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17th October, 2017

High Treason - Part II

The UK has been subsumed into the EU over the past 44 Years through the means of six Treaties signed by our elected Representatives:-

The European Communities Act (1972)     -> Heath

Gave the EU Henry VIII powers to force EU laws on UK Citizen's, which cannot be amended nor repealed, even if all UK politicians vote against the imposed law - Heath also gave away our fishing rights to allow the EU and others to plunder our fishing grounds and ruin the ecosystem.

The ECA signed the UK up to the Treaty of Rome (1957) and legislated for Community law and the jurisdiction and judgements from the European Court of Justice into the domestic law of the United Kingdom - binding on all legislation passed by the devolved parliaments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

"It was the most significant Act of Parliament to be passed by the Heath government of 1970-74 and is one of the most significant constitutional pieces of legislation ever passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom." (Wikipedia)

The Single European Act (1986)               ->Thatcher

Signed the UK up to the the EU Single Market - it was the first major revision of the Treaty of Rome (1957) - Thatcher reportedly changed her mind about the EU, but was warned not to go public about her feelings. As a result of her change of mind, she was replaced by the Conservative party - in favour of the Europhile John Major.

"The treaty gave the European Parliament a real say in legislating for the first time and introduced more majority voting in the Council of Ministers. Under the procedure the Council could, with the support of Parliament and acting on a proposal by the Commission, adopt a legislative proposal by a qualified majority, but the Council could also overrule a rejection of a proposed law by the Parliament by adopting a proposal unanimously. (Wikipedia)

The Maastricht Treaty (1992)                    ->Major
This Treaty was formally the Treaty of the European Union (TEU) - The EU came into existence for the first time. Two new areas of control - justice and home affairs, and a common foreign and security policy enacted - and added to the existing European Community, thus creating the three pillars of the EU.

EU citizenship was added (but the EU had no legal power at this stage) to allow the right to move and live in any EU state and may vote in European and local elections in any country, it also established the basis for economic and monetary union, and currency conversion - leading to a single currency and constraints on member state budgets, deficit and debt. The following was also enacted: Social Chapter - UK adopted part it - on workers' pay and health and safety and the principle of "Subsidiarity" - under which the Union does not take action (outside of its competences) unless action would be more effective at national, regional or local level - effectively the Union can interfere outside its competences.

The UK adopted the EU Regionalisation Plan. Which will abolish England's 48 counties and replace them with 9 European regions, each with their own Regional Capital, which reports directly to Brussels, not to Westminster. This effectively obliterates the country of England. For example the County of Cornwall is replaced by the South West Region, which stretches from Lands End and includes Gloucestershire and Wiltshire; its regional capital is Exeter. (

"The treaty was first rejected by a Danish referendum, and then after some alterations scraped through. France also gave Maastricht a less than enthusiastic response - its referendum approved the treaty by a tiny margin. In Germany it was sent to the constitutional court, which in the end voted for it. In the UK, it squeezed through parliament under unprecedented pressure. It finally came into force in November 1993." (BBC News,30th April, 2001, UK Maastrict Treaty)

The Amsterdam Treaty (1997)                   ->Blair

Under the Treaty of Amsterdam, member states agreed to devolve certain powers from national governments to the European Parliament across diverse areas, including legislating on immigration, adopting civil and criminal laws, and enacting foreign and security policy (CFSP) 

The Amsterdam Treaty handed complete control of our immigration to the EU. The European Parliament was given powers to legislate in co-decision with  the Council of Ministers on a range of new issues including employment, social policy, health, transport and the environment by qualified majority voting (QMV). "The union members also agreed to co-ordinate their approach to asylum and immigration as well as increasing co-operation on police and law enforcement." (

"In 1997 net migration (the number of people coming to the UK minus the number leaving) was just 47,000. In the years that followed it rose to well over 200,000 and peaked at 320,000 in 2005. Under the last Labour government (1997-2010) an extra 3.6 million foreign migrants arrived, while one million British citizens left" (Migration Watch - despite the abolition of border checks by the incorporation of the Schengen agreements into EU law for all member states except Britain and Ireland.

The Nice Treaty (2001)                               ->Blair

In preparation for enlargement the Nice Treaty altered the composition of the European Parliament (EP) and the Commission, as well as increasing the jurisdiction of the Court of First Instance (CFI) to mitigate the work load of the Court of Justice. The Treaty extended both QMV and co-decision in the EU Community (1st Pillar) and improved conditions for achieving enhanced co-operation in all three pillars. QMV extended to included intellectual property disputes. However education, health, social services and culture issues are all excluded.

Under EU Law any act of Civil Disobedience could potentially be classified as terrorism and result in long prison sentences. The voting rights of entire governments can be suspended within the Council of Ministers and political party’s "which do not sing to the prescribed EU hymn sheet" (my wording) can be denied public finding – all courtesy of Article 7 and 191 of the Nice Treaty (2001) respectively

Opponents of the Treaty claimed that it was a "technocratic" rather than "democratic" treaty, which would further diminish the sovereignty of national and regional parliaments, and would further concentrate power into a centralised and unaccountable bureaucracy.

The Lisbon Treaty (2007)                              ->Brown

This was the last of the six treaties, all of which are illegal under English Law, and marked the real "Birth Certificate of the EU" and the "Death sentence of the EU Nation States" - it was "sold" as a reform treaty to avoid any referendums, and Merkel personally ensured that none took place (apart from Eire - whose Constitution required one)

The treaty gave rise to the final form of the EU (first proclaimed by Maastricht) - with a legal personality, and an overarching Constitution of the EU member states - and formed the basis for the EU superstate ruling over its members in perpetuity - a Dictatorship with the Laws of a Police State.

As a result of the six treaties the UK is no longer an independent nation (as of the 1st December, 2009) and some of the effects are listed below:

  • the UK is totally under the control of a Godless bureaucracy, whose religion is the State - "The new opiate of the masses"
  • we have lost our Common Law rights, Protections and our Democracy
  • we now live in a Police State, where the government is above the Law
  • we can be arrested without evidence and shipped off to any other member state on the whim of any EU national in any EU member state
  • we are being systematically deprived of any say in our future or the future of our children - our government is under the control of the EU
  • any law can be imposed from the EU and we will be bound by its edict - even if every MP voted against it cannot be amended nor repealed
  • our armed forces and police are required to swear an oath of allegiance to the EU or leave the service and all are controlled by the EU
  • we live in an unequal society where we are bound by oppressive laws to control our thoughts and actions
  • the 9 EU regions of the UK will report directly to Brussels, not to Westminster (Boundary Change Website (BCE 2018) overlays the proposed constituency boundary changes onto the 9 EU regions imposed upon England)
  • we are being systematically impoverished and our public services and infrastructure destroyed by over population
  • our population demographic is being systematically changed to destroy national identity, and the indigenous population are now 2nd class citizens
  • EU prosecutors will be based in these regions to enforce the EU Corpus Juris legal system on the UK population
  • our entire society is being undermined by the EU through the use Psychological warfare, propaganda and Cultural Marxism, through its quislings and apparatchiks in the UK - Fabian Society, Common Purpose, the Communist Labour Party (PLP), SNP and LibDems etc.,
  • we can escape through the use of Article 50 TEU and by repealing the European Communities Act., 1972 - but we are beset with EU quislings and trolls in our establishment - most noticeably in the Commons, Lords and the Judiciary.

These are a small part of the Articles, Declarations and Protocols which define and regulate everything that the UK is allowed by the six treaties - our political system is a sham - the treaties represent an international contract that our elected Representatives have signed us into - and many are trying to ensure that we cannot ever leave.

Any claim by anyone supporting the EU that they are acting in Britain's interests are unsustainable in light of even a small number of the above facts, or even a cursory read of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - they are simply committing High Treason

Before 1972 we were protected by our Laws, Constitution and Magna Carta rights - but we could not protect ourselves from our own corrupt, elected Representatives, and their appointed Peers, who have been holding our sovereignty hostage for the past 44 years on behalf of the EU, as it has systematically worked to breakdown our society, our traditions, values and identity.

When Heath was asked about his actions in 1972 he stated that "The British are too stupid to rule themselves, so there" - to their shame and dishonour, it is clear that those sentiments pervade the UK establishment today.

There is no point in pretending otherwise - the EU and our elected Representatives are currently working closely together in order to ensure that Britain is unable to leave the EU - very few of them can be trusted - not only the outspoken traitors, but many others - probably including Theresa May.

We will only be able to bring those who hate Britain to book by getting out of the EU, and we cannot afford to be bound by any transition arrangement, whose only purpose can be to forestall leaving.

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