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2nd March, 2017

House of Quislings?

The House of Lords have taken a leaf out of Blair's book and started another war - this time against the British people and the opening salvo was their vote for an amendment to give huge advantage to those in the EU who seek to dismantle the UK and remove it from world Geography and History, by providing them with a stick to beat the UK negotiators during the `'Brexit`' negotiations.

With their usual hubris these popinjays have placed the lives and future of British nationals currently in the EU into the hands of a the EU negotiators, effectively, as hostages, to be used to extract whatever concessions they deem suits their negotiating position and, provide a basis for strengthening its ongoing negotiating strategy. The Lords are little different from those in the EU who have openly stated that the EU should make "Brexit" as difficult and painful for the UK as possible, and they are doing their best to help the EU reach that goal.  

In reality, the Lords would gain nothing for the EU expats in the UK, since there was never any likelihood - International Law would preclude such action - that anyone with a legal status in the UK, prior to the triggering of Article 50 (TEU) could be removed - and the chances that the Lords are not aware of this situation are remote. The majority in favour of the amendment was 102, and the number of Liberal Democrats  voting in favour was 93, with none voting against  clearly the Party needs a name change - dropping the "Democrats" part would seem to illustrate where their true loyalties lie.

So the motive for their actions is clearly to follow Blair's lead to delay and frustrate the triggering of Article 50 and, to interfere wherever possible, in the actual negotiating process - with a view to stopping Britain escaping from the clutches of the EU - and this Lords action could also follow through with the vote in the Commons - where emboldened MP's could force May to accept the amendment.

May has followed the rules when it comes to the Courts and Parliament, but that has providing opportunities to bring about delays and attacks on the Referendum result - and she now needs to take a stand - or risk going beyond the 31st March, 2017 deadline for triggering Article 50. Which would result in continual to-ing and fro-ing between the Commons and the Lords, which is precisely what Blair and the EU want.

The only good that will have come from the vote in the Lords yesterday is that the British people will be able to see through the behaviour of the Lords - the true motivation and purpose - and form their future voting intentions appropriately.