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19th January, 2017

Hidden Ambitions

Now that our position in the EU has been essentially defined, we have seen an outpouring of previously, partially "hidden" ambitions of the EU, notably from Germany, who are now using that as an excuse to push, more urgently for an EU Army, apparently to be led by Germany, (interesting that Germany has imported so many military aged men from Syria). The Germans have "now" also expressed their plan to destroy the UK Financial Services industry. 

Germany and France have always wanted the EU financial centres to be in Frankfurt and Paris - so whether we had remained in the EU or we leave, in any event, London would have been the target for EU attacks, in the interests Germany and France. 

This latest attack comes after the previous destruction of the UK large scale manufacturing industries in favour of German manufacturing. It is clear that these are not a reaction to the EU Referendum vote, and in the case of the EU Army, not because of Donald Trump's comments about NATO. 

These are long term ambitions, particularly from Germany and France, are related to looking after their own interests, at the expense of the other member states, and their ambitions are not confined to areas of Defence and Financial Services, that they will eventually control, but also include EU wide Justice, Police, Security, Social, Taxation and Fiscal matters, to name only a few - and these are all enshrined in the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and controlled, essentially by Germany and France.

It is no coincidence that EU wide austerity has been used to keep the Euro value lower than it otherwise would be, and therefore more competitive, in the interests of the German manufacturing sector, and to the detriment, in particular, where large scale, high level (~ 40%)  youth unemployment, in the southern European EU states. This also impacts the UK as a result of our attempts to reduce the UK deficit and debt burden, as prescribed in the Maastricht Treaty (1992).

How the EU actually operates

To understand how the EU really works - Greece is a good example (Greek Crisis), since it has lost all semblance of self-determination at the hands of the EU, through the Eurogroup - the Greeks have been subjugated, and Greece has been asset stripped at the hands of the Eurogroup, which is controlled by the Troika, which includes the European Commission (EC), European Central Bank (ECB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Yanis Varoufakis, former Greek Finance Minister, had meetings with the group during the Greek crisis and later exposed their modus operandi. 

The important point about the Eurogroup is that their meetings are held in private and no records of its discussions nor decisions are kept, no minutes and no transcripts - the Eurogroup can decide every aspect of the lives of everyone in the EU without any responsibility, because it does not exist in European law (see march 2016). The Troika was later replaced by the Quadriga, with the inclusion of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) - (the Quadriga is named after the chariot with four horses on the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin).

It is easy to see why small poor countries would wish to join the EU, with the offer untold of wealth (relatively) in exchange for signing away the souls of their offspring and vowing loyalty to the EU; by signing up to the Treaty of Rome (1957). The problem arises though when these countries are required to pay back their loans - then they will follow Greece into oblivion.

Once they realise what they have done, it is too late, and more and more follow - on the reverse side the better-off EU members acquire a greater and greater burden of supporting these countries, plus a multitude welcomed in by the UN, Merkel and Juncker - the interest from the loans, does not go to the contributing EU members, but to the Eurogroup (ECB etc). Once again the contributors learn too late; except that Britain realised early enough to take action to escape.  

We have also been the recipients of a rise in our prison population, with prisoners who cannot be returned to their country of origin because of EU / Human Rights legislation, and when they are released, they represent a clear and present danger to our population - perhaps there is also a plan to make the UK the EU's Devil's Island.

The bottom line is that what we see in response to our attempts to break free from the control of the EU, are nothing to do with the attacks by the EU, in response to our actions - the only real difference with these attacks is that they are now out in the open, whereas previously, there was only a pretence of friendliness and cooperation, as our interests were whittled away through stealth and deception. The means of this destruction of our interests lies within our own society, those who seek to act on behalf of the EU, and against the interests of Britain - leading that charge are the usual suspects - the PLP, SNP, Lib/Democrats, numerous Politicians, current and former, and Peers - who shame us all.  

Comments on the Remain camp from a former Labour Politician - Austin Mitchell

​Having mentioned those on the remain side, above, there is an interesting article today, in an online update on matters related to leaving the EU, in "Brexit Central" Jonathan Isaby, BrexitCentral <> 

Austin Mitchell lays bare the damage that the EU has inflicted upon Britain and condemns the behaviour of the Labour Party, in an article entitled

"Labour needs to give up its infantile Euro-enthusiasm and return to its roots, standing up for the workers"