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 31st January 2019

Houses of Charlatans

On Tuesday the 29th January 2019 a large majority of our elected representatives in the House of Commons colluded to overturn the EU Referendum result on the 23rd June 2016 when they debated and voted on amendments each designed to keep the UK trapped inside the EU and funding its profligacy through UK taxation even though 52% of the electorate decided that they wanted to leave the EU.

Their efforts did not go unnoticed in the EU - with Donald Tusk, President of the EU Council congratulating the Remain activists  (paid by UK taxpayers) in the UK Houses of Parliament acting on behalf of the EU - a foreign power working to ensure that the UK becomes a vassal state of a German/French alliance; courtesy of the  Lisbon Treaty (2007) - the EU's Constitutional Treaty since 2013 - which was brought into UK legislation by the Labour Party (New Labour)  - without the promised Referendum - through which promise they were duly re-elected in 2005. 

Tony Blair was part of that election deception, but he resigned in 2006 - perhaps he did not want his signature on the even bigger deception against the UK population - the Lisbon Treaty (2007)

The election deception in the New Labour Manifesto was challenged in 2008, as described in the reporting of the case at the time:-

  • "An ex-Labour activist Stuart Bower, a former police officer who was later a constituency secretary for the Labour Party in Hove in 1997 took Gordon Brown to court today.

  • Mr Bower claims that the government promised a referendum on the European  Constitution in its election manifesto of 2005. The court will be asked to decide whether the government's refusal to hold one is a breach of contract with all those who voted Labour in the 2005 General Election.

  • Gordon's barrister, who stood up this morning to inform the court that “manifesto pledges are not subject to legitimate expectation” and therefore cannot be relied upon in a court of law.

It becomes ever clearer that, by virtue of our being taken into the corrupt European Union our elected representatives have become ever more corrupt themselves - perfectly happy to be paid by UK taxpayers and show only loyalty to their real masters in Brussels (Berlin) - that includes a majority in the Lords and in the Commons - with a very small proportion of true UK elected representatives actually representing the interests of the UK population in the Labour Party, a larger proportion in the Conservative party and none in the SNP and very few in the LibDems.

No wonder Jeremy Corbyn could promise to pay off all student debt and get rid of student University fees - he can just ignore anything that he promises, including that the Labour Party would respect the 2016 EU Referendum vote, if ever actually elected - and same goes for Theresa May with "No Deal is better than a Bad deal" - a truism if ever there was one - but that did not matter to May, she clearly never had any intention of delivering the result of the EU Referendum.

On Question time last night the Labour Party spokesman - Richard Burgon actually stated the Labour Party position on Brexit; which is:

The Labour Party "respects the result of the EU Referendum" and "would stay in the EU to Reform it"

Which is pure gobbledygook: trying to hide what they would really do; Labour would stay in the EU to help break-up the United Kingdom by flooding the country with uncontrolled immigration until our services and infrastructure collapsed and through uncontrolled borrowing (from the "Troika": - European Commission / European Central Bank / International Monetary Fund / European Stability Mechanism) - in just the same way that Greece was subjugated - as described by Yanis Varoufakis.

In reality, only a small number of our politicians - Conservative, Labour, SNP etc. can be trusted - and the rest need to be scrutinised constantly, and removed as soon as possible.

Also on Question time last night, even Gina Miller had realised how bad and dangerous the WA Treaty (May's "Deal") is for the British people - even without the NI "Backstop" - it is extraordinary, that anyone in our parliament would vote it through at all - which leads to the question of  "Is it really what is on offer, or is it a gambit designed to create deadlock in parliament with a view to bringing about a 2nd EU Referendum". 

Oddly, the one that was voted through (Graham Brady's) is equally bad or even worse than May's offer - because it would extend the "Transition Period" until 2021 or 2022 - but without the "Backstop" (unlikely to be legally defined) under threat of no payments if the time limit was exceeded. The time extension is also interesting because it would take us into the new EU budget round without any defence from exploitation by Brussels and it also moves into the time for a new General Election. Are the government simply planning on the UK keeping paying into the EU and, at the same time just playing for time to stay in power?

The only valid option for leaving the EU was the WTO (aka "No Deal") option under - "Most Favourable Nation Status" - and that was systematically attacked from most sides - though not ruled out at this stage - more likely to go in an upcoming "St Valentines Day Massacre", whatever Theresa May gets from in further contacts with the EU - which is not likely to be any legally binding change from her "Withdrawal Agreement."

The "Upshot"

The UK parliament ended the shenanigans on the 29th January 2019 with seven temporary wins for Theresa May against those trying to either get rid of WTO option immediately or extending Article 50 - but these are only temporary setbacks, which depend upon Theresa May bringing back something acceptable to parliament as a whole - by February 14th 2019.

Yvette Cooper's amendment to take away May's powers to negotiate with the EU and have some kind of body (politicians or selected public group) decide what should happen with "Brexit" - Cooper was part of that deceptive New Labour Party which brought in the Lisbon Treaty (2007)

Dominic Grieve's amendment would allow Parliament to take over, against the government, every Tuesday until the end of March to control what is discussed and steer the debates closer to either an Article 50 extension or a 2nd Referendum or something else that comes to mind.

Other amendments are covered in the UK press but were of little consequence related to the main questions.

May technically lost (but not really) one amendment for Dame Caroline Spellman, requiring a political statement that "No Deal" would not be allowed (a non-binding commitment) and won an important amendment by Graham Brady (Chairman of the 1922 Committee) - a new negotiation around May's Withdrawal and Implementation Agreement Treaty (WA) - to allow her to try more pretend "negotiations" with the EU.

Which basically involves extending the "Transition Period" until 2021 or 2022 if the EU agrees to an end to the Irish Backstop - or the UK no longer pays into the EU - plus some other possible changes to May's WA Treaty.

Final Outcome

As the likelihood of the WTO option fades, the likelihood of the May's WA Treaty increases or even a worse alternative - as even Jacob Rees-Mogg and others seem to be swayed towards acceptance of May's capitulation treaty  - even if only the Irish "Backstop" is removed - an astonishing state of affairs.

If though, parliament remains deadlocked, as planned, then the calls for an extension to Article 50 grow and we are then more likely to towards a 2nd Referendum - the outcome planned ever since the 24th June 2016; partly to get the politicians off the hook, but also to give them the means to manipulate the result - with the full force of EU backing to ensure that they can keep the gravy train in motion.

To be clear; any extension to Article 50, for any reason represents an overturning of the 2016 Referendum result by our government and elected representatives - on behalf of the EU.

In the end, by their actions, most of our elected representatives have shown themselves to be, in large part, corrupt, dishonourable, dishonest, despicable self-serving sycophants of the EU - unfit for public office in a truly genuine UK parliament.

They should hang their heads in shame for entering into a Faustian Pact with the EU to the detriment of the United Kingdom, and its people - who they plan to consign to a life of abject poverty and deprivation; in an Atheist monstrosity which has no respect for law and order, and no respect for human dignity - ask those in Greece and Italy.

See below, the article by Yanis Varoufakis regarding the treatment of Greece and its population and how the EU destroys its Member States financially - and, if we stay in the EU or accept anything but the WTO option - the UK will be next.

An article by Austin Mitchell, former Labour MP has been added because he neatly explains how the contrast between the costs and benefits are unevenly distributed between the UK and the dominant EU Member States, Germany and France and how we are getting ever poorer by being in the EU.