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22nd April, 2017

In case we Forget

As we enter the General Election preliminaries let's keep in mind what happens when the political Left gain power.

It is verifiable that all of the problems that Britain has faced since 2010 have resulted almost entirely from decisions made by members of the political Left in New Labour; on behalf, and/or at the direction of the EU. The Left wing Politicians who tried to con the electorate by disingenuously blaming all of our problems on the Conservative Party or the Banks at the time of the last General Election.

Today the British, that is to say those resident in Britain prior to the opening of the borders to EU by the political Left; acting as agents for the EU in 2004, have become second class citizens in their own country in terms of access to jobs, housing, healthcare, social amenities, equality and quality of life. The problem with housing was never addressed by the political Left politicians even though they were aware of the fact that there was a rapidly increasing population; which they were actually promoting.

A graph showing population increase versus the Nationwide survey of house prices shows a direct correlation.

No proper provision was made for school places nor adequate healthcare. In fact, doctors were paid larger salaries in return for fewer working hours and were allowed to opt out of “after hours” provision – these politicians actually reduced capacity at the same time as increasing the population; an act tantamount to criminal mismanagement.

The model for this Utopian society that they were, and still are, engineering, on behalf of the EU and the UN, was Multiculturalism, or to put it in context; introduced large scale segregation within existing settled communities - in order to destroy the cultural identity and heritage of the UK, and more recently (since 2015) throughout the EU - and cultivate extra voters to maintain their power and control.

Boom and Bust

Those same political Left politicians would like you to believe that they bear no responsibility for the effects of the 2008 Financial Crisis on Britain which led to a worldwide recession, making it much harder to get out of debt; and that it was all the fault of the banks.

In fact, the crisis was set in motion by Left wing politicians in the US (Democrats), under Bill Clinton, who relaxed regulation put in place to prevent the recurrence of the Great Depression (1929 –1939) and then encouraged lenders to give, effectively, unsecured loans to poor families to enable them to buy their own property.
As a result the banks were left holding large amounts of worthless collateral (“sub-prime” mortgages) and to protect themselves the banks hid these sub-prime assets  amongst prime mortgage assets as "Collateralised Debt Obligations" (CDO's) and sold them on to other institutions. This resulted in a contagion of debt spreading throughout the Financial System.

When it became clear that the system was awash with unrecoverable debt - it collapsed.

It is worth noting that during the most recent US election campaign, Hillary Clinton promised to put Bill Clinton in charge of the US economy, if she was re-elected - so the programme is still alive and kicking in the minds of the political Left.

The Labour PLP politicians were in the middle of that and instead of acting prudently, they were borrowing and spending like like drunken sailors on shore leave (even at the height of the crisis, and not just on the banks who they failed to protect; they even continued up until they were replaced in the 2010; this was after they had previously proclaimed that they had put an end to “Boom and Bust”.

The political Left's attitude to fiscal responsibility prior to the crash was summed up by Ed Balls in 2006: “…Nothing should be done to put at risk a light-touch regulatory regime." – These are the same fiscally incompetent politicians who created the sorry mess that we are in today. But there is more to it than just the political Left's fiscal fiasco. 

Selling out the UK population

There are other problems which are also directly attributable to the political Left politicians. In 2007, New Labour signed the Lisbon Treaty (Ratified in 2009) and thereby surrendered Britain’s sovereignty to the EU (Article 1-10); agreed to devolving Britain into regional Provinces of a Federal EU State to be administered by appointed EU governors (Article A8 - (1 to 4)); agreed to the formation of, and participation in, a European Army (Article I-40(3));  agreed to EU Law taking primacy over UK law (Article I-6); agreed to taking Britain into the Euro by 2020 (Article I-8), and a whole raft of other terms and conditions which effectively leave Britain impotent in the EU, and in the rest of the world. None of these terms and conditions were agreed when Britain entered into trading in a tariff free Europe – they were introduced through stealth and deception during the past 44 years - and reinforced by New Labour in 2007.

The Europe Minister at the time, Caroline Flint, admitted that she had not even read the Lisbon Treaty documents, which was Ratified using the Royal Prerogative to avoid Parliamentary scrutiny. So we have never had a debate or even a discussion about what the EU are really up to or the contents of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - the politicians have decided everything behind our backs - so much for "representative" Democracy - when our very political and legal systems are under the control of the EU (see FCO:30/1048)

We can see from the recent attacks on "Brexit" that the political Left continues to try to ensure that we never have such a discussion, or debate about the EU, and that they only seek to make sure that we are kept in our place; in the dark, and do their best to decry and silence any objections to the EU project - which they have decided is best for us peasants. The reality is that the EU is only good for them - and a disaster for everyone else - as the turmoil in the EU illustrates; yet the member state populations are afraid to change.

The political Left  politicians won the 2005 election on the promise of a referendum on the EU, but that was deemed, by them, to be unnecessary since, in their view, there had been no significant changes in Britain’s relationship with the EU - Miliband played the same confidence trick during the General Election in May, 2015 – A referendum only if there are any Treaty changes (as defined by the political Left). Based on previous experience, they would therefore never allow a referendum on EU, whatever the circumstances.

Immigration Control - Quite the Opposite

The political Left opened up Britain’s borders to allow free movement of people; without any concern for the health or welfare of its own citizens at the time, or in the future; and deliberately ignored any negative impact. Latterly, in order to deflect the blame away from the actions of the Left and the Four "Freedoms" of the EU, some of the problems have been blamed upon our  elderly, who are also being required to put back their retirement age to help pay for the misfeasances of the political Left - how odd that the very people who are apparently clogging up our health services through ill health are the ones who are required to extend their working lives, in order to shore up the Nations finances - so savagely damaged by New Labour between 1997 and 2010.

"Under the New Labour government many hospitals were rebuilt under the Private Finance Initiative (PFI), whereby a private company rebuilds a hospital and takes over its running. The problem is PFI hospitals have, on average, 30 per cent fewer beds than those they were replacing, principally because hospital beds are expensive to provide in terms of space, staff and equipment and the companies running the hospitals are keen to reduce costs. So, as PFI was rolled out across the country, the number of beds was being slowly eroded without anyone really noticing. This has added further to the pressure on the system". (Dr Max: The REAL reason hospital beds are vanishing from the wards By Dr Max Pemberton for the Daily Mail Published: 02:15, 4 March 2017 | Updated: 11:17, 4 March 2017)

Miliband et al., during the May, 2015 General Election, pretended that the political Left were able to limit migration from the EU but (a) they are bound by the treaties that they signed, which won’t allow discrimination against other EU migrants (e.g. benefit restrictions) and (b) in any event, they had previously shown no desire to slow down the inflow of migrants to Britain, for the same reasons that they opened our borders in the first place. These are the same political Left politicians and they would have simply reverted to their tried-and-tested practices, which were applied prior to the election and, in reality, migration will simply accelerate by stealth and we would be dragged deeper into the EU.

These are just some of the decisions taken by the political Left politicians who have left us in a mess which they don't want to talk about, or simply feign contrition. Indeed they wouldn't  even speculate on how large the UK population will be allowed to grow or how such changes will be managed, or how the current population will be able to cope - Save for bringing in legislation to stop us talking about the problems that they have created.

The majority political Left, has subsequently been reincarnated as the current Labour Party under Corbyn, and even though the PLP has disowned him, he is nevertheless proposing a continuation of the same programmes which so catastrophically failed previously - but the minority political Left are no different - whether it is LibDem, Plaid Cymru, Greens etc - they all have the same end-game in mind - as does the SNP.  Allegedly, the Shadow Chancellor was seen in a video dancing in celebration, when he thought that the 2008 Financial crash was about to bring about the end of Capitalism - how can such political groups be allowed in our system; if their sole purpose is to destroy the society that they claim to support?


The political Left, Centre or not, are just different incarnations of same destructive ideology of the hard Left, and along with the ubiquitous EU, and are responsible for Britain's food banks, low wages, zero-hours contracts, high rents, housing shortages, the NHS funding crisis and increasing inequality; since none of these would have occurred, or have been so acute, had the political Left politicians acted prudently and responsibly, and not put the country into debt, then left a note stating simply "Sorry there is no money left".

The political Left continues to act for the EU against the interests of Britain and supports mass uncontrolled migration into Britain; and into Europe more generally. These criticisms also apply to other agents of the EU; the Lib. Dems. and the SNP etc. who are intent on continuing the programme of UK destruction that the Labour Party put in place during 1997- 2010.

Voting for any of these groups will only accelerate the destruction of the UK - which can now only be prevented by electing a strong Conservative government which is able to stand up for Britain's interests and leave the EU - and not be simply Vassals of the protectionist bloc.