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3rd May, 2017

"Illegitimis non carborundum"  - (Don't let the Bast*ds Grind You Down)

Well done Theresa May - your comments after the dissolution of the 2015 Parliament were very welcome and well received - to speak softly, and at the same time to reach out, but show and keep your resolve against the avalanche of abuse is the only way to proceed as the EU, and its agents in the UK - the political Left, who are so mendaciously interfering in our General Election. The most worrying part of which is that they are acting only on behalf of their masters in the EU in Brussels (Berlin) - an organisation which abhors Democracy - and not in the interests of the British people - whom they are selling out. 

Meanwhile, we must guard our Democracy against all those who seek to destroy our country in their worship of Mammon; and ensure that we sweep from our society, any in positions of power, who are not loyal to the UK and its people - this General Election is the opportunity to rid ourselves of the suffocating control of the EU and also from its collaborators in our own Parliamentary system, and more widely. This is an opportunity to protect the freedom and interests of your families, friends, your children, and their offspring from the ambitions of those in the EU who seek to exert Dominion over all the member states of Europe and in the wider environs.

EU's Little Helper?

Yesterday, in the Guardian newspaper, Yanis Varoufakis wrote an article in which he gave advice to Theresa May on how to deal with the EU - based upon his experiences in dealing with the "Eurogroup" during the Greece crisis in 2015  (see Greek Crisis).  We published an article about his encounter at the time, a very revealing insight into how the EU really operates (see also DiEM25, March 2016 - The EuroGroup Made Simple, by Yanis Varoufakis)  and why we need to get out as fast as we can.

Yanis's article basically details how, during that earlier Greek Crisis (2015), he was given the runaround by the EU, and had now decided to offer some suggestions for how Britain should avoid the problems that he and Tsipras had encountered. His suggestion was that by taking the Norway style option for a period of, say, 7 years - that would give the UK time to decide its longer term relationship with the EU, rather than a rushed approach which will only get the "backs-up" of those in the EU.

This sounds to us like he is working for the EU, and perhaps he should spend more time with the tragedy that is Greece (currently), rather than using analogies from Ancient Greek literature to help Theresa May - to whom the best advice seems to be "Beware of Greeks bearing Gifts"

Speaking of the current Greek Crisis, Merkel has stopped any bailout, and it now seems that the only way for Britain to deal with the EU is to stop playing with the minions in the EU and deal directly with the real EU cntroller herself - after all it is beyond doubt that the present and future manifestation of the EU is, currently, controlled directly by the East German Communist - Angela Merkel.

What a Give Away!

According to Express today (4th May, 2017) - an announcement by Michel Barnier's negotiating team, stated: "Member states do not have any right to those assets, there’s no shareholding in the EU" - "All of the EU’s assets belong to the EU and that includes buildings and other assets both tangible and intangible, financial and non financial, drinkable and non drinkable." 

This statement was issued in response to the UK asking for its asset share and investments from the EU, deriving from the 44 years of being a net financial contributor.

The truth is finally out - an organisation finally explaining to its contributors the way that the EU really operates - well done Mrs May for forcing the EU onto the back foot and now we see the extent of their corruption and greed - and the exposure of the real relationship between the EU and its member states - brought out into the daylight from behind the veil of deception and propaganda.

Now is the perfect time to state that the UK will pay nothing without the EU providing an independent audit.

For what possible reason would any country now pay into the sink hole of loot that clearly defines the EU and its controllers - only to be told what to do, to be subjugated, controlled and subjected to deliberate overpopulation for the benefit of their "rulers" in Brussels (Berlin).

And now all the Left wing Parties in the UK, the SNP, every EU supporter, all the members states and future "partners" must now re-evaluate their position, following years of bowing to their "betters" - in light of these revelations - since the EU can no longer claim to be a benefit to anyone other than itself - so why pay anything  anymore - either money or homage.

It is long past the time that the EU member state populations wake-up and stop the EU in its tracks - before it takes away their armed forces; and every other part of their future prosperity and hope.