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 6th May, 2016

Iron Fist

This article will run continuously to follow the events related to the EU's attempts to tighten an "Iron Fist" around non-compliant Nation States of Europe in order to force them to its will; for example the attempt to force economic migrants from the UN-EU manufactured "Migrant Crisis"  onto the "Visegrad 4" countries, and others and to clamp down on any opposition to the authority of the EU.

Most countries in the EU still seem to think that even after their politicians signed the Lisbon Treaty (2007), they nevertheless felt comfortable that they still maintained their sovereignty; independence and identity within the EU. Indeed, they may have anticipated that under:- 

Article 3-3  which states that the EU  "...shall respect its rich cultural and linguistic diversity, and shall ensure that Europe's cultural heritage is safeguarded and enhanced." - would protect them from any attempts to destroy those precious attributes. 

Their comfort blanket may have been a little bit ruffled though after they discovered that when the Dutch held a Referendum to object to the inclusion of Ukraine in the EU, their objections were ignored by their masters in the EU - and that the EU had placed them in a position of having to accept the entry of not only the entire population of the Ukraine, but also the the entire Turkish population on a "Visa Free" basis. Free to roam throughout the continent, and across  sovereign borders with impunity and without any controls in place to protect even the most basic rights of the populations of western Europe. 

Article 3-3 is meaningless though, as are any other fail-safe provisions, if they conflict with the ambitions of the EU. Basically the Lisbon Treaty (2007) is an "Enabling Act", disguised as a Reform Treaty  (see Article 48)

Perhaps they nevertheless felt secure in the knowledge that the EU had signed up to the European Convention of Human Rights - they may be sadly disappointed to discover, for example, that under:-  

Article 6-U2 "The Union shall accede to the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. Such accession shall not affect the Union's competences as defined in the Treaties." - in other words the EU will accede to the ECHR, as long a it does not conflict with the EU's powers and ambitions.

Perhaps it is worth reminding them of some of the other Articles (out of 448) in that treaty that their populations are legally bound to comply with - if they ever even knew about the Terms and Conditions of the Treaty in the first place, for example:-

Article 4-3 "The Member States shall facilitate the achievement of the Union's tasks and refrain from any measure which could jeopardise the attainment of the Union's objectives." - in other words; do not get in the way of the EU's ambitions,


Article 5-4 “Under the principle of proportionality, the content and form of Union action shall not exceed what is necessary to achieve the objectives of the Treaties.”  -  in other words; the EU will force you to cooperate - but only using as much force as is necessary to get its own way.

Which brings us to the current situation with the EU and the "Migrant" quotas which they are trying to impose throughout the EU membership.  The modus operandi of the the EU in these situations, in which Merkel through her Communist training and current affiliations is well versed is to use a multi-pronged approach in line with the wording of Articles 4-3 and 5-4 above - these include fines, withholding of investment / loans and threats and intimidation.

For example, Merkel recently mobilising the EU Armed Forces in "secret" and bringing them under German control, and the implied threat of the imposition of paramilitary Police on sovereign soil by Juncker, in order to physically occupy any country which opposes its will. These have been planned since at least the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 any way, and it is just a matter of time and circumstances as to when the EU finally shows its true nature, rather than operating through our Vassal governments; and extinguishes all freedom in Europe.

The EU threats will require the "Visegrad 4", Britain and other members states to make calculations to establish whether or not it is better to accept the migrant quotas and therefore finally give up their sovereignty, identity and freedom and live as "Vassals" of the EU, living in perpetual servitude or keep and control their borders and fight back against the EU domination; in every sense. All the free people in Europe should support these countries who are standing up against the oppression from the EU. 

Remember that the purpose of the UN-EU manufactured "Migrant Crisis" is to destabilise the nation states of Europe and make them multicultural  (see Fabian Society) - a programme promoted by Sutherland at the UN and facilitated by Merkel at the EU; except that the Nation States of Europe were already multicultural and diverse as defined in Article 3-3 above and protected by the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - but fine words do not feed hungry mouths. The EU is a gigantic "confidence trick" whose only true purpose is to take over its Member States and asset strip them on behalf of the multinational corporations; as we see in Britain and throughout Europe with covert privatisation of public services - anyone who cares about the future of their children and their children's offspring must spread this message.


The descending darkness of oppression in Europe, spread through "Economic Warfare" against its Member States will only increase as the EU seeks to tighten its grip on ultimate power as a Totalitarian Dictatorship; that not even Orwell could have ever imagined..