MEP’s are entirely irrelevant, as are all the MEP’s in the EU., they have no power nor influence on outcomes in the EU. The real power resides with the EU Finance Ministers controlled by Germany and this was exposed by Varoufakis during negotiations on the recent Greek debt crisis.

According to Varoufakis, he discovered that after requesting a legal opinion about the validity of the legal status of the Troika (IMF, ECB and EU Commission), (now Quadriga = Troika +  ESM **) in its dealings with the Greek debt crisis that:

“The Eurogroup does not exist in law, there is no treaty which has convened this group.”

So what we have is a non-existent group that has the greatest power to determine the lives of Europeans. It’s not answerable to anyone, given it doesn’t exist in law; no minutes are kept; and it’s confidential. So no citizen ever knows what is said within. … These are decisions of almost life and death, and no member has to answer to anybody." Yanis Varoufakis referring to the Eurogroup in the New Statesman interview, 13th of July, 2015.”

For his impudence Varoufakis was banned from future Greek Crisis negotiations by the Germans.​

**ESM is the European Stability Mechanism