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13th August 2018


In this article we discuss the Trans-European Network which is according to Wikipedia is defined as:

"The Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T) are a planned set of road, rail, air and water transport networks in the European Union. The TEN-T networks are part of a wider system of Trans-European Networks (TENs), including a telecommunications network (eTEN) and a proposed energy network (TEN-E or Ten-Energy). The European Commission adopted the first action plans on trans-European networks in 1990."

"These projects are technically and financially managed by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA), which superseded the Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency Agency (TEN-T EA) on 31 December 2013."

​"In general, TEN-T projects are mostly funded by national or state governments. Other funding sources include: European Community funds (ERDF, Cohesion Funds, TEN-T budget), loans from international financial institutions (e.g. the European Investment Bank), and private funding."

Much of what follows has been extracted from the European Commission document "Infrastructure - TEN-T - Connecting Europe" on the website

The Plan


This is the EU's plan for an EU (Europe +++) wide rail network to link all the major Cities etc. (Nodes) throughout the EU and beyond (the arrows at the end of the lines indicate further expansion outside Europe.) Please note Corridor 8, in purple on the plan, which connects the UK to mainland Europe. It is actually designed to connect: Cork in Eire; Belfast, NI; Edinburgh in Scotland; Manchester, Birmingham and London with Marseille in the south of France. The route is known as the "North Sea - Mediterranean Corridor" passing through Ireland, England, the Low Countries and Paris. "When complete, the corridor will offer enhanced multimodal links between North Sea ports, major European rivers basins (the Maas, Rhine, Scheldt, Seine, Saone and Rhone) and the southern French ports of Fos-sur-Mer and Marseille."


The UK was required to build HS2 at some point in time to fulfil its obligation to provide part of the TEN's "North Sea - Mediterranean Sea Corridor" (though Cameron had already agreed that the UK would build and pay for HS2) - but HS2 has nothing to do with getting high speed trains for commercial reasons - so that a business men can get between London and Birmingham half-an hour sooner or whatever.

All the problems with the environment: with the destruction of farms, villages, individual properties, loss of money, loss of livelihoods and the accompanying distress and, not forgetting the loss of areas of our beautiful countryside are all down to a vanity project - as far as Cameron (and now May) are concerned - it is certainly not a priority for the UK per se., even though the EU is becoming more keen to have it built as part of its TEN-T.

The project is, for the UK, essentially a giant waste of money which could be spent better elsewhere - but it is not just that; the route of HS2 must comply with the dictates of the EU (TEN-T project) - even though we, the taxpayer are funding the project - the huge salaries and the likely waste of money associated with the project - estimated to cost about £100 million - though more likely to be closer to, or exceed £200 +++.

What is most galling though is the fact that the government is covering for the EU - pretending that HS2 is a UK project for the benefit of the UK when it is an EU project benefitting the EU, at our expense - but we know, of course, that "HMG government and the major political parties are required to protect the EU from scrutiny by the EU Member State populations" (after FCO:30/1048 (1971) 

The real Reason for HS2

The real reason for HS2 and the rest of the TEN's project is revealed in the EU Commissions "Action Plan on military mobility: EU takes steps towards a Defence Union" (23/032018) in which we discover: -


"In line with President Juncker's commitment to a fully-fledged Defence Union by 2025, the Commission and the High Representative are presenting an Action Plan to improve military mobility within and beyond the European Union."


​"Facilitating the movement of military troops and assets is essential for the security of European citizens, and to build a more effective, responsive and joined-up Union, as identified in the Joint Communication on improving military mobility in the EU from November 2017 and called for in the EU Global Strategy for Foreign and Security Policy. Today's Action Plan identifies a series of operational measures to tackle physical, procedural or regulatory barriers which hamper military mobility. Working closely with the EU Member States and all relevant actors will be key for the implementation of this Action Plan."

or, as the...

"High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President Federica Mogherini said:" “Promoting peace and guaranteeing the security of our citizens are our first priorities as European Union. By facilitating military mobility within the EU, we can be more effective in preventing crises, more efficient in deploying our missions, and quicker in reacting when challenges arise. It will be another step in deepening our cooperation at EU level, also in the framework of the Permanent Structured Cooperation we have formally launched recently, and with our partners, starting with NATO. For us, as EU, cooperation remains the only way to be effective in today's world.”

and from the Background statement

"Transport infrastructure:Infrastructure policy and investments offer opportunities for more synergies between civilian and military needs. By 2019, the Commission will identify the parts of the trans-European transport network suitable for military transport, including necessary upgrades of existing infrastructure (e.g. the height or the weight capacity of bridges). A priority list of projects will be drawn up."

So there we have it the dreams of EU Empire are running at a pace - once again we see an attempt to subjugate the Nation States of Europe - this time under the pretence of providing peace and security and through economic manipulation. All we have to do is to build our own prison and the EU will provide the guards.